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有信誉的网投平台【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】<  "We have moved nothing except the lady. We could not leave her lyingwounded upon the floor."   "'I had better put my hat on, I suppose.'


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   "Yes. I was surprised to hear that she had it in her hand when shedied."

    "'Until you tell me who it is that has been living in thatcottage, and who it is to whom you have given that photograph, therecan never be any confidence between us,' said I, and breaking awayfrom her I left the house. That was yesterday, Mr. Holmes, and Ihave not seen her since, nor do I know anything more about thisstrange business. It is the first shadow that has come between us, andit has so shaken me that I do not know what I should do for thebest. Suddenly this morning it occurred to me that you were the man toadvise me, so I have hurried to you now, and I place myselfunreservedly in your hands. If there is any point which I have notmade clear, pray question me about it. But, above all, tell me quicklywhat I am to do, for this misery is more than I can bear."Holmes and I had listened with the utmost interest to thisextraordinary statement, which had been delivered in the jerky, brokenfashion of a man who is under the influence of extreme emotion. Mycompanion sat silent now for some time, with his chin upon his hand,lost in thought.

    "Well that was what it amounted to. He is a hard nail, is ColonelEmsworth. The greatest martinet in the Army in his day, and it was aday of rough language, too. I couldn't have stuck the colonel if ithad not been for Godfrey's sake."

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   "It appears that his arrest did not take place at once, but afterthe return to Hatherley Farm. On the inspector of constabularyinforming him that he was a prisoner, he remarked that he was notsurprised to hear it, and that it was no more than his deserts. Hisobservation of his had the natural effect of removing any traces ofdoubt which might have remained in the minds of the coroner's jury.""It was a confession," I ejaculated.<  "Two years have passed since then, and my life has been until latelylonelier than ever. A month ago, however, a dear friend, whom I haveknown for many years, has done me the honour to ask my hand inmarriage. His name is Armitage-Percy Armitage-the second son of Mr.Armitage, of Crane Water, near Reading. My stepfather has offered noopposition to the match, and we are to be married in the course of thespring. Two days ago some repairs were started in the west wing of thebuilding, and my bedroom wall has been pierced, so that I have hadto move into the chamber in which my sister died, and to sleep inthe very bed in which she slept. Imagine, then, my thrill of terrorwhen last night, as I lay awake, thinking over her terrible fate, Isuddenly heard in the silence of the night the low whistle which hadbeen the herald of her own death. I sprang up and lit the lamp, butnothing was to be seen in the room. I was too shaken to go to bedagain, however, so I dressed, and as soon as it was daylight I slippeddown, got a dog-cart at the Crown Inn, which is opposite, and drove toLeatherhead, from whence I have come on this morning with the oneobject of seeing you and asking your advice."

    "What of this 'Cooee!' then?"

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   "Your cases have indeed been of the greatest interest to me,"I observed.

    "When had he a letter before that?"

<  The two women told their story clearly enough. They had been arousedfrom their sleep by the sound of an explosion, which had been followeda minute later by a second one. They slept in adjoining rooms, andMrs. King had rushed in to Saunders. Together they had descended thestairs. The door of the study was open, and a candle was burningupon the table. Their master lay upon his face in the centre of theroom. He was quite dead. Near the window his wife was crouching, herhead leaning against the wall. She was horribly wounded, and theside of her face was red with blood. She breathed heavily, but wasincapable of saying anything. The passage, as well as the room, wasfull of smoke and the smell of powder. The window was certainly shutand fastened upon the inside. Both women were positive upon the point.They had at once sent for the doctor and for the constable. Then, withthe aid of the groom and the stable-boy, they had conveyed theirinjured mistress to her room. Both she and her husband had occupiedthe bed. She was clad in her dress- he in his dressing-gown, overhis night-clothes. Nothing had been moved in the study. So far as theyknew, there had never been any quarrel between husband and wife.They had always looked upon them as a very united couple.These were the main points of the servants' evidence. In answer toInspector Martin, they were clear that every door was fastened uponthe inside, and that no one could have escaped from the house. Inanswer to Holmes, they both remembered that they were conscious of thesmell of powder from the moment that they ran out of their roomsupon the top floor. "I commend that fact very carefully to yourattention," said Holmes to his professional colleague. "And now Ithink that we are in a position to undertake a thorough examination ofthe room."   "Well, at least he is fairly well-to-do. But he goes into the citytwo or three times a week. He is deeply interested in South Africangold shares."

    "What are they, Mr. Holmes?"


<  The beautiful house and grounds indicated that Baron Gruner was,as Sir James had said, a man of considerable wealth. A long windingdrive, with banks of rare shrubs on either side, opened out into agreat gravelled square adorned with statues. The place had beenbuilt by a South African gold king in the days of the great boom,and the long, low house with the turrets at the corners, though anarchitectural nightmare, was imposing in its size and solidity. Abutler, who would have adorned a bench of bishops, showed me in andhanded me over to a plushclad footman, who ushered me into the Baron'spresence.   "`Breckinridge, of Covent Garden.'

    "Where I was sure it must be. I'll make the whole matter clear toyou presently. I think, Colonel, that you and Watson might return now,and I will be with you again in an hour at the furthest. The inspectorand I must have a word with the prisoners, but you will certainlysee me back at luncheon time."





有信誉的网投平台姚亚楠好物抢先知:办公室避暑神器了解一下   "This is a serious proposition," said he. "It is certainly bolted aswell as locked. We would do better in the area. There is anexcellent archway down yonder in case a too zealous policeman shouldintrude. Give me a hand, Watson, and I'll do the same for you."A minute later we were both in the area. Hardly had we reached thedark shadows before the step of the policeman was heard in the fogabove. As its soft rhythm died away, Holmes set to work upon the lowerdoor. I saw him stoop and strain until with a sharp crash it flewopen. We sprang through into the dark passage, closing the area doorbehind us. Holmes led the way up the curving, uncarpeted stair. Hislittle fan of yellow light shone upon a low window. 【详细】

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