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qq斗地主牌面变大app下载【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】<  "Who keeps Lady Beatrice Falder company?" he asked at last."There is her maid, Carrie Evans. She has been with her this fiveyears."   "'It was a long hour before we reached it, and at first we fearedthat we had come too late to save anyone. A splintered boat and anumber of crates and fragments of spars rising and falling on thewaves showed us where the vessel had foundered; but there was nosign of life, and we had turned away in despair, when we heard a cryfor help and saw at some distance a piece of wreckage with a man lyingstretched across it. When we pulled him aboard the boat he proved tobe a young seaman of the name of Hudson, who was so burned andexhausted that he could give us no account of what had happeneduntil the following morning.

    In the middle of the floor of the empty room was huddled thefigure of an enormous man, his clean-shaven, swarthy facegrotesquely horrible in its contortion and his head encircled by aghastly crimson halo of blood, lying in a broad wet circle upon thewhite woodwork. His knees were drawn up, his hands thrown out inagony, and from the centre of his broad, brown, upturned throatthere projected the white haft of a knife driven blade-deep into hisbody. Giant as he was, the man must have gone down like a pole-axed oxbefore that terrific blow. Beside his right hand a most formidablehorn-handled, two-edged dagger lay upon the floor, and near it a blackkid glove.

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   With regard to our transaction, you will no doubt have observed bynow that one essential detail is missing. I have a tracing whichwill make it complete. This has involved me in extra trouble, however,and I must ask you for a further advance of five hundred pounds. Iwill not trust it to the post, nor will I take anything but gold ornotes. I would come to you abroad, but it would excite remark if Ileft the country at present. Therefore I shall expect to meet you inthe smoking-room of the Charing Cross Hotel at noon on Saturday.Remember that only English notes, or gold, will be taken.That will do very well. I shall be very much surprised if it doesnot fetch our man."

    Holmes sat down and listened.

    "It is certainly the last thing you need," said Holmes, staring atour visitor's hideous mouth. "But it was the killing of youngPerkins outside the Holborn Bar- What! you're not going?"The negro had sprung back, and his face was leaden. "I won'tlisten to no such talk," said he. "What have I to do with this 'erePerkins, Masser Holmes? I was trainin' at the Bull Ring inBirmingham when this boy done gone get into trouble."

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   "It seems to me to be a most dark and sinister business.""Dark enough and sinister enough."<  "No carriages or horses?"

    "Very sorry to knock you up, Watson," said he, "but it's thecommon lot this morning. Mrs. Hudson has been knocked up, she retortedupon me, and I on you."

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   "And the alternative?"

    "Well," said he, curtly, "you are nearly half an hour late."So this was the explanation of the unlocked door and of thenocturnal vigil of Milverton. There was the gentle rustle of a woman'sdress. I had closed the slit between the curtains as Milverton'sface had turned in our direction, but now I ventured very carefully toopen it once more. He had resumed his seat, the cigar still projectingat an insolent angle from the corner of his mouth. In front of him, inthe full glare of the electric light, there stood a tall, slim, darkwoman, a veil over her face, a mantle drawn round her chin. Her breathcame quick and fast, and every inch of the lithe figure wasquivering with strong emotion.

<  "Very mysterious," said he with a quick, suspicious flash of hisdark eyes. "In dealing with objects of such value, one naturallywishes to know all about the transaction. That the piece is genuine iscertain. I have no doubts at all about that. But suppose- I am boundto take every possibility into account- that it should proveafterwards that you had no right to sell?"   "I thank you," said the young man, rising and pulling on hisovercoat. "You have given me fresh life and hope. I shallcertainly do as you advise."

    "Well, Mr. Holmes, then."


<  "`And the work?'   "They must be cunning devils," he exclaimed at last. "Howcould they have decoyed him down there? The Embankment is not onthe direct line to the station. The bridge, no doubt, was toocrowded, even on such a night, for their purpose. Well, Watson,we shall see who will win in the long run. I am going out now!""To the police?"

    "How long had this maid Dolores been with her?"





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