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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Very. Really one of the best private theatricals I everattended. There was one actress who surprised us all."
2.  Carrie found ample food for reflection in the fifty-dollarproposition. "Maybe they'd take my money and not give meanything," she thought. She had some jewelry--a diamond ring andpin and several other pieces. She could get fifty dollars forthose if she went to a pawnbroker.
3.  He reached down in his hip pocket and took out a fat purse. Itwas filled with slips of paper, some mileage books, a roll ofgreenbacks. It impressed her deeply. Such a purse had never beencarried by any one attentive to her. Indeed, an experiencedtraveller, a brisk man of the world, had never come within suchclose range before. The purse, the shiny tan shoes, the smartnew suit, and the air with which he did things, built up for hera dim world of fortune, of which he was the centre. It disposedher pleasantly toward all he might do.
4.  The regular entrance of thirty-five dollars a week to one who hasendured scant allowances for several years is a demoralisingthing. Carrie found her purse bursting with good green bills ofcomfortable denominations. Having no one dependent upon her, shebegan to buy pretty clothes and pleasing trinkets, to eat well,and to ornament her room. Friends were not long in gatheringabout. She met a few young men who belonged to Lola's staff.The members of the opera company made her acquaintance withoutthe formality of introduction. One of these discovered a fancyfor her. On several occasions he strolled home with her.
5.  "You mustn't worry, sweetheart," he said. "Just as soon as hegoes on the road again we will arrange something. We'll fix itso that you won't have to deceive any one."
6.  "It's a lie," he said, driven to a corner and knowing no otherexcuse.


1.  "I don't know," said Carrie; "I'll go down Monday and see if Ican't get something."
2.  "Where do you suppose she's gone to?" said Minnie, thoroughlyaroused.
3.  "You wouldn't care, if you had," she returned.
4.  "Explain," said Mr. Bamberger feebly. He had the part of Ray,Laura's lover, the society individual who was to waver in histhoughts of marrying her, upon finding that she was a waif and anobody by birth.
5.  "Soap, towels, and a pitcher of ice-water."
6.  Hurstwood saw it all clearly enough. He was shrewd after hiskind, and yet there was enough decency in the man to stop himfrom making any effectual protest. In his almost inexplicableapathy he was content to droop supinely while Carrie drifted outof his life, just as he was willing supinely to see opportunitypass beyond his control. He could not help clinging andprotesting in a mild, irritating, and ineffectual way, however--away that simply widened the breach by slow degrees.


1.  He felt a little diffident about asking concerning her success.The paper she began to scan attracted his attention.
2.  This was his one resource against the depression which held him.He could extract little from the wording of the letter, but thespirit he thought he knew.
3.  "Pretty far--yes."
4.  Carrie's heart sank.
5.   "Don't kick, old man," remarked the manager. "If it don't go thefirst week we will cut it out."
6.  "Miss Clark, you pair with Miss Madenda."


1.  "Oh, I don't know whether I can get up and say it off here," shesaid bashfully.
2.  Hurstwood was interestedly remarking to Carrie.
3.  Chapter XVII
4、  "Is that so? Had your breakfast?"
5、  She gazed at him--a pythoness in humour.




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      He bought two tickets and Pullman berths. Then he hastened backto Carrie.

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      "I tell you," said another drummer to him, "it's a great thing.Look at Hazenstab. He isn't so deuced clever. Of course he'sgot a good house behind him, but that won't do alone. I tell youit's his degree. He's a way-up Mason, and that goes a long way.He's got a secret sign that stands for something."

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      "I've been sick," he answered. "I've just got out of thehospital. For God's sake, let me have a little money, will you?"

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    {  "No," answered Carrie, her voice assuming for the first time apenetrating quality which it had never known. "Stay with him!"

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      She unloosed her hair after a time, and let it hang in loosebrown waves. Her mind was going over the events of the evening.}

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      "I guess she isn't coming home," he said, grimly.

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      Lest this order of individual should permanently pass, let me putdown some of the most striking characteristics of his mostsuccessful manner and method. Good clothes, of course, were thefirst essential, the things without which he was nothing. Astrong physical nature, actuated by a keen desire for thefeminine, was the next. A mind free of any consideration of theproblems or forces of the world and actuated not by greed, but aninsatiable love of variable pleasure. His method was alwayssimple. Its principal element was daring, backed, of course, byan intense desire and admiration for the sex. Let him meet witha young woman once and he would approach her with an air ofkindly familiarity, not unmixed with pleading, which would resultin most cases in a tolerant acceptance. If she showed anytendency to coquetry he would be apt to straighten her tie, or ifshe "took up" with him at all, to call her by her first name. Ifhe visited a department store it was to lounge familiarly overthe counter and ask some leading questions. In more exclusivecircles, on the train or in waiting stations, he went slower. Ifsome seemingly vulnerable object appeared he was all attention--to pass the compliments of the day, to lead the way to the parlorcar, carrying her grip, or, failing that, to take a seat next herwith the hope of being able to court her to her destination.Pillows, books, a footstool, the shade lowered; all these figuredin the things which he could do. If, when she reached herdestination he did not alight and attend her baggage for her, itwas because, in his own estimation, he had signally failed.

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       Chapter XI

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    {  As Carrie looked out upon the flying scenery she almost forgotthat she had been tricked into this long journey against her willand that she was without the necessary apparel for travelling.She quite forgot Hurstwood's presence at times, and looked awayto homely farmhouses and cosey cottages in villages withwondering eyes. It was an interesting world to her. Her lifehad just begun. She did not feel herself defeated at all.Neither was she blasted in hope. The great city held much.Possibly she would come out of bondage into freedom--who knows?Perhaps she would be happy. These thoughts raised her above thelevel of erring. She was saved in that she was hopeful.

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      "Well, if she minds, we'll fix that." He took out his pencil anda little pocket note-book as if it were all settled. "What isyour address there?"