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2.  "Yes," Holmes answered, "you need not pain yourself by entering intothat part of the story. After seeing you, I am prepared to acceptMr. Gibson's statement both as to the influence which you had over himand as to the innocence of your relations with him. But why was thewhole situation not brought out in court?"
3.  "Anything more, Watson?"
4.  "No; we don't keep a cat. But there is a cheetah and a baboon.""Ah, yes, of course! Well, a cheetah is just a big cat, and yet asaucer of milk does not go very far in satisfying its wants, Idaresay. There is one point which I should wish to determine." Hesquatted down in front of the wooden chair and examined the seat of itwith the greatest attention.
5.  A solitary cyclist was coming towards us. His head was down and hisshoulders rounded, as he put every ounce of energy that he possessedon to the pedals. He was flying like a racer. Suddenly he raised hisbearded face, saw us close to him, and pulled up, springing from hismachine. That coal-black beard was in singular contrast to eyes wereas bright as if he had a fever. He stared at us and at the dog-cart.Then a look of amazement came over his face.
6.  "Well, if you were to pull down a bell-rope, Watson, where would youexpect it to break? Surely at the spot where it is attached to thewire. Why should it break three inches from the top, as this one hasdone?"


1.  "When did she vanish then?"
2.  The inspector examined the pipe with interest. "One of ourofficers mentioned the smell of gas," said he, "but of course thewindow and door were open then, and the paint- or some of it- wasalready about. He had begun the work of painting the day before,according to his story. But what next, Mr. Holmes?"
3.  "Oh, he went out the first night, did he?"
4.  "I'll wager he took no breakfast this morning, and won't face hislunch after all the cigarettes I saw him consume."
5.  "I shall be happy to give you any information in my power.""Was it in this room that you gave your instructions as to thecopying of the document?"
6.  "How long was it before you went to bed?"


1.  Holmes had in some way ruffled our visitor, whose chubby face hadassumed a far less amiable expression.
2.  "Excellent!" said Holmes. "Excellent! Pray continue."
3.  He laughed heartily at my perplexity.
4.  "In short, that she had become suddenly deranged?"
5.   "These shoes," it ran, "were dug up in the moat of Holdernesse Hall.They are for the use of horses, but they are shaped below with acloven foot of iron, so as to throw pursuers off the track. They aresupposed to have belonged to some of the marauding Barons ofHoldernesse in the Middle Ages."
6.  "I never needed it more," said Holmes as he refreshed himself with aglass of claret and some biscuits in the intervals of his toilet."However, as you know, my habits are irregular, and such a featmeans less to me than to most men. It was very essential that I shouldimpress Mrs. Hudson with the reality of my condition, since she was toconvey it to you, and you in turn to him. You won't be offended,Watson? You will realize that among your many talents dissimulationfinds no place, and that if you had shared my secret you would neverhave been able to impress Smith with the urgent necessity of hispresence, which was the vital point of the whole scheme. Knowing hisvindictive nature, I was perfectly certain that he would come tolook upon his handiwork."


1.  "Let me introduce you," he shouted, "to Mr. Neville St. Clair, ofLee, in the county of Kent."
2.  "I would give my fortune to have them back."
4、  "Then Nancy fainted, and I caught up the key of the door from herhand, intending to unlock it and get help. But as I was doing it to mebetter to leave it alone and get away, for the thing might lookblack against me, and anyway my secret would be out if I were taken.In my haste I thrust the key into my pocket, and dropped my stickwhile I was chasing Teddy, who had run up the curtain. When I gothim into his box, from which he had slipped, I was off as fast as Icould run."
5、  "Thank you. We have certainly been favoured with extraordinaryluck during this inquiry, and it will be entirely our own fault ifwe do not succeed in clearing the matter up. With your permission, Mr.Holder, I shall now continue my investigations outside."He went alone, at his own request, for he explained that anyunnecessary footmarks might make his task more difficult. For anhour or more he was at work, returning at last with his feet heavywith snow and his features as inscrutable as ever.




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      Fancy anyone having the heart to hurt him," he muttered as heglanced down at the small, angry red pucker upon the cherub throat.It was at this moment that I chanced to glance at Holmes and saw amost singular intentness in his expression. His face was as set asif it had been carved out of old ivory, and his eyes, which hadglanced for a moment at father and child, were now fixed with eagercuriosity upon something at the other side of the room. Followinghis gaze I could only guess that he was looking out through the windowat the melancholy, dripping garden. It is true that a shutter had halfclosed outside and obstructed the view, but none the less it wascertainly at the window that Holmes was fixing his concentratedattention. Then he smiled, and his eyes came back to the baby. Onits chubby neck there was this small puckered mark. Withoutspeaking, Holmes examined it with care. Finally he shook one of thedimpled fists which waved in front of him.

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      "What reparation can I make?"

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       "The date being-?" asked Holmes.

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      "'I suppose it is impossible to find out how high the elm was?' Iasked.

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    {  "Perhaps he will come back?"

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      "I'd be very glad if you could tell me where that lady may be,"Peters answered coolly. "I've a bill against her for nearly ahundred pounds, and nothing to show for it but a couple of trumperypendants that the dealer would hardly look at. She attached herself toMrs. Peters and me at Baden- it is a fact that I was using anothername at the time- and she stuck on to us until we came to London. Ipaid her bill and her ticket. Once in London, she gave us the slip,and, as I say, left these out-of-date jewels to pay her bills. Youfind her, Mr. Holmes, and I'm your debtor."}

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      "Bloodhounds- sleuthhounds-"

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      "Then we come into difficulties. One would imagine that under suchcircumstances the first act of young Cadogan West would be to seizethe villain and raise the alarm. Why did he not do so? Could it havebeen an official superior who took the papers? That would explainWest's conduct. Or could the chief have given West the slip in thefog, and West started at once to London to head him off from his ownrooms, presuming that he knew where the rooms were? The call must havebeen very pressing, since he left his girl standing in the fog andmade no effort to communicate with her. Our scent runs cold here,and there is a vast gap between either hypothesis and the laying ofWest's body, with seven papers in his pocket, on the roof of aMetropolitan train. My instinct now is to work from the other end.If Mycroft has given us the list of addresses we may be able to pickour man and follow two tracks instead of one."

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       It is not reasonable to suppose that every one of these cases gaveHolmes the opportunity of showing those curious gifts of instinctand observation which I have endeavoured to set fourth in thesememoirs. Sometimes he had with much effort to pick the fruit,sometimes it fell easily into his lap. But the most terrible humantragedies were often involved in those cases which brought him thefewest personal opportunities, and it is one of these which I nowdesire to record. In telling it, I have made a slight change of nameand place, but otherwise the facts are as stated.

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    {  "Did you go to Blackheath?"

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      "'It took some time,' said I.