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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Oh, their heads are soon cut off," said Danglars.
2.  "Listen, count; the affair is serious and unavoidable."
3.  Danglars saw in the muddled look of the tailor the progressof his intoxication, and turning towards Fernand, said,"Well, you understand there is no need to kill him."
4.  "Yes," replied Caderousse, "little Albert."
5.  "Well, wife," replied Caderousse, "I don't know but whatyou're right!"
6.  "Ah, my dear fellow," said Albert, rising, and lighting histhird cigar, "really, I thought you had more courage." Sosaying, the two young men went down the staircase, and gotinto the carriage.


1.  "Yes; the grand marshal did."
2.  "Then open the door directly." Peppino obeyed. "Now lookhere, I want something to eat! To eat -- do you hear?"
3.  "You are certainly an extraordinary man," said Danglars;"and philosophers may well say it is a fine thing to berich."
4.  "You are not making any mistake, are you?" said the notary;"you really mean to declare that such is not yourintention?"
5.  "Why the devil have they any stairs with such windows?"
6.  "Good! Gendarmes, I am at your service. Ah, sir, do leave afew crowns for me at the gate that I may have some things Iam in need of!"


1.  "And pray who are the persons who exhaust your fortune?Explain yourself more clearly, I beg, sir."
2.  Chapter 42Monsieur Bertuccio.
3.  "M. de Saint-Meran is dead," answered the old marchioness,without preface and without expression; she appeared to bestupefied. Villefort drew back, and clasping his handstogether, exclaimed -- "Dead! -- so suddenly?"
4.  "I trust and hope you never repeated to the count all thefoolish remarks we used to make about him?"
5.   "How did this happen?" said Morrel.
6.  "By heaven!" cried Caderousse, drawing from his waistcoat anopen knife, and striking the count in the breast, "you shalldisclose nothing, reverend sir!" To Caderousse's greatastonishment, the knife, instead of piercing the count'sbreast, flew back blunted. At the same moment the countseized with his left hand the assassin's wrist, and wrung itwith such strength that the knife fell from his stiffenedfingers, and Caderousse uttered a cry of pain. But thecount, disregarding his cry, continued to wring the bandit'swrist, until, his arm being dislocated, he fell first on hisknees, then flat on the floor. The count then placed hisfoot on his head, saying, "I know not what restrains me fromcrushing thy skull, rascal."


1.  At the appointed hour the same man returned in the samecarriage, which, instead of stopping this time at the end ofthe Rue Ferou, drove up to the green door. He knocked, andit opened immediately to admit him. From the signs ofrespect the valet paid him, he saw that his note hadproduced a good effect. "Is the abbe at home?" asked he.
2.  No one who had seen the magistrate at this moment, sothoroughly unnerved by the recent inauspicious combinationof circumstances, would have supposed for an instant that hehad anticipated the annoyance; although it certainly neverhad occurred to him that his father would carry candor, orrather rudeness, so far as to relate such a history. And injustice to Villefort, it must be understood that M.Noirtier, who never cared for the opinion of his son on anysubject, had always omitted to explain the affair toVillefort, so that he had all his life entertained thebelief that General de Quesnel, or the Baron d'Epinay, as hewas alternately styled, according as the speaker wished toidentify him by his own family name, or by the title whichhad been conferred on him, fell the victim of assassination,and not that he was killed fairly in a duel. This harshletter, coming as it did from a man generally so polite andrespectful, struck a mortal blow at the pride of Villefort.Hardly had he read the letter, when his wife entered. Thesudden departure of Franz, after being summoned by M.Noirtier, had so much astonished every one, that theposition of Madame de Villefort, left alone with the notaryand the witnesses, became every moment more embarrassing.Determined to bear it no longer, she arose and left theroom; saying she would go and make some inquiries into thecause of his sudden disappearance.
3.  "Of whom?"
4、  "Willingly, if you wish it."
5、  "Do I? No one better."




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      "What on earth are you talking of?"

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      "I told you I was not on terms of strict intimacy withEugenie."

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       "True, I was a tailor, till the trade fell off. It is so hotat Marseilles, that really I believe that the respectableinhabitants will in time go without any clothing whatever.But talking of heat, is there nothing I can offer you by wayof refreshment?"

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      "True, I had forgotten that."

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    {  "So be it," said the Englishman. "But to return to theseregisters."

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      "By the orders of the deputy procureur?"}

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      "But how can I sell out here?"

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      "Faster, faster!" he cried, in a tone which electrified thecoachman. The horses, impelled by fear, flew towards thehouse.

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       Franz, Albert, and the count continued to descend the Corso.As they approached the Piazza del Popolo, the crowd becamemore dense, and above the heads of the multitude two objectswere visible: the obelisk, surmounted by a cross, whichmarks the centre of the square, and in front of the obelisk,at the point where the three streets, del Babuino, delCorso, and di Ripetta, meet, the two uprights of thescaffold, between which glittered the curved knife of themandaia. At the corner of the street they met the count'ssteward, who was awaiting his master. The window, let at anexorbitant price, which the count had doubtless wished toconceal from his guests, was on the second floor of thegreat palace, situated between the Via del Babuino and theMonte Pincio. It consisted, as we have said, of a smalldressing-room, opening into a bedroom, and, when the door ofcommunication was shut, the inmates were quite alone. Onchairs were laid elegant masquerade costumes of blue andwhite satin. "As you left the choice of your costumes tome," said the count to the two friends, "I have had thesebrought, as they will be the most worn this year; and theyare most suitable, on account of the confetti (sweetmeats),as they do not show the flour."

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    {  "Nonsense."

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      "The count has an unlimited credit upon me; a credit openedby Thomson & French, of Rome; he came to demand fivemillions at once, which I paid him with checks on the bank.My funds are deposited there, and you can understand that ifI draw out ten millions on the same day it will appearrather strange to the governor. Two days will be a differentthing," said Danglars, smiling.