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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  SHERLOCK HOLMES
2.  "Well, sir, I think it would hardly interest them. It was just thehead and a few bones of a mummy. It may have been a thousand yearsold. But it wasn't there before. That I'll swear, and so willStephens. It had been stowed away in a corner and covered over witha board, but that corner had always been empty before.""What did you do with it?"
3.  "Stop it!" I cried; "pull yourself together!" and I poured outsome water from a carafe.
4.  "Well?" said he.
5.  "It is fortunate, for you will perhaps be able to post me up. I readnothing except the criminal news and the agony column. The latter isalways instructive. But if you have followed recent events soclosely you must have read about Lord St. Simon and his wedding?""Oh, yes, with the deepest interest."
6.  "Well, there are some on the stall with the gas-flare.""Ah, but I was recommended to you."


1.  "What paper?" I asked.
2.  "And now as to the villains who seemed to be immediatelyimplicated in the matter. The lascar was known to be a man of thevilest antecedents, but as, by Mrs. St. Clair's story, he was known tohave been at the foot of the stair within a very few seconds of herhusband's appearance at the window, he could hardly have been morethan an accessory to the crime. His defense was one of absoluteignorance, and he protested that he had no knowledge as to thedoings of Hugh Boone, his lodger, and that he could not account in anyway for the presence of the missing gentleman's clothes."So much for the lascar manager. Now for the sinister cripple wholives upon the second floor of the opium den, and who was certainlythe last human being whose eyes rested upon Neville St. Clair. Hisname is Hugh Boone, and his hideous face is one which is familiar toevery man who goes much to the City. He is a professional beggar,though in order to avoid the police regulations he pretends to a smalltrade in wax vestas. Some little distance down Thread needle Street,upon the left-hand side, there is, as you may have remarked, a smallangle in the wall. Here it is that this creature takes his daily seat,crosslegged, with his tiny stock of matches on his lap, and as he is apiteous spectacle a small rain of charity descends into the greasyleather cap which lies upon the pavement beside him. I have watchedthe fellow more than once before ever I thought of making hisprofessional acquaintance, and I have been surprised at the harvestwhich he has reaped in a short time. His appearance, you see, is soremarkable that no one can pass him without observing him. A shockof orange hair, a pale face disfigured by a horrible scar, which, byits contraction, has turned up the outer edge of his upper lip, abulldog chin, and a pair of very penetrating dark eyes, whichpresent a singular contrast to the colour of his hair, all mark himout from amid the common crowd of mendicants, and so, too, does hiswit, for he is ever ready with a reply to any piece of chaff which maybe thrown at him by the passers-by. This is the man whom we nowlearn to have been the lodger at the opium den, and to have been thelast man to see the gentleman of whom we are in quest.""But a cripple!" said I. "What could he have done single-handedagainst a man in the prime of life?"
3.  Dr. Sterndale raised his giant figure, bowed gravely, and walkedfrom the arbour. Holmes lit his pipe and handed me his pouch."Some fumes which are not poisonous would be a welcome change," saidhe. "I think you must agree, Watson, that it is not a case in which weare called upon to interfere. Our investigation has beenindependent, and our action shall be so also. You would not denouncethe man?"
4.  "Presuming that it is an appointment," continued the inspector,"it is of course a conceivable theory that this William Kirwan, thoughhe had the reputation of being an honest man, may have been inleague with the thief. He may have met him there, may even have helpedhim to break in the door, and then they may have fallen out betweenthemselves."
5.  "No, Sherlock, no! That's the pinch. We have not. Ten papers weretaken from Woolwich. There were seven in the pocket of Cadogan West.The three most essential are gone- stolen, vanished. You must dropeverything, Sherlock. Never mind your usual petty puzzles of thepolice-court. It's a vital international problem that you have tosolve. Why did Cadogan West take the papers, where are the missingones, how did he die, how came his body where it was found, how canthe evil be set right? Find an answer to all these questions, andyou will have done good service for your country."
6.  Months afterwards a curious newspaper cutting reached us fromBudapest. It told how two Englishmen who had been travelling with awoman had met with a tragic end. They had each been stabbed, it seems,and the Hungarian police were of opinion that they had quarrelledand had inflicted mortal injuries upon each other. Holmes, however,is, I fancy, of a different way of thinking, and he holds to thisday that, if one could find the Grecian girl, one might learn howthe wrongs of herself and her brother came to be avenged.THE END


1.  "I expect there was good reason for your presence there. If there isanything I can do-"
2.  "Yes, it is very short, but I made a copy of it, and here it is."Again he produced a paper. The new dance was in this form:(See illustration.)
3.  "'Well,' said he, 'the fact is that I have heard some reallyextraordinary stories about your financial ability. You rememberParker, who used to be Coxon's manager. He can never say enoughabout it.'
4.  "Well, it might do- so far as it goes."
5.   "Now, Susan, wheezy people may not live long, you know. It's awicked thing to tell fibs. Whom did you tell?"
6.  "There was no servant, then, in the detached house?"


1.  "Dear me, dear me- the postoffice again!" Holmes sighed, wearily. "Amost urgent telegram was dispatched to you from London by GodfreyStaunton at six fifteen yesterday evening- a telegram which isundoubtedly associated with his disappearance- and yet you have nothad it. It is most culpable. I shall certainly go down to the officehere and register a complaint."
2.  Holmes laughed good-humouredly.
3.  "Well, Watson, that's done it," said Holmes as he fastened thelead to the neck of the excited spaniel. "He thought it was hismistress, and he found it was a stranger. Dogs don't make mistakes.""But it was the voice of a man!" I cried.
4、  "Did any of them know their way about in the office?"
5、  "It was a desperate chance that we might find her alive, but itwas a chance, as the result showed. These people had never, to myknowledge, done a murder. They might shrink from actual violence atthe last. They could bury her with no sign of how she met her end, andeven if she were exhumed there was a chance for them. I hoped thatsuch considerations might prevail with them. You can reconstruct thescene well enough. You saw the horrible den upstairs, where the poorlady had been kept so long. They rushed in and overpowered her withtheir chloroform, carried her down, poured more into the coffin toinsure against her waking, and then screwed down the lid. A cleverdevice, Watson. It is new to me in the annals of crime. If ourex-missionary friends escape the clutches of Lestrade, I shallexpect to hear of some brilliant incidents in their future career."-THE END-




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      "There is the man who set me in the right path," said he."Come now, Bannister," said Holmes. "It will be clear to you, fromwhat I have said, that only you could have let this young man out,since you were left in the room, and must have locked the door whenyou went out. As to his escaping by that window, it was incredible.Can you not clear up the last point in this mystery, and tell us thereasons for your action?"

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      "Now, Mr. Holmes, you know the people who live under my roof, andI shall continue with my miserable story.

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       "Well that was what it amounted to. He is a hard nail, is ColonelEmsworth. The greatest martinet in the Army in his day, and it was aday of rough language, too. I couldn't have stuck the colonel if ithad not been for Godfrey's sake."

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      "It was in vain that she protested and resisted. A four-wheelerwas brought, and we all three drove back in it. We had first made anexamination of the kitchen, and especially of the kitchen fire, to seewhether she might have made away with the papers during the instantthat she was alone. There were no signs, however, of any ashes orscraps. When we reached Scotland Yard she was handed over at once tothe female searcher. I waited in an agony of suspense until she cameback with her report. There were no signs of the papers."Then for the first time the horror of my situation came in its fullforce. Hitherto I had been acting, and action had numbed thought. Ihad been so confident of regaining the treaty at once that I had notdared to think of what would be the consequence if I failed to doso. But now there was nothing more to be done, and I had leisure torealize my position. It was horrible. Watson there would tell you thatI was a nervous, sensitive boy at school. It is my nature. I thoughtof my uncle and of his colleagues in the Cabinet, of the shame which Ihad brought upon him, upon myself, upon everyone connected with me.What though I was the victim of an extraordinary accident? Noallowance is made for accidents where diplomatic interests are atstake. I was ruined, shamefully, hopelessly ruined. I don't knowwhat I did. I fancy I must have made a scene. I have a dimrecollection of a group of officials who crowded round me,endeavouring to soothe me. One of them drove down with me to Waterloo,and saw me into the Woking train. I believe that he would have comeall the way had it not been that Dr. Ferrier, who lives near me, wasgoing down by that very train. The doctor most kindly took charge ofme, and it was well he did so, for I had a fit in the station, andbefore we reached home I was practically a raving maniac."You can imagine the state of things here when they were roused fromtheir beds by the doctor's ringing and found me in this condition.Poor Annie here and my mother were broken-hearted. Dr. Ferrier hadjust heard enough from the detective at the station to be able to givean idea of what had happened, and his story did not mend matters. Itwas evident to all that I was in for a long illness, so Joseph wasbundled out of this cheery bedroom, and it was turned into a sick-roomfor me. Here I have lain, Mr. Holmes, for over nine weeks,unconscious, and raving with brain-fever. If it had not been forMiss Harrison here and for the doctor's care, I should not be speakingto you now. She has nursed me by day and a hired nurse has lookedafter me by night, for in my mad fits I was capable of anything.Slowly my reason has cleared, but it is only during the last threedays that my memory has quite returned. Sometimes I wish that it neverhad. The first thing that I did was to wire to Mr. Forbes, who had thecase in hand. He came out, and assures me that, though everythinghas been done, no trace of a clue has been discovered. Thecommissionaire and his wife have been examined in every way withoutany light being thrown upon the matter. The suspicions of the policethen rested upon young Gorot, who, as you may remember, stayedover-time in the office that night. His remaining behind and hisFrench name were really the only two points which could suggestsuspicion; but, as a matter of fact, I did not begin work until he hadgone, and his people are of Huguenot extraction, but as English insympathy and tradition as you and I are. Nothing was found toimplicate him in any way, and there the matter dropped. I turn to you,Mr. Holmes, as absolutely my last hope. If you fail me, then my honouras well as my position are forever forfeited."

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    {  "Prints it?"

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      "Well, that is just how it stands," said Holmes. "And now, sir,since you are here, we had best have a clear account from your ownlips. My friend here knows nothing of the details."}

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      "And they were posted to-day at Gravesend. Well, Mrs. St. Clair, theclouds lighten, though I should not venture to say that the dangeris over."

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      "When I arrived at the house," continued Holmes, "I at once wentvery carefully round it to observe if there were any traces in thesnow which might help me. I knew that none had fallen since theevening before, and also that there had been a strong frost topreserve impressions. I passed along the tradesmen's path, but foundit all trampled down and indistinguishable. just beyond it, however,at the far side of the kitchen door, a woman had stood and talked witha man, whose round impressions on one side showed that he had a woodenleg. I could even tell that they had been disturbed, for the woman hadrun back swiftly to the door, as was shown by the deep toe and lightheel marks, while Wooden-leg had waited a little, and then had goneaway. I thought at the time that this might be the maid and hersweetheart, of whom you had already spoken to me, and inquiry showedit was so. I passed round the garden without seeing anything more thanrandom tracks, which I took to be the police; but when I got intothe stable lane a very long and complex story was written in thesnow in front of me.

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       "Well, to my surprise and delight, everything was as right aspossible. The table was set out ready for me, and Mr. Duncan Rosswas there to see that I got fairly to work. He started me offupon the letter A, and then he left me; but he would drop in fromtime to time to see that all was right with me. At two o'clock hebade me good-day, complimented me upon the amount that I hadwritten, and locked the door of the office after me.

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    {  1926

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      "I don't know what to say, Mr. Holmes," he blurted out at last, witha very red face. "It seems to me that I have been making a fool ofmyself from the beginning. I understand now, what I should neverhave forgotten, that I am the pupil and you are the master. Even now Isee what you have done, but I don't know how you did it or what itsignifies."