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ַ:a g 9 559 v i p<"It appears to me," said D'Artagnan, with that prudencewhich allied itself in him so naturally with excessivebravery, "that we could have found some retired place on thedowns or the seashore.""And now, my dear Athos," said he, "do me the kindness totell me where we are going?"

"And you were wrong, madame. If I made you that present it wasthat you might adorn yourself therewith. I tell you that youwere wrong."


"That's a snare," said Athos; "don't go, D'Artagnan.""And yet," replied D'Artagnan, "I think I recognize thewriting."

"From Monsieur Laporte. Did I not tell you that she was thegoddaughter of Monsieur Laporte, the confidential man of thequeen? Well, Monsieur Laporte placed her near her Majesty inorder that our poor queen might at least have someone in whom shecould place confidence, abandoned as she is by the king, watchedas she is by the cardinal, betrayed as she is by everybody.""Ah, ah! It begins to develop itself," said D'Artagnan."Now, my wife came home four days ago, monsieur. One of herconditions was that she should come and see me twice a week; for,as I had the honor to tell you, my wife loves me dearly--my wife,then, came and confided to me that the queen at that very momententertained great fears."

"Go on, to your cousin, then!"

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The newly introduced personage followed Bonacieux impatientlywith his eyes till he had gone out; and the moment the doorclosed, "They have seen each other;" said he, approaching thecardinal eagerly.

Porthos and Aramis looked at each other; they began tocomprehend.

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Ten minutes afterward she was at home. As she told the queen,she had not seen her husband since his liberation; she wasignorant of the change that had taken place in him with respectto the cardinal--a change which had since been strengthened bytwo or three visits from the Comte de Rochefort, who had becomethe best friend of Bonacieux, and had persuaded him, without muchtrouble, order in his house, the furniture of which he had foundmostly broken and his closets nearly empty--justice not being oneof the three things which King Solomon names as leaving no tracesof their passage. As to the servant, she had run away at themoment of her master's arrest. Terror had had such an effectupon the poor girl that she had never ceased walking from Paristill she reached Burgundy, her native place.

"You terrify me, Athos!" cried D'Artagnan. "My God! what do youfear?"

When D'Artagnan was out of the Louvre, and consulted his friendsupon the use he had best make of his share of the forty pistoles,Athos advised him to order a good repast at the Pomme-de-Pin,Porthos to engage a lackey, and Aramis to provide himself with asuitable mistress.


<"Only I concealed a glass of water, which remained after mybreakfast, thirst having been the chief of my sufferings when Iremained forty-eight hours without eating or drinking."The day passed away without having any other influence on methan to strengthen the resolution I had formed; only I took carethat my face should not betray the thoughts of my heart, for Ihad no doubt I was watched. Several times, even, I felt a smileon my lips. Felton, I dare not tell you at what idea I smiled;you would hold me in horror--"On what was D'Artagnan thinking, that he strayed thus from hispath, gazing at the stars of heaven, and sometimes sighing,sometimes smiling?

At six o'clock Lord de Winter came in. He was armed at allpoints. This man, in whom Milady till that time had only seen avery simple gentleman, had become an admirable jailer. Heappeared to foresee all, to divine all, to anticipate all.A single look at Milady apprised him of all that was passing inher mind.





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