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  "I didn't want you to know," Sara said. "It would have made me feel like a street beggar. I know I look like a street beggar."

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 "What?" she exclaimed. "Found out what?"

  The entire schoolroom rose to its feet as it had done the morning Sara remembered so well.

  "I--I have never really learned French, but--but--" she began, trying shyly to make herself clear.

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 She pointed toward the table under the skylight. Sara had not looked toward it as she came in. A number of books were piled upon it. Ermengarde's gesture was a dejected one.

  "Something splendid!" said Ermengarde, in an excited hurry. "This very afternoon my nicest aunt sent me a box. It is full of good things. I never touched it, I had so much pudding at dinner, and I was so bothered about papa's books." Her words began to tumble over each other. "It's got cake in it, and little meat pies, and jam tarts and buns, and oranges and red-currant wine, and figs and chocolate. I'll creep back to my room and get it this minute, and we'll eat it now."

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 "You impudent creature!" she said. "You leave the house in the morning!"

  "Soldiers don't complain," she would say between her small, shut teeth, "I am not going to do it; I will pretend this is part of a war."

  Then Ermengarde had a sudden brilliant thought.


<"Excuse me for laughing if it was impolite," she said, and walked out of the room, leaving Miss Minchin struggling with her rage, and the girls whispering over their books. "Come," she said. "Oh, Becky, come!"

  "I want her because I know she will like to see the presents," she explained. "She is a little girl, too, you know."





365bet平台娱乐杨晓峰世卫组织:日本出现一例新型冠状病毒病例 Through the mysterious agency which works in schools and among servants, it was quite well known in the morning that Sara Crewe was in horrible disgrace, that Ermengarde was under punishment, and that Becky would have been packed out of the house before breakfast, but that a scullery maid could not be dispensed with at once. The servants knew that she was allowed to stay because Miss Minchin could not easily find another creature helpless and humble enough to work like a bounden slave for so few shillings a week. The elder girls in the schoolroom knew that if Miss Minchin did not send Sara away it was for practical reasons of her own. 【详细】

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365bet平台娱乐岳业2020中国大事前瞻:全面建成小康社会 首次火星探测 "Do you want to buy something?" she added, as she saw Sara glance at the buns. 【详细】

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