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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "And you would be to blame for not assisting him, if theyoung man really needed your help in that quarter, but,happily for me, he can dispense with it."
2.  "Well, then, three months," said Penelon.
3.  "Count, I have reflected on the matter," said Franz, "Ithank you for your courtesy, but I shall content myself withaccepting a place in your carriage and at your window at theRospoli Palace, and I leave you at liberty to dispose of myplace at the Piazza del Popolo."
4.  "Certainly."
5.  "Come, come, you are going on quickly, M. Benedetto!"
6.  Beauchamp bowed, and, sitting down, "Sir," said he, "I justnow accompanied M. de Morcerf, as you saw."


1.  "What I mean to say is this, sir, -- that during the lastfortnight unforeseen circumstances have occurred" --
2.  "You only breakfast; I await two persons, and the instantthey arrive we shall sit down to table."
3.  "Oh, he was, decidedly."
4.  The first person to attract the attention of Dantes, as helanded on the Canebiere, was one of the crew belonging tothe Pharaon. Edmond welcomed the meeting with this fellow --who had been one of his own sailors -- as a sure means oftesting the extent of the change which time had worked inhis own appearance. Going straight towards him, hepropounded a variety of questions on different subjects,carefully watching the man's countenance as he did so; butnot a word or look implied that he had the slightest idea ofever having seen before the person with whom he was thenconversing. Giving the sailor a piece of money in return forhis civility, Dantes proceeded onwards; but ere he had gonemany steps he heard the man loudly calling him to stop.Dantes instantly turned to meet him. "I beg your pardon,sir," said the honest fellow, in almost breathless haste,"but I believe you made a mistake; you intended to give me atwo-franc piece, and see, you gave me a double Napoleon."
5.  "Be satisfied; I will deny it."
6.  "No, for I am only embarked in certainties," repliedDanglars, with the air of a mountebank sounding his ownpraises; "to involve me, three governments must crumble todust."


1.  "It is reported your political opinions are extreme," saidVillefort, who had never heard anything of the kind, but wasnot sorry to make this inquiry, as if it were an accusation.
2.  "What matter," said Monte Cristo "if he has rendered theState services which merit this distinction?"
3.  "Ah, it's all over! You are come too late -- you are come tosee me die. What blows, what blood!" He fainted. Ali and hismaster conveyed the wounded man into a room. Monte Cristomotioned to Ali to undress him, and he then examined hisdreadful wounds. "My God!" he exclaimed, "thy vengeance issometimes delayed, but only that it may fall the moreeffectually." Ali looked at his master for furtherinstructions. "Bring here immediately the king's attorney,M. de Villefort, who lives in the Faubourg St. Honore. Asyou pass the lodge, wake the porter, and send him for asurgeon." Ali obeyed, leaving the abbe alone withCaderousse, who had not yet revived.
4.  "Ah, my time is not valuable," replied the man with amelancholy smile. "Still it belongs to government, and Iought not to waste it; but, having received the signal thatI might rest for an hour" (here he glanced at the sun-dial,for there was everything in the enclosure of Montlhery, evena sun-dial), "and having ten minutes before me, and mystrawberries being ripe, when a day longer -- by-the-by,sir, do you think dormice eat them?"
5.   M. de Saint-Meran and Noirtier had never been on strictterms of friendship; still, the death of one old man alwaysconsiderably affects another. Noirtier let his head fallupon his chest, apparently overwhelmed and thoughtful; thenhe closed one eye, in token of inquiry. "MademoiselleValentine?" Noirtier nodded his head. "She is at the ball,as you know, since she came to say good-by to you in fulldress." Noirtier again closed his left eye. "Do you wish tosee her?" Noirtier again made an affirmative sign. "Well,they have gone to fetch her, no doubt, from Madame deMorcerf's; I will await her return, and beg her to come uphere. Is that what you wish for?"
6.  "It was subsequently to these dreadful events that I waitedon your excellency, to whom it would have been folly to havementioned Benedetto, since all trace of him seemed entirelylost; or of my sister, since she was dead."


1.  "The money you desire shall be at your house by ten o'clockto-morrow morning, my dear count," replied Danglars. "Howwould you like to have it? in gold, silver, or notes?"
2.  From the imperfect means Franz had of judging, he could onlycome to one conclusion, -- that the person whom he was thuswatching certainly belonged to no inferior station of life.Some few minutes had elapsed, and the stranger began to showmanifest signs of impatience, when a slight noise was heardoutside the aperture in the roof, and almost immediately adark shadow seemed to obstruct the flood of light that hadentered it, and the figure of a man was clearly seen gazingwith eager scrutiny on the immense space beneath him; then,as his eye caught sight of him in the mantle, he grasped afloating mass of thickly matted boughs, and glided down bytheir help to within three or four feet of the ground, andthen leaped lightly on his feet. The man who had performedthis daring act with so much indifference wore theTranstevere costume. "I beg your excellency's pardon forkeeping you waiting," said the man, in the Roman dialect,"but I don't think I'm many minutes after my time, teno'clock his just struck on the Lateran."
3.  "Well," said Franz with a sigh, "do as you please my dearviscount, for your arguments are beyond my powers ofrefutation. Still, in spite of all, you must admit that thisCount of Monte Cristo is a most singular personage."
4、  Fernand's paleness appeared to have communicated itself toDanglars. As for Fernand himself, he seemed to be enduringthe tortures of the damned; unable to rest, he was among thefirst to quit the table, and, as though seeking to avoid thehilarious mirth that rose in such deafening sounds, hecontinued, in utter silence, to pace the farther end of thesalon.
5、  "Whom do you mean?"




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      "Pray to the Almighty to spare his life, and I will takeupon myself to promote his happiness."

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      "Come, Barrois," said the young girl, "take some of thislemonade; I see you are coveting a good draught of it."

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      "Then you will dispute the more."

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    {  "From these rocks that I had the good luck to cling to whileour captain and the rest of the crew were all lost. I sawyour vessel, and fearful of being left to perish on thedesolate island, I swam off on a piece of wreckage to tryand intercept your course. You have saved my life, and Ithank you," continued Dantes. "I was lost when one of yoursailors caught hold of my hair."

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      "Bah," said Albert, staring.}

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      "Take this pen and paper, and write what I dictate."

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      Morrel made a sign that he was ready to obey. "But," saidhe, "first allow me to embrace you as your daughter did justnow." Noirtier's expression could not be understood. Theyoung man pressed his lips on the same spot, on the oldman's forehead, where Valentine's had been. Then he bowed asecond time and retired. He found outside the door the oldservant, to whom Valentine had given directions. Morrel wasconducted along a dark passage, which led to a little dooropening on the garden, soon found the spot where he hadentered, with the assistance of the shrubs gained the top ofthe wall, and by his ladder was in an instant in theclover-field where his cabriolet was still waiting for him.He got in it, and thoroughly wearied by so many emotions,arrived about midnight in the Rue Meslay, threw himself onhis bed and slept soundly.

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       "I say, that when a thing completely surpasses mycomprehension, I am accustomed not to dwell on that thing,but to pass to another. Is supper ready, Signor Pastrini?"

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    {  "No."

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      "Well, Viscount, there will be in my court-yard this eveninga good travelling britzka, with four post-horses, in whichone may rest as in a bed. M. Beauchamp, it holds four verywell, will you accompany us?"