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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "So that this strain of the knee," continued D'Artagnan, "my dearPorthos, keeps you in bed?"
2.  "Ah, monsieur!" said the young man, "I meet you, then, at last! Thistime you shall not escape me!"
3.  "That head has never conspired," murmured he, "but it mattersnot; we will see."
4.  Milady looked at the officer with one of those terribleexpressions peculiar to her countenance, and which so rarelyfailed of their effect; anger made her eyes flash in thedarkness.
5.  "Shall we not know it?"
6.  Milady dreamed that she at length had D'Artagnan in her power,that she was present at his execution; and it was the sight ofhis odious blood, flowing beneath the ax of the headsman, whichspread that charming smile upon her lips.


1.  On arriving at the lodgings of his three friends, D'Artagnanfound them assembled in the same chamber. Athos wasmeditating; Porthos was twisting his mustache; Aramis wassaying his prayers in a charming little Book of Hours, boundin blue velvet.
2.  "Oh, as to that, Monseigneur, it is true," said Athos; "we doconspire, as your Eminence might have seen the other morning.Only we conspire against the Rochellais."
3.  She passed an hour without breathing, panting, with a cold sweatupon her brow, and her heart oppressed by frightful agony atevery movement she heard in the corridor.
4.  "Let me see it," said Milady.
5.  He no longer loved her; he adored her.
6.  Bazin set out the next day for Tours, and was allowed eightdays for performing his commission.


1.  The same day the young man set forward on his journey, furnishedwith the three paternal gifts, which consisted, as we have said,of fifteen crowns, the horse, and the letter for M. de Treville--the counsels being thrown into the bargain.
2.  "And I keep my word. Your hand, madame, your hand, and Idepart!"
3.  The young man advanced rapidly into the chamber, leaving the dooropen behind him, and making a sign to Milady to be silent; hisface was much agitated.
4.  "Yes, sire."
5.   "My faith," said D'Artagnan, "it appears that I was more drunkthan you, since I remember nothing of the kind."
6.  "I? I am completely ignorant; nor does it much disquiet me.""You're in the wrong there; for if you knew my name, perhaps youwould not be so pressing."


1.  "Alas, yes," said Porthos, "it is so."
2.  "Well," said Porthos, "this is my advice--"
3.  The young man turned quickly round, for this attack couldnot have come from the bastion, which was hidden by theangle of the trench. The idea of the two soldiers who hadabandoned him occurred to his mind, and with them heremembered the assassins of two evenings before. Heresolved this time to know with whom he had to deal, andfell upon the body of his comrade as if he were dead.He quickly saw two heads appear above an abandoned workwithin thirty paces of him; they were the heads of the twosoldiers. D'Artagnan had not been deceived; these two menhad only followed for the purpose of assassinating him,hoping that the young man's death would be placed to theaccount of the enemy.
4、  "Let me see it," said Milady.
5、  "No, I have left off laughing, now that you speak French.""What, those rich holsters, that velvet housing, that saddlestudded with silver-are they all for me?"




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      "Take Planchet. Planchet is brave and shrewd; they are twoqualities out of the four."

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      "The idea came into your mind to avenge yourself on this man, didit not?" cried Felton.

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       "For me?" said D'Artagnan; "are you sure of that?""PARDIEU, monsieur, I can't be more sure. The SOUBRETTE said,'For your master.' I have no other master but you; so-a pretty little lass, my faith, is that SOUBRETTE!"D'Artagnan opened the letter, and read these words:

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      "Ah, monsieur!" said she, "you have saved me; permit me to thankyou."

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    {  Aramis accordingly took the quill, reflected for a fewmoments, wrote eight or ten lines in a charming littlefemale hand, and then with a voice soft and slow, as if eachword had been scrupulously weighed, he read the following:

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      "You must be Satan!" cried she.}

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      Buckingham conducted the goldsmith to the chamber destined forhim, and which, at the end of half an hour, was transformed intoa workshop. Then he placed a sentinel at each door, with anorder to admit nobody upon any pretense but his VALET DE CHAMBRE,Patrick. We need not add that the goldsmith, O'Reilly, and hisassistant, were prohibited from going out under any pretext.This point, settled, the duke turned to D'Artagnan. "Now, myyoung friend," said he, "England is all our own. What do youwish for? What do you desire?"

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      In the meanwhile the promises of M. de Treville went onprosperously. One fine morning the king commanded M. deChevalier Dessessart to admit D'Artagnan as a cadet in hiscompany of Guards. D'Artagnan, with a sigh, donned his uniform,which he would have exchanged for that of a Musketeer at theexpense of ten years of his existence. But M. de Trevillepromised this favor after a novitiate of two years--a novitiatewhich might besides be abridged if an opportunity should presentitself for D'Artagnan to render the king any signal service, orto distinguish himself by some brilliant action. Upon thispromise D'Artagnan withdrew, and the next day he began service.Then it became the turn of Athos, Porthos, and Aramis to mountguard with D'Artagnan when he was on duty. The company of M. leChevalier Dessessart thus received four instead of one when itadmitted D'Artagnan.

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       "You are sure it is not he?" said she.

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    {  Planchet turned and returned the billet. Then, accustomedto passive obedience, he jumped down from the terrace, rantoward the lane, and at the end of twenty paces metD'Artagnan, who, having seen all, was coming to him."For you, monsieur," said Planchet, presenting the billet tothe young man.

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      Grimaud immediately obeyed. On their part, the threefriends had reloaded their arms; a second discharge followedthe first. The brigadier and two pioneers fell dead; therest of the troop took to flight.