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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "What do you advise?" said Valentine, raising her eyes toheaven and sighing. "I am free," replied Maximilian, "andrich enough to support you. I swear to make you my lawfulwife before my lips even shall have approached yourforehead."
2.  At the time the Countess of Morcerf returned to the rooms,after giving her orders, many guests were arriving, moreattracted by the charming hospitality of the countess thanby the distinguished position of the count; for, owing tothe good taste of Mercedes, one was sure of finding somedevices at her entertainment worthy of describing, or evencopying in case of need. Madame Danglars, in whom the eventswe have related had caused deep anxiety, had hesitated aboutgoing to Madame de Morcerf's, when during the morning hercarriage happened to meet that of Villefort. The latter madea sign, and when the carriages had drawn close together,said, -- "You are going to Madame de Morcerf's, are younot?"
3.  "Have you any knowledge of him?"
4.  "Certainly I do."
5.  "Shall we watch by the corpse?"
6.  "Tell me what it is."


1.  Meanwhile, Valentine, in a sort of excitement which shecould not quite understand, had crossed Edward's roomwithout noticing some trick of the child, and through herown had reached the little staircase. She was within threesteps of the bottom; she already heard Morrel's voice, whensuddenly a cloud passed over her eyes, her stiffened footmissed the step, her hands had no power to hold thebaluster, and falling against the wall she lost her balancewholly and toppled to the floor. Morrel bounded to the door,opened it, and found Valentine stretched out at the bottomof the stairs. Quick as a flash, he raised her in his armsand placed her in a chair. Valentine opened her eyes.
2.  "In the first carriage, with M. de Villefort, who considershim already as one of the family."
3.  "And now, gentlemen, I wish you good-morning," said MonteCristo.
4.  "I see that you are right, logically speaking," saidMaximilian; "but the gentle voice which usually has suchpower over me fails to convince me to-day."
5.  Most of my readers are aware that the second act of"Parisina" opens with the celebrated and effective duet inwhich Parisina, while sleeping, betrays to Azzo the secretof her love for Ugo. The injured husband goes through allthe emotions of jealousy, until conviction seizes on hismind, and then, in a frenzy of rage and indignation, heawakens his guilty wife to tell her that he knows her guiltand to threaten her with his vengeance. This duet is one ofthe most beautiful, expressive and terrible conceptions thathas ever emanated from the fruitful pen of Donizetti. Franznow listened to it for the third time; yet it's notes, sotenderly expressive and fearfully grand as the wretchedhusband and wife give vent to their different griefs andpassions, thrilled through the soul of Franz with an effectequal to his first emotions upon hearing it. Excited beyondhis usual calm demeanor, Franz rose with the audience, andwas about to join the loud, enthusiastic applause thatfollowed; but suddenly his purpose was arrested, his handsfell by his sides, and the half-uttered "bravos" expired onhis lips. The occupant of the box in which the Greek girlsat appeared to share the universal admiration thatprevailed; for he left his seat to stand up in front, sothat, his countenance being fully revealed, Franz had nodifficulty in recognizing him as the mysterious inhabitantof Monte Cristo, and the very same person he had encounteredthe preceding evening in the ruins of the Colosseum, andwhose voice and figure had seemed so familiar to him. Alldoubt of his identity was now at an end; his singular hostevidently resided at Rome. The surprise and agitationoccasioned by this full confirmation of Franz's formersuspicion had no doubt imparted a corresponding expressionto his features; for the countess, after gazing with apuzzled look at his face, burst into a fit of laughter, andbegged to know what had happened. "Countess," returnedFranz, totally unheeding her raillery, "I asked you a shorttime since if you knew any particulars respecting theAlbanian lady opposite; I must now beseech you to inform mewho and what is her husband?"
6.  "Nevertheless, it is quite true; still, I agree with you inthinking that my present ignorance of the first city inEurope is a reproach to me in every way, and calls forimmediate correction; but, in all probability, I should haveperformed so important, so necessary a duty, as that ofmaking myself acquainted with the wonders and beauties ofyour justly celebrated capital, had I known any person whowould have introduced me into the fashionable world, butunfortunately I possessed no acquaintance there, and, ofnecessity, was compelled to abandon the idea."


1.  "But you say you have watched?" said Valentine uneasily;"where have you been? -- I have not seen you." The countextended his hand towards the library. "I was hidden behindthat door," he said, "which leads into the next house, whichI have rented." Valentine turned her eyes away, and, with anindignant expression of pride and modest fear, exclaimed:"Sir, I think you have been guilty of an unparalleledintrusion, and that what you call protection is more like aninsult."
2.  "You are in constant communication with the Baron Danglars?"the count inquired of Albert de Morcerf.
3.  "I rely on you, Valentine," said Morrel; "all you do will bewell done; only if they disregard your prayers, if yourfather and Madame de Saint-Meran insist that M. d'Epinayshould be called to-morrow to sign the contract" --
4.  "Maximilian!" said Valentine, "Maximilian, come back, Ientreat you!" He drew near with his sweet smile, and but forhis paleness one might have thought him in his usual happymood. "Listen, my dear, my adored Valentine," said he in hismelodious and grave tone; "those who, like us, have neverhad a thought for which we need blush before the world, suchmay read each other's hearts. I never was romantic, and amno melancholy hero. I imitate neither Manfred nor Anthony;but without words, protestations, or vows, my life hasentwined itself with yours; you leave me, and you are rightin doing so, -- I repeat it, you are right; but in losingyou, I lose my life.
5.   "That I am dependent on another, I who have always gained myown livelihood honestly."
6.  "And M. Noirtier?"


1.  And then, falling upon the chair nearest the door, she burstinto a paroxysm of sobs. The servants, standing in thedoorway, not daring to approach nearer, were looking atNoirtier's old servant, who had heard the noise from hismaster's room, and run there also, remaining behind theothers. Villefort rose, and ran towards his mother-in-law,for it was she.
2.  "Ah, see there, now!" said Caderousse; "and I did notrecognize them! Hallo, Dantes! hello, lovely damsel! Comethis way, and let us know when the wedding is to be, forFernand here is so obstinate he will not tell us."
3.  "Certainly," said Monte Cristo, slightly shrugging hisshoulders; "otherwise I would not fight with M. de Morcerf.I shall kill him -- I cannot help it. Only by a single linethis evening at my house let me know the arms and the hour;I do not like to be kept waiting."
4、  "I never joke with bankers," said Monte Cristo in a freezingmanner, which repelled impertinence; and he turned to thedoor, just as the valet de chambre announced, -- "M. deBoville, receiver-general of the charities."
5、  August rolled by in unceasing efforts on the part of Morrelto renew his credit or revive the old. On the 20th of Augustit was known at Marseilles that he had left town in themailcoach, and then it was said that the bills would go toprotest at the end of the month, and that Morrel had goneaway and left his chief clerk Emmanuel, and his cashierCocles, to meet the creditors. But, contrary to allexpectation, when the 31st of August came, the house openedas usual, and Cocles appeared behind the grating of thecounter, examined all bills presented with the usualscrutiny, and, from first to last, paid all with the usualprecision. There came in, moreover, two drafts which M.Morrel had fully anticipated, and which Cocles paid aspunctually as the bills which the shipowner had accepted.All this was incomprehensible, and then, with the tenacitypeculiar to prophets of bad news, the failure was put offuntil the end of September. On the 1st, Morrel returned; hewas awaited by his family with extreme anxiety, for fromthis journey to Paris they hoped great things. Morrel hadthought of Danglars, who was now immensely rich, and hadlain under great obligations to Morrel in former days, sinceto him it was owing that Danglars entered the service of theSpanish banker, with whom he had laid the foundations of hisvast wealth. It was said at this moment that Danglars wasworth from six to eight millions of francs, and hadunlimited credit. Danglars, then, without taking a crownfrom his pocket, could save Morrel; he had but to pass hisword for a loan, and Morrel was saved. Morrel had longthought of Danglars, but had kept away from some instinctivemotive, and had delayed as long as possible availing himselfof this last resource. And Morrel was right, for he returnedhome crushed by the humiliation of a refusal. Yet, on hisarrival, Morrel did not utter a complaint, or say one harshword. He embraced his weeping wife and daughter, pressedEmmanuel's hand with friendly warmth, and then going to hisprivate room on the second floor had sent for Cocles."Then," said the two women to Emmanuel, "we are indeedruined."




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      "Too true, too true!" ejaculated Caderousse, almostsuffocated by the contending passions which assailed him,"the poor old man did die."

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      "Yes, indeed. So, sir, you wish to see all relating to thepoor abbe, who really was gentleness itself."

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       "One hundred thousand francs," repeated Peppino.

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      "A sailor."

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    {  Caderousse smiled bitterly. "Yes, happy as myself," said he.

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      "Hush -- hush!" murmured the dying man, "that they may notseparate us if you save me!"}

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      "Oh!" said Caderousse, groaning with pain.

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      "The same who was so shamefully assassinated in 1815?"

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       "What shall we do?"

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    {  "What!" cried Albert, whose courage revolted at the idea ofbeing plundered tamely, "not make any resistance!"

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      While he was thus agitated by gloomy uncertainties, --wretched waking dreams of grief, -- the first rays ofmorning pierced his windows, and shone upon the pale bluepaper on which he had just inscribed his justification ofprovidence. It was just five o'clock in the morning when aslight noise like a stifled sigh reached his ear. He turnedhis head, looked around him, and saw no one; but the soundwas repeated distinctly enough to convince him of itsreality.