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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "'"Victor, you will acknowledge that you have used this worthyfellow rather roughly," said the dad, turning to me.
2.  "As you are aware, Watson, there is no one who knows the highercriminal world of London so well as I do. For years past I havecontinually been conscious of some power behind the malefactor, somedeep organizing power which forever stands in the way of the law,and throws its shield over the wrong-doer. Again and again in cases ofthe most varying sorts-forgery cases, robberies, murders-I have feltthe presence of this force, and I have deduced its action in many ofthose undiscovered crimes in which I have not been personallyconsulted. For years I have endeavoured to break through the veilwhich shrouded it, and at last the time came when I seized my threadand followed it, until it led me, after a thousand cunning windings,to ex-Professor Moriarty, of mathematical celebrity.
3.  "You may place considerable confidence in Mr. Holmes, sir,"said the police agent loftily. "He has his own little methods,which are, if he won't mind my saying so, just a little tootheoretical and fantastic, but he has the makings of a detectivein him. It is not too much to say that once or twice, as in thatbusiness of the Sholto murder and the Agra treasure, he has beenmore nearly correct than the official force."
4.  "I tell you, man, that I haven't got one. I'll let you have twohorses as far as the Hall."
5.  "I take him. I no ask leave. She needs doctor."
6.  "Never."


1.  Dinner was over, and the table cleared before Holmes alluded tothe matter again. He had lit his pipe and held his slippered feet tothe cheerful blaze of the fire. Suddenly he looked at his watch."I expect developments, Watson."
2.  "Ha! In Victoria! That is important."
3.  "The burglar, sir. He was off like a shot and got clean away. He'djust broke in at the pantry window when William came on him and methis end in saving his master's property."
4.  "I can see no other way out of it. And yet I would have trustedhim as I trust myself."
5.  "Dangerous, Watson, very dangerous. No, I hardly see them doingthat. Pull up, cabby! This is evidently the undertaker's, for wehave just passed the pawnbroker's. Would you go in, Watson? Yourappearance inspires confidence. Ask what hour the Poultney Squarefuneral takes place to-morrow."
6.  "It is his love diary?"


1.  The woman rose and took from a drawer the photograph of a man. Hewas clearly a professional acrobat, a man of magnificent physique,taken with his huge arms folded across his swollen chest and a smilebreaking from under his heavy moustache- the self-satisfied smile ofthe man of many conquests.
2.  No, no, Watson, that side of the matter is, of course, obvious.But there is another which is far more subtle. You may recollectthat in the case which you, in your sensational way, coupled withthe Copper Beeches, I was able, by watching the mind of the child,to form a deduction as to the criminal habits of the very smug andrespectable father."
3.  "Quite so!" said he, a little nettled. "Every problem becomes verychildish when once it is explained to you. Here is an unexplained one.See what you can make of that, friend Watson." He tossed a sheet ofpaper upon the table, and turned once more to his chemical analysis.I looked with amazement at the absurd hieroglyphics upon the paper."Why, Holmes, it is a child's drawing," I cried.
4.  "This is serious, Watson," he cried. "There is some devilry goingforward! Why should such a message stop in such a way? I should putScotland Yard in touch with this business- and yet, it is too pressingfor us to leave."
5.   I saw Holmes and Hopkins exchange a quick glance.
6.  Well, the scandal has been pretty clear for a long time.""But she may not have seen it before. Let us suppose that she hassuddenly found it out. She waits to get rid of the woman. Herbrother will not permit it. The invalid, with her weak heart andinability to get about, has no means of enforcing her will. Thehated maid is still tied to her. The lady refuses to speak, sulks,takes to drink. Sir Robert in his anger takes her pet spaniel awayfrom her. Does not all this hang together?"


1.  "You astonish me, Mr. Holmes. What more could one ask for?""Does your explanation cover every point?"
2.  "Certainly."
3.  "I examined the ground carefully in the hope of finding it," said theinspector.
4、  "You have made no progress?"
5、  "I know what is the matter with me. It is a coolie disease fromSumatra- a thing that the Dutch know more about than we, though theyhave made little of it up to date. One thing only is certain. It isinfallibly deadly, and it is horribly contagious."




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      "It was you- you yourself?"

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      Holmes had recovered his equanimity, though I still seemed to detectgleams of amusement in his expression.

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       "'It is nothing less than the ancient crown of the kings ofEngland.'

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      "Well, now, let us take up line B, which concerns Sir Robert. Heis mad keen upon winning the Derby. He is in the hands of the Jews,and may at any moment be sold up and his racing stables seized byhis creditors. He is a daring and desperate man. He derives his incomefrom his sister. His sister's maid is his willing tool. So far we seemto be on fairly safe ground, do we not?"

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    {  The other had been silent all this time, but I had observed that hismore controlled excitement was even greater than the obtrusive emotionof the clergyman. He sat with a pale, drawn face, his anxious gazefixed upon Holmes, and his thin hands clasped convulsively together.His pale lips quivered as he listened to the dreadful experience whichhad befallen his family, and his dark eyes seemed to reflect somethingof the horror of the scene.

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      He was indeed a deplorable spectacle. In the dim light of a foggyNovember day the sick room was a gloomy spot, but it was that gaunt,wasted face staring at me from the bed which sent a chill to my heart.His eyes had the brightness of fever, there was a hectic flush uponeither cheek, and dark crusts clung to his lips; the thin hands uponthe coverlet twitched incessantly, his voice was croaking andspasmodic. He lay listlessly as I entered the room, but the sight ofme brought a gleam of recognition to his eyes.}

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      "But Armstrong is not really a doctor in practice. He is alecturer and a consultant, but he does not care for generalpractice, which distracts him from his literary work. Why, then,does he make these long journeys, which must be exceedingly irksome tohim, and who is it that he visits?"

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       "It looks like a flight."

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    {  The remarkable acumen by which Inspector MacKinnon deduced fromthe smell of paint that some other smell, that of gas, for example,might be concealed; the bold deduction that the strong-room might alsobe the death-chamber, and the subsequent inquiry which led to thediscovery of the bodies in a disused well, cleverly concealed by adog-kennel, should live in the history of crime as a standingexample of the intelligence of our professional detectives."Well, well, MacKinnon is a good fellow," said Holmes with atolerant smile. "You can file it in our archives, Watson. Some day thetrue story may be told."

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      "Even now they are dark to me."