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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Never."
2.  "On the contrary, I request it."
3.  "Oh, indeed -- indeed, sir, he is innocent!" sobbed forthMercedes.
4.  "Well, but he is a charming young man, according to myideas."
5.  "Sir," said Monte Cristo to him, "I do not recommend mypictures to you, who possess such splendid paintings; but,nevertheless, here are two by Hobbema, a Paul Potter, aMieris, two by Gerard Douw, a Raphael, a Vandyke, aZurbaran, and two or three by Murillo, worth looking at."
6.  "Take these," said Beauchamp, presenting the papers toAlbert.


1.  But notwithstanding the serene sky, the gracefully formedboats, and the golden light in which the whole scene wasbathed, the Count of Monte Cristo, wrapped in his cloak,could think only of this terrible voyage, the details ofwhich were one by one recalled to his memory. The solitarylight burning at the Catalans; that first sight of theChateau d'If, which told him whither they were leading him;the struggle with the gendarmes when he wished to throwhimself overboard; his despair when he found himselfvanquished, and the sensation when the muzzle of the carbinetouched his forehead -- all these were brought before him invivid and frightful reality. Like the streams which the heatof the summer has dried up, and which after the autumnalstorms gradually begin oozing drop by drop, so did the countfeel his heart gradually fill with the bitterness whichformerly nearly overwhelmed Edmond Dantes. Clear sky,swift-flitting boats, and brilliant sunshine disappeared;the heavens were hung with black, and the gigantic structureof the Chateau d'If seemed like the phantom of a mortalenemy. As they reached the shore, the count instinctivelyshrunk to the extreme end of the boat, and the owner wasobliged to call out, in his sweetest tone of voice, "Sir, weare at the landing."
2.  The next day Danglars was again hungry; certainly the air ofthat dungeon was very provocative of appetite. The prisonerexpected that he would be at no expense that day, for likean economical man he had concealed half of his fowl and apiece of the bread in the corner of his cell. But he had nosooner eaten than he felt thirsty; he had forgotten that. Hestruggled against his thirst till his tongue clave to theroof of his mouth; then, no longer able to resist, he calledout. The sentinel opened the door; it was a new face. Hethought it would be better to transact business with his oldacquaintance, so he sent for Peppino. "Here I am, yourexcellency," said Peppino, with an eagerness which Danglarsthought favorable to him. "What do you want?"
3.  "Because, I suppose, it is his nature to do so, for the loveof robbing."
4.  "But," remarked Madame de Villefort, "all thesecircumstances which you link thus to one another may bebroken by the least accident; the vulture may not see thefowl, or may fall a hundred yards from the fish-pond."
5.  "No, for that very resemblance affrights me; I should haveliked something more in the manner of the Venus of Milo orCapua; but this chase-loving Diana continually surrounded byher nymphs gives me a sort of alarm lest she should some daybring on me the fate of Actaeon."
6.  "Good-morning, madame," said the count, bowing. Madame deVillefort acknowledged the salutation with one of her mostgracious smiles. "What is this that M. de Villefort has beentelling me?" demanded Monte Cristo "and whatincomprehensible misfortune" --


1.  "You then love Haidee?" asked Monte Cristo with an emotionhe in vain endeavored to dissimulate.
2.  "Belay." This order was also executed; and the vesselpassed, as Dantes had predicted, twenty fathoms to windward.
3.  "Valentine, you are an angel!"
4.  "Nor you to mine," cried the abbe. "You will not accept mygold; I will keep it for myself. You refuse me my liberty;God will give it me." And the abbe, casting away hiscoverlet, resumed his place, and continued his calculations.
5.   It was a night of joy and terror, such as this man ofstupendous emotions had already experienced twice or thricein his lifetime.
6.  "Yes. Did you pass through the Corso?"


1.  "Go this moment to the Allees de Meillan, enter the houseNo. 15, ask the porter for the key of the room on the fifthfloor, enter the apartment, take from the corner of themantelpiece a purse netted in red silk, and give it to yourfather. It is important that he should receive it beforeeleven o'clock. You promised to obey me implicitly. Rememberyour oath.
2.  "I do not know; it depends on circumstances which depend oncertain arrangements."
3.  "You will then obtain the Golden Fleece, if you are still inthe ministry."
4、  It is impossible to describe the sensations experienced byValentine during the minute and a half Madame de Villefortremained in the room. The grating against the library-dooraroused the young girl from the stupor in which she wasplunged, and which almost amounted to insensibility. Sheraised her head with an effort. The noiseless door againturned on its hinges, and the Count of Monte Cristoreappeared. "Well," said he, "do you still doubt?"
5、  "Any noise in the ears?"




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      Franz and Albert descended, the carriage approached thepalace; their excellencies stretched their legs along theseats; the cicerone sprang into the seat behind. "Where doyour excellencics wish to go?" asked he.

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      "Valentine," said Morrel with a trembling voice, "I hadwaited since half-past eight, and did not see you come; Ibecame uneasy, leaped the wall, found my way through thegarden, when voices conversing about the fatal event" --

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       "Extraordinary, did you say?"

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      In the morning the jailer brought him fresh provisions -- hehad already devoured those of the previous day; he ate theselistening anxiously for the sound, walking round and roundhis cell, shaking the iron bars of the loophole, restoringvigor and agility to his limbs by exercise, and so preparinghimself for his future destiny. At intervals he listened tolearn if the noise had not begun again, and grew impatientat the prudence of the prisoner, who did not guess he hadbeen disturbed by a captive as anxious for liberty ashimself.

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    {  "And is there no means of making him revoke his decision?"

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      "Ah?" said Monte Cristo, "I trust he is not going to temptme by some fresh insult!"}

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      "Yes. Your position as secretary to the minister rendersyour authority great on the subject of political news; younever open your mouth but the stockbrokers immediatelystenograph your words. Cause her to lose a hundred thousandfrancs, and that would teach her prudence."

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       "Well, sir," said the abbe, "you have spoken unreservedly;and thus to accuse yourself is to deserve pardon."

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    {  "Oh, no," answered Franz, "I had no such intention; and evenif I had felt a wish to witness the spectacle, I might havedone so from Monte Pincio -- could I not?"

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