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365bet体育投注在线【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】<  "Had I been so unhappy as not to believe in him until now,"said Monte Cristo, "I must believe on seeing you."Caderousse raised his clinched hands towards heaven.   "What, what!" cried Monte Cristo, stopping suddenly, "whatwords do you utter? Devil of a man, Corsican that you are --always mysteries or superstitions. Come, take the lantern,and let us visit the garden; you are not afraid of ghostswith me, I hope?" Bertuccio raised the lantern, and obeyed.The door, as it opened, disclosed a gloomy sky, in which themoon strove vainly to struggle through a sea of clouds thatcovered her with billows of vapor which she illumined for aninstant, only to sink into obscurity. The steward wished toturn to the left. "No, no, monsieur," said Monte Cristo."What is the use of following the alleys? Here is abeautiful lawn; let us go on straight forwards."

    "Now, speaking without any exaggeration, is your motherreally so very much averse to this marriage?"

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   "Well," asked the abbe, as he returned to the apartmentbelow, "what have you made up your mind to do?"

    "The people will rise."

    "No." said Villefort; "fetch the nearest."

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   "How?"<  At these words the public attention became more intense, andall eyes were turned towards the door through whichBenedetto was to enter. The door soon opened and the accusedappeared. The same impression was experienced by allpresent, and no one was deceived by the expression of hiscountenance. His features bore no sign of that deep emotionwhich stops the beating of the heart and blanches the cheek.His hands, gracefully placed, one upon his hat, the other inthe opening of his white waistcoat, were not at alltremulous; his eye was calm and even brilliant. Scarcely hadhe entered the hall when he glanced at the whole body ofmagistrates and assistants; his eye rested longer on thepresident, and still more so on the king's attorney. By theside of Andrea was stationed the lawyer who was to conducthis defence, and who had been appointed by the court, forAndrea disdained to pay any attention to those details, towhich he appeared to attach no importance. The lawyer was ayoung man with light hair whose face expressed a hundredtimes more emotion than that which characterized theprisoner.

    The patron of The Young Amelia proposed as a place oflanding the Island of Monte Cristo, which being completelydeserted, and having neither soldiers nor revenue officers,seemed to have been placed in the midst of the ocean sincethe time of the heathen Olympus by Mercury, the god ofmerchants and robbers, classes of mankind which we in moderntimes have separated if not made distinct, but whichantiquity appears to have included in the same category. Atthe mention of Monte Cristo Dantes started with joy; he roseto conceal his emotion, and took a turn around the smokytavern, where all the languages of the known world werejumbled in a lingua franca. When he again joined the twopersons who had been discussing the matter, it had beendecided that they should touch at Monte Cristo and set outon the following night. Edmond, being consulted, was ofopinion that the island afforded every possible security,and that great enterprises to be well done should be donequickly. Nothing then was altered in the plan, and orderswere given to get under weigh next night, and, wind andweather permitting, to make the neutral island by thefollowing day.

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   "Sir," said Valentine, at the height of her terror, "you sayyou endured tortures when you saw the deadly poison pouredinto my glass; but if you saw this, you must also have seenthe person who poured it?"

    "What should you do in my place?"

<  But, instead of growing easier, Dantes' pains appeared toincrease in violence. The old patron, who was obliged tosail in the morning in order to land his cargo on thefrontiers of Piedmont and France, between Nice and Frejus,urged Dantes to try and rise. Edmond made great exertions inorder to comply; but at each effort he fell back, moaningand turning pale.   Chapter 38The Compact.



<  "It shall be done," replied Bertuccio. Andrea extended hishand; Bertuccio kept his own in his pocket, and merelyjingled a few pieces of money. "That's what I mean," saidAndrea, endeavoring to smile, quite overcome by the strangetranquillity of Bertuccio. "Can I be deceived?" he murmured,as he stepped into the oblong and grated vehicle which theycall "the salad basket." "Never mind, we shall see!To-morrow, then!" he added, turning towards Bertuccio.   "Yes, assuredly," replied the minister; "but he is advancingby Gap and Sisteron."

    "Ah, in such a case one supposes" --





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