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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Will this promise be fulfilled, M. Noirtier?" asked Morrel,while d'Avrigny looked inquiringly.
2.  "I should like to be there at the time you come, and I willendeavor to repay you, as far as lies in my power, for yourliberal hospitality displayed to me at Monte Cristo."
3.  The opinion of all the commercial men was that, under thereverses which had successively weighed down Morrel, it wasimpossible for him to remain solvent. Great, therefore, wasthe astonishment when at the end of the month, he cancelledall his obligations with his usual punctuality. Stillconfidence was not restored to all minds, and the generalopinion was that the complete ruin of the unfortunateshipowner had been postponed only until the end of themonth. The month passed, and Morrel made extraordinaryefforts to get in all his resources. Formerly his paper, atany date, was taken with confidence, and was even inrequest. Morrel now tried to negotiate bills at ninety daysonly, and none of the banks would give him credit.Fortunately, Morrel had some funds coming in on which hecould rely; and, as they reached him, he found himself in acondition to meet his engagements when the end of July came.The agent of Thomson & French had not been again seen atMarseilles; the day after, or two days after his visit toMorrel, he had disappeared; and as in that city he had hadno intercourse but with the mayor, the inspector of prisons,and M. Morrel, his departure left no trace except in thememories of these three persons. As to the sailors of thePharaon, they must have found snug berths elsewhere, forthey also had disappeared.
4.  "Leave you? Why should I leave you?"
5.  "Well, I am sure it is quite transformed since last week. IfI remember rightly, it had another entrance, and thecourt-yard was paved and empty; while to-day we have asplendid lawn, bordered by trees which appear to be ahundred years old."
6.  Ali left the room. The cups of coffee were all prepared,with the addition of sugar, which had been brought forAlbert. Monte Cristo and Haidee took the beverage in theoriginal Arabian manner, that is to say, without sugar.Haidee took the porcelain cup in her little slender fingersand conveyed it to her mouth with all the innocentartlessness of a child when eating or drinking somethingwhich it likes. At this moment two women entered, bringingsalvers filled with ices and sherbet, which they placed ontwo small tables appropriated to that purpose. "My dearhost, and you, signora," said Albert, in Italian, "excuse myapparent stupidity. I am quite bewildered, and it is naturalthat it should be so. Here I am in the heart of Paris; but amoment ago I heard the rumbling of the omnibuses and thetinkling of the bells of the lemonade-sellers, and now Ifeel as if I were suddenly transported to the East; not suchas I have seen it, but such as my dreams have painted it.Oh, signora, if I could but speak Greek, your conversation,added to the fairy-scene which surrounds me, would furnishan evening of such delight as it would be impossible for meever to forget."


1.  "On the 5th of October, Morrel, I shall expect you at theIsland of Monte Cristo. On the 4th a yacht will wait for youin the port of Bastia, it will be called the Eurus. You willgive your name to the captain, who will bring you to me. Itis understood -- is it not?"
2.  We may easily conceive where Morrel's appointment was. Onleaving Monte Cristo he walked slowly towards Villefort's;we say slowly, for Morrel had more than half an hour tospare to go five hundred steps, but he had hastened to takeleave of Monte Cristo because he wished to be alone with histhoughts. He knew his time well -- the hour when Valentinewas giving Noirtier his breakfast, and was sure not to bedisturbed in the performance of this pious duty. Noirtierand Valentine had given him leave to go twice a week, and hewas now availing himself of that permission. He had arrived;Valentine was expecting him. Uneasy and almost crazed, sheseized his hand and led him to her grandfather. Thisuneasiness, amounting almost to frenzy, arose from thereport Morcerf's adventure had made in the world, for theaffair at the opera was generally known. No one atVillefort's doubted that a duel would ensue from it.Valentine, with her woman's instinct, guessed that Morrelwould be Monte Cristo's second, and from the young man'swell-known courage and his great affection for the count,she feared that he would not content himself with thepassive part assigned to him. We may easily understand howeagerly the particulars were asked for, given, and received;and Morrel could read an indescribable joy in the eyes ofhis beloved, when she knew that the termination of thisaffair was as happy as it was unexpected.
3.  "Fortunately, I have them, though," said Monte Cristo.
4.  Chapter 44The Vendetta.
5.  "Perhaps it is some political difference?"
6.  "It seems to me," said Franz, speaking in an undertone toAlbert, "that if this person merited the high panegyrics ofour landlord, he would have conveyed his invitation throughanother channel, and not permitted it to be brought to us inthis unceremonious way. He would have written -- or" --


1.  "Mademoiselle," cried Valentine; "mademoiselle! Oh, selfishman, -- he sees me in despair, and pretends he cannotunderstand me!"
2.  "Yes." There was a profound silence. The two notaries wereholding a consultation as to the best means of proceedingwith the affair. Valentine was looking at her grandfatherwith a smile of intense gratitude, and Villefort was bitinghis lips with vexation, while Madame de Villefort could notsucceed in repressing an inward feeling of joy, which, inspite of herself, appeared in her whole countenance. "But,"said Villefort, who was the first to break the silence, "Iconsider that I am the best judge of the propriety of themarriage in question. I am the only person possessing theright to dispose of my daughter's hand. It is my wish thatshe should marry M. Franz d'Epinay -- and she shall marryhim." Valentine sank weeping into a chair.
3.  This postscript decreased greatly the young girl'shappiness. Was there nothing to fear? was there not somesnare laid for her? Her innocence had kept her in ignoranceof the dangers that might assail a young girl of her age.But there is no need to know danger in order to fear it;indeed, it may be observed, that it is usually unknownperils that inspire the greatest terror.
4.  "Nothing, nothing. But tell me, what were you thinking aboutwhen I came in?"
5.   "The proofs?" said Benedetto, laughing; "do you wantproofs?"
6.  "Yes."


1.  He found Edmond lying prone, bleeding, and almost senseless.He had rolled down a declivity of twelve or fifteen feet.They poured a little rum down his throat, and this remedywhich had before been so beneficial to him, produced thesame effect as formerly. Edmond opened his eyes, complainedof great pain in his knee, a feeling of heaviness in hishead, and severe pains in his loins. They wished to carryhim to the shore; but when they touched him, although underJacopo's directions, he declared, with heavy groans, that hecould not bear to be moved.
2.  "Six months afterwards," continued Caderousse, "the marriagetook place in the church of Accoules."
3.  * ,600,000 in 1894.
4、  "If they should hear of the separation" --
5、  "Above all, she is very rich, -- at least, I believe so,"said Monte Cristo.




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      "How so? -- you were looking the other way." the countsmiled, as he was in the habit of doing when he did not wantto make any reply, and he again turned towards the veiledwoman, who soon disappeared at the corner of the street.Turning to his friend, -- "Dear Maximilian," said the count,"have you nothing to do in this land?"

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      The doctor, without shaking hands with Villefort, withoutadding a word to what he had said, went out, amid the tearsand lamentations of the whole household. The same eveningall Villefort's servants, who had assembled in the kitchen,and had a long consultation, came to tell Madame deVillefort that they wished to leave. No entreaty, noproposition of increased wages, could induce them to remain;to every argument they replied, "We must go, for death is inthis house." They all left, in spite of prayers andentreaties, testifying their regret at leaving so good amaster and mistress, and especially Mademoiselle Valentine,so good, so kind, and so gentle. Villefort looked atValentine as they said this. She was in tears, and, strangeas it was, in spite of the emotions he felt at the sight ofthese tears, he looked also at Madame de Villefort, and itappeared to him as if a slight gloomy smile had passed overher thin lips, like a meteor seen passing inauspiciouslybetween two clouds in a stormy sky.

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       "Has he eaten anything lately?" asked Madame de Villefort,eluding her husband's question. "Madame," replied Valentine,"he has not even breakfasted. He has been running very faston an errand with which my grandfather charged him, and whenhe returned, took nothing but a glass of lemonade."

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      "And why not?" asked the young man. "Did you fancy yourselfdying?"

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    {  Chapter 106Dividing the Proceeds.

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      "Very probably," answered the count. "But do not be alarmedon her account. Haidee's nervous system is delicatelyorganized, and she is peculiarly susceptible to the odorseven of flowers -- nay, there are some which cause her tofaint if brought into her presence. However," continuedMonte Cristo, drawing a small phial from his pocket, "I havean infallible remedy." So saying, he bowed to the baronessand her daughter, exchanged a parting shake of the hand withDebray and the count, and left Madame Danglars' box. Uponhis return to Haidee he found her still very pale. As soonas she saw him she seized his hand; her own hands were moistand icy cold. "Who was it you were talking with over there?"she asked.}

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      "Then I am also a puzzle to your mother? I should havethought her too reasonable to be led by imagination."

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       "Well, I own it."

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    {  "And," said Madame de Villefort, "I need not ask you if youshare that fancy."

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      "How useless?" cried the president, "what do you mean?"