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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "And on my part," said D'Artagnan, "I wished to speak of you, butI find you so completely detached from everything! To love youcry, 'Fie! Friends are shadows! The world is a sepulcher!'""Alas, you will find it so yourself," said Aramis, with a sigh."Well, then, let us say no more about it," said D'Artagnan; "andlet us burn this letter, which, no doubt, announces to you somefresh infidelity of your GRISETTE or your chambermaid.""What letter?" cried Aramis, eagerly.
2.  "What?"
3.  "Does that satisfy you?" said Athos to his adversary. "Doyou find me of sufficient rank to do me the honor ofcrossing swords with me?"
4.  Satisfied with this discovery which confirmed all his suspicions, Athosreturned to the hotel, and found Planchet impatiently waiting for him.Everything was as Athos had foreseen.
5.  "Oh," said Milady, raising herself, "I defy you to find any tribunalwhich pronounced that infamous sentence against me. I defy you to findhim who executed it."
6.  "He called her Milady."


1.  "Safe and sound, as true as my name's Jack Butler.""Well," said Milady, "if you keep your word, instead of fivehundred, I will give you a thousand pistoles."
2.  "This is not his writing!" said Athos. "I am acquaintedwith it; before we left Villeroy I settled the accounts ofthe regiment."
3.  "Here I am."
4.  Athos was invited four times, and each time took his friends andtheir lackeys with him. Porthos had six occasions, and contrivedin the same manner that his friends should partake of them;Aramis had eight of them. He was a man, as must have beenalready perceived, who made but little noise, and yet was muchsought after.
5.  The day, however, passed away; and the evening came onslowly, but finally it came. The bars were filled withdrinkers. Athos, who had pocketed his share of the diamond,seldom quit the Parpaillot. He had found in M. de Busigny,who, by the by, had given them a magnificent dinner, apartner worthy of his company. They were playing together,as usual, when seven o'clock sounded; the patrol was heardpassing to double the posts. At half past seven the retreatwas sounded.
6.  "Because she had been branded," continued D'Artagnan."Bah!" cried Porthos. "Impossible! What do you say--thatshe wanted to have her brother-in-law killed?"


1.  If to God your tears are shed,
2.  The joy of the king was lively. He did not even give himself thetrouble to dissemble, and displayed it with affectation before thequeen. Louis XIII, like very weak mind, was wanting in generosity.But the king soon again became dull and indisposed; his brow was not oneof those that long remain clear. He felt that in returning to camp heshould re-enter slavery; nevertheless, he did return.The cardinal was for him the fascinating serpent, and himself the birdwhich flies from branch to branch without power to escape.The return to La Rochelle, therefore, was profoundly dull. Our fourfriends, in particular, astonished their comrades; they traveledtogether, side by side, with sad eyes and heads lowered. Athos alonefrom time to time raised his expansive brow; a flash kindled in hiseyes, and a bitter smile passed over his lips, then, like his comrades,he sank again into reverie.
3.  The latter--a pretty girl of about twenty or twenty-twoyears, active and lively, the true SOUBRETTE of a greatlady--jumped from the step upon which, according to thecustom of the time, she was seated, and took her way towardthe terrace upon which D'Artagnan had perceived Lubin.D'Artagnan followed the soubrette with his eyes, and saw hergo toward the terrace; but it happened that someone in thehouse called Lubin, so that Planchet remained alone, lookingin all directions for the road where D'Artagnan had disappeared.The maid approached Planchet, whom she took for Lubin, andholding out a little billet to him said, "For your master.""For my master?" replied Planchet, astonished.
4.  "And you--sold it?" asked D'Artagnan, hesitatingly."No," replied Athos, with a singular smile. "I gave it awayin a night of love, as it has been given to you."D'Artagnan became pensive in his turn; it appeared as ifthere were abysses in Milady's soul whose depths were darkand unknown. He took back the ring, but put it in hispocket and not on his finger.
5.   D'Artagnan already fancied himself, so rapid is the flight of ourdreams upon the wings of imagination, accosted by a messengerfrom the young woman, who brought him some billet appointing ameeting, a gold chain, or a diamond. We have observed that youngcavaliers received presents from their king without shame. Letus add that in these times of lax morality they had no moredelicacy with respect to the mistresses; and that the latteralmost always left them valuable and durable remembrances, as ifthey essayed to conquer the fragility of their sentiments by thesolidity of their gifts.
6.  The belfry of St. Cloud sounded half past ten.


1.  "All for one, one for all."
2.  The three friends burst into laughter.
3.  "Did he tell you so?"
4、  "'Then you shall not leave this place,' said he.
5、  "Well, here, for example," said Richelieu: "when, in 1610,for a cause similar to that which moves the duke, King HenryIV, of glorious memory, was about, at the same time, toinvade Flanders and Italy, in order to attack Austria onboth sides. Well, did there not happen an event which savedAustria? Why should not the king of France have the samechance as the emperor?"




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      It was at this moment that people came flocking to the scene ofaction from all sides. The host, fearful of consequences, withthe help of his servants carried the wounded man into thekitchen, where some trifling attentions were bestowed upon him.As to the gentleman, he resumed his place at the window, andsurveyed the crowd with a certain impatience, evidently annoyedby their remaining undispersed.

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      "Monsieur de Cavois."

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       The storm increase, the flashes succeeded one another more rapidly, thethunder began to growl, and the wind, the precursor of a hurricane,whistled in the plumes and the hair of the horsemen.The cavalcade trotted on more sharply.

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      "Well, then, take him," said the cardinal; "when four menare so much attached to one another, it is only fair thatthey should serve in the same company."

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    {  The first advantage had been gained by Buckingham. Arrivingunexpectedly in sight of the Isle of Re with ninety vesselsand nearly twenty thousand men, he had surprised the Comtede Toiras, who commanded for the king in the Isle, and hehad, after a bloody conflict, effected his landing.Allow us to observe in passing that in this fight perishedthe Baron de Chantal; that the Baron de Chantal left alittle orphan girl eighteen months old, and that this littlegirl was afterward Mme. de Sevigne.

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      And in spite of himself, the young man began to laugh aloud,looking round carefully, however, to see that his solitary laugh,without a cause in the eyes of passers-by, offended no one."As to Porthos, that is certainly droll; but I am not the less agiddy fool. Are people to be run against without warning? No!And have I any right to go and peep under their cloaks to seewhat is not there? He would have pardoned me, he would certainlyhave pardoned me, if I had not said anything to him about thatcursed baldric--in ambiguous words, it is true, but rather drollyambiguous. Ah, cursed Gascon that I am, I get from one hobbleinto another. Friend D'Artagnan," continued he, speaking tohimself with all the amenity that he thought due himself, "if youescape, of which there is not much chance, I would advise you topractice perfect politeness for the future. You must henceforthbe admired and quoted as a model of it. To be obliging andpolite does not necessarily make a man a coward. Look at Aramis,now; Aramis is mildness and grace personified. Well, did anybodyever dream of calling Aramis a coward? No, certainly not, andfrom this moment I will endeavor to model myself after him. Ah!That's strange! Here he is!"}

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      There was a moment of silence, which proved that thecardinal was employed in seeking the terms in which heshould write the note, or else in writing it. Athos, whohad not lost a word of the conversation, took his twocompanions by the hand, and led them to the other end of theroom.

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      "I understand," said Athos; "but why not Porthos? I shouldhave thought that his duchess--"

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       "Remember at a later period and at a certain moment, if anymischance should happen to you," said Richelieu,

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    {  Yours affectionate

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      Felton made no resistance. Lord de Winter placed him in the hands ofthe guards, who led him, while awaiting further orders, to a littleterrace commanding the sea; and then the baron hastened to the duke'schamber.