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йַ̳:a g 9 559 v i p<"That is impossible.""Pooh! Women say those things, but never do them."

"You are going to leave us?" cried Renee, unable to hide heremotion at this unexpected announcement.


"Oh, speak, speak, doctor; I shall have courage."

"It was a sublime and charitable thought," said MonteCristo, "and the whole world should applaud it. It would benoble to see Mademoiselle Noirtier de Villefort assuming thetitle of Madame Franz d'Epinay." Villefort shuddered andlooked at Monte Cristo as if he wished to read in hiscountenance the real feelings which had dictated the wordshe had just uttered. But the count completely baffled theprocureur, and prevented him from discovering anythingbeneath the never-varying smile he was so constantly in thehabit of assuming. "Although," said Villefort, "it will be aserious thing for Valentine to lose her grandfather'sfortune, I do not think that M. d'Epinay will be frightenedat this pecuniary loss. He will, perhaps, hold me in greateresteem than the money itself, seeing that I sacrificeeverything in order to keep my word with him. Besides, heknows that Valentine is rich in right of her mother, andthat she will, in all probability, inherit the fortune of M.and Madame de Saint-Meran, her mother's parents, who bothlove her tenderly."

"So much the better. As Villefort observes, it is a greatact of folly to have left such a man between Corsica, wherehe was born, and Naples, of which his brother-in-law isking, and face to face with Italy, the sovereignty of whichhe coveted for his son."

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Andrea seized the certificate of his father's marriage andhis own baptismal register, and after having opened themwith all the eagerness which might be expected under thecircumstances, he read them with a facility which provedthat he was accustomed to similar documents, and with anexpression which plainly denoted an unusual interest in thecontents. When he had perused the documents, an indefinableexpression of pleasure lighted up his countenance, andlooking at the major with a most peculiar smile, he said, invery excellent Tuscan, -- "Then there is no longer any suchthing, in Italy as being condemned to the galleys?" Themajor drew himself up to his full height.<"That the day after to-morrow I shall have to draw upon youfor about four thousand francs; but the count, expecting mybachelor's revenue could not suffice for the coming month'soutlay, has offered me a draft for twenty thousand francs.It bears his signature, as you see, which isall-sufficient."

"A negro."

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"The young man himself is acting blindfolded, and knows notthe true cause, which is known only to God and to me; but Igive you my word, Morrel, that God, who does know it, willbe on our side."

"Child," replied the count, "not to know the value of aman's word! I have told you twenty times that if you wish todie on that day, I will assist you. Morrel, farewell!"

<"Exactly.""To poison."

"I told you true," replied he coldly.


<"I was going to say, if I were in your place" --"Well," asked he, when Franz had finished, "what do youthink of that?"

Monte Cristo uttered a joyful exclamation on seeing theyoung men together. "Ah, ha!" said he, "I hope all is over,explained and settled."





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