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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  A sigh escaped from the mouth of Mme. Bonacieux, and dwelt for aninstant on the lips of D'Artagnan. That sigh was the soul, so chasteand so loving, which reascended to heaven.
2.  "Madame de Lannoy, then, is of opinion that she gave them toBuckingham?"
3.  "It is done, gentlemen," said Athos.
4.  "I have as much. With a thousand pistoles one may face everything.Empty your pockets."
5.  "You are the friend of the cardinal, for he sends you hither, and yet--""And yet I speak ill of him," replied Milady, finishing the thought ofthe superior.
6.  Bazin, who looked at his master, without comprehending the causeof this change, in a melancholy manner, allowed the omelet toslip into the spinach, and the spinach onto the floor."Now this is the moment to consecrate your existence to the Kingof kings," said D'Artagnan, "if you persist in offering him acivility. NON INUTILE DESIDERIUM OBLATIONE."


1.  All at once the captain stopped, as if struck by a suddensuspicion. This great hatred which the young traveler manifestedso loudly for this man, who--a rather improbable thing--hadstolen his father's letter from him--was there not some perfidyconcealed under this hatred? Might not this young man be sent byhis Eminence? Might he not have come for the purpose of laying asnare for him? This pretended D'Artagnan--was he not an emissaryof the cardinal, whom the cardinal sought to introduce intoTreville's house, to place near him, to win his confidence, andafterward to ruin him as had been done in a thousand otherinstances? He fixed his eyes upon D'Artagnan even more earnestlythan before. He was moderately reassured however, by the aspectof that countenance, full of astute intelligence and affectedhumility. "I know he is a Gascon," reflected he, "but he may beone for the cardinal was well as for me. Let us try him.""My friend," said he, slowly, "I wish, as the son of an ancientfriend--for I consider this story of the lost letter perfectlytrue--I wish, I say, in order to repair the coldness you may haveremarked in my reception of you, to discover to you the secretsof our policy. The king and the cardinal are the best offriends; their apparent bickerings are only feints to deceivefools. I am not willing that a compatriot, a handsome cavalier,a brave youth, quite fit to make his way, should become the dupeof all these artifices and fall into the snare after the exampleof so many others who have been ruined by it. Be assured that Iam devoted to both these all-powerful masters, and that myearnest endeavors have no other aim than the service of the king,and also the cardinal--one of the most illustrious geniuses thatFrance has ever produced.
2.  The cavalier made a movement as if to follow the carriage;but D'Artagnan, whose anger, already excited, was muchincreased by recognizing in him the Englishman of Amiens whohad won his horse and had been very near winning his diamondof Athos, caught at his bridle and stopped him.
3.  "But whither shall we fly--whither escape?"
4.  "Be tranquil," murmured Milady; "I will avenge you--andcruelly!"
5.  "Well, agreed for a pretty mule," said Porthos; "you areright, I have seen very great Spanish nobles whose wholesuite were mounted on mules. But then you understand,Madame Coquenard, a mule with feathers and bells.""Be satisfied," said the procurator's wife.
6.  "For La Rochelle."


1.  "And will you go?" asked Kitty.
2.  D'Artagnan was not willing to abandon his companion thus,and stooped to raise him and assist him in regaining thelines; but at this moment two shots were fired. One ballstruck the head of the already-wounded guard, and the otherflattened itself against a rock, after having passed withintwo inches of D'Artagnan.
3.  "Three hundred pistoles."
4.  "My Lord, do you remember the little goat pasture of theLuxembourg?"
5.   "You have conspired with your wife, with Madame de Chevreuse, andwith my Lord Duke of Buckingham."
6.  "Where is that?"


1.  "Hold! I must have lost it," said the young man maliciously,pretending to search for it. "But fortunately the world is asepulcher; the men, and consequently the women, are but shadows,and love is a sentiment to which you cry, 'Fie! Fie!'""D'Artagnan, D'Artagnan," cried Aramis, "you are killing me!""Well, here it is at last!" said D'Artagnan, as he drew theletter from his pocket.
2.  M. Coquenard knit his eyebrows because there were too manygood things. Porthos bit his lips because he saw not thewherewithal to dine. He looked to see if the dish of beanswas still there; the dish of beans had disappeared."A positive feast!" cried M. Coquenard, turning about in hischair, "a real feast, EPULCE EPULORUM. Lucullus dines withLucullus."
3.  The chancellor, who, on his part, trembled with an emotion easilyto be conceived, took the letter, bowed to the ground, andretired. The door was scarcely closed upon him, when the queensank, half fainting, into the arms of her women.
4、  "Well!" resumed the citizen, "well, monsieur, my wife wasabducted yesterday morning, as she was coming out of herworkroom."
5、  "What do you want?" screamed Milady.




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      Fortunately, a mendicant passed, who, coming up to Athos to ask charity,Athos offered him half a crown to accompany him where he was going. Themendicant hesitated at first, but at the sight of the piece of silverwhich shone in the darkness he consented, and walked on before Athos.Arrived at the angle of a street, he pointed to a small house, isolated,solitary, and dismal. Athos went toward the house, while the mendicant,who had received his reward, left as fast as his legs could carry him.Athos went round the house before he could distinguish the door, amidthe red color in which the house was painted. No light appeared throughthe chinks of the shutters; no noise gave reason to believe that it wasinhabited. It was dark and silent as the tomb.

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      "My faith," said Athos, "I have nothing to say against aretreat. We bet upon one hour, and we have stayed an hourand a half. Nothing can be said; let us be off, gentlemen,let us be off!"

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       Besides, the woman wore that black mantle which D'Artagnan couldstill see outlined on the shutter of the Rue de Vaugirard and onthe door of the Rue de la Harpe; still further, the man wore theuniform of a Musketeer.

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      "But you promised me--" whispered the poor mercer."We can only save you by being free ourselves," repliedD'Artagnan, in a rapid, low tone; "and if we appear inclined todefend you, they will arrest us with you."

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    {  The four philosophers looked at one another in a state ofbewilderment. M. de Treville never jested in matters relating todiscipline.

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      The Siege of La Rochelle was one of the great politicalevents of the reign of Louis XIII, and one of the greatmilitary enterprises of the cardinal. It is, then,interesting and even necessary that we should say a fewwords about it, particularly as many details of this siegeare connected in too important a manner with the story wehave undertaken to relate to allow us to pass it over insilence.}

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      "What have you done?"

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      "Just so," replied Aramis.

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       "Would you like to know?"

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    {  "By US, you mean!" cried D'Artagnan.

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      Planchet dismounted and went straight up to Lubin, who didnot at all remember him, and the two lackeys began to chatwith the best understanding possible; while D'Artagnanturned the two horses into a lane, went round the house, andcame back to watch the conference from behind a hedge offilberts.