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ƱѹС˫appַ:a g 9 559 v i p<"Well, my boys," said the brigadier, "the brigand mustreally have escaped early this morning; but we will send tothe Villers-Coterets and Noyon roads, and search the forest,when we shall catch him, no doubt." The honorablefunctionary had scarcely expressed himself thus, in thatintonation which is peculiar to brigadiers of thegendarmerie, when a loud scream, accompanied by the violentringing of a bell, resounded through the court of the hotel."Ah, what is that?" cried the brigadier.Chapter 49Haidee.

"And who," said Albert with a forced smile, "is to marryMademoiselle Danglars instead of me, which grieves mecruelly."


"Oh," said Danglars, "I can, when circumstances render itdesirable, adopt your system, although it may not be mygeneral practice. I will therefore proceed. I have proposedto you to marry, not for your sake, for indeed I did notthink of you in the least at the moment (you admire candor,and will now be satisfied, I hope); but because it suited meto marry you as soon as possible, on account of certaincommercial speculations I am desirous of entering into."Eugenie became uneasy.

The sun, red and flaming, was sinking into the embrace ofthe welcoming ocean. The sea, smooth as crystal, was now andthen disturbed by the leaping of fish, which were pursued bysome unseen enemy and sought for safety in another element;while on the extreme verge of the horizon might be seen thefishermen's boats, white and graceful as the sea-gull, orthe merchant vessels bound for Corsica or Spain.

"What are you looking at?"

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"What?" said the count, the approbation of whose eyeVillefort had frequently solicited during this speech."What? Do you say that M. Noirtier disinherits Mademoisellede Villefort because she is going to marry M. le Baron Franzd'Epinay?"<"Well, sir, do as you will with me;" and then she added, ina low voice, "oh, heavens, what will befall me?"

"My good fellow," said Chateau-Renaud, "the count is yourfriend and you treat him accordingly. Do not believe whatAlbert is telling you, countess; so far from the sensationexcited in the Parisian circles by the appearance of theCount of Monte Cristo having abated, I take upon myself todeclare that it is as strong as ever. His first astoundingact upon coming amongst us was to present a pair of horses,worth 32,000 francs, to Madame Danglars; his second, thealmost miraculous preservation of Madame de Villefort'slife; now it seems that he has carried off the prize awardedby the Jockey Club. I therefore maintain, in spite ofMorcerf, that not only is the count the object of interestat this present moment, but also that he will continue to beso for a month longer if he pleases to exhibit aneccentricity of conduct which, after all, may be hisordinary mode of existence."

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While he was thus agitated by gloomy uncertainties, --wretched waking dreams of grief, -- the first rays ofmorning pierced his windows, and shone upon the pale bluepaper on which he had just inscribed his justification ofprovidence. It was just five o'clock in the morning when aslight noise like a stifled sigh reached his ear. He turnedhis head, looked around him, and saw no one; but the soundwas repeated distinctly enough to convince him of itsreality.

"Doubtless," replied the count, "since no one hears mecomplain."

<"However, your excellency," said Andrea, "in considerationof Lord Wilmore, by whom I was recommended to you -- ""So be it," said the Englishman. "But to return to theseregisters."



<"The daughter of M. de Villefort by his first marriage,"replied the young wife, "a fine well-grown girl."Caderousse smiled bitterly. "Yes, happy as myself," said he.

"Well, you must allow it is the best thing for the stomach;but I hear Beauchamp in the next room; you can disputetogether, and that will pass away the time."





ƱѹС˫appŦϲչ˸ʮھչ "I should avail myself of your offer with pleasure," repliedthe host, "but, unfortunately, if I go there, it will be, inall probability, incognito." ϸ

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ƱѹС˫app"" 20ǰԶ˳̳ߵ In fact, a moment later M. Morrel appeared and was salutedwith an enthusiastic burst of applause from the crew of thePharaon, who hailed the visit of the shipowner as a sureindication that the man whose wedding feast he thusdelighted to honor would ere long be first in command of theship; and as Dantes was universally beloved on board hisvessel, the sailors put no restraint on their tumultuous joyat finding that the opinion and choice of their superiors soexactly coincided with their own. ϸ

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