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cc个人中心在哪里看【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】<  "Yes, gentlemen," said he, "it is the most famous pearl now existingin the world, and it has been my good fortune, by a connected chain ofinductive reasoning, to trace it from the Prince of Colonna'sbedroom at the Dacre Hotel, where it was lost, to the interior ofthis, the last of the six busts of Napoleon which were manufactured byGelder & Co., of Stepney. You will remember, Lestrade, the sensationcaused by the disappearance of this valuable jewel and the vainefforts of the London police to recover it. I was myself consultedupon the case, but I was unable to throw any light upon it.Suspicion fell upon the maid of the Princess, who was an Italian,and it was proved that she had a brother in London, but we failed totrace any connection between them. The maid's name was LucretiaVenucci, and there is no doubt in my mind that this Pietro who wasmurdered two nights ago was the brother. I have been looking up thedates in the old files of the paper, and I find that the disappearanceof pearl was exactly two days before the arrest of Beppo, for somecrime of violence- an event which took place in the factory ofGelder & Co., at the very moment when these busts were being made. Nowyou clearly see the sequence of events, though you see them, ofcourse, in the inverse order to the way in which they presentedthemselves to me. Beppo had the pearl in his possession. He may havestolen it from Pietro, he may have been Pietro's confederate, he mayhave been the go-between of Pietro and his sister. It is of noconsequence to us which is the correct solution.   "But how can we find where this house lies?"

    "Experience," said Holmes, laughing. "Indirectly it may be of value,you know; you have only to put it into words to gain the reputation ofbeing excellent company for the remainder of your existence."-THE END-

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   "It's all going wrong, Watson- all as wrong as it can go. I kept abold face before Lestrade, but, upon my soul, I believe that foronce the fellow is on the right track and we are on the wrong. Allmy instincts are one way, and all the facts are the other, and Imuch fear that British juries have not yet attained that pitch ofintelligence when they will give the preference to my theories overLestrade's facts."

    "It was empty yesterday."

    "Well, there is just one point."

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   Holmes snorted his contempt.<  "I have asked him. I come to you as a last resource. But withoutyour telling me anything definite, Mr. Holmes, you may do a greatservice if you would enlighten me on one point."

    "But his left-handedness."

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   "As he spoke he opened a door and showed the way into a roomwhich appeared to be very richly furnished, but again the only lightwas afforded by a single lamp half-turned down. The chamber wascertainly large, and the way in which my feet sank into the carpetas I stepped across it told me of its richness. I caught glimpses ofvelvet chairs, a high white marble mantelpiece, and what seemed tobe a suit of Japanese armour at one side of it. There was a chair justunder the lamp, and the elderly man motioned that I should sit init. The younger had left us, but he suddenly returned throughanother door, leading with him a gentleman clad in some sort ofloose dressing-gown who moved slowly towards us. As he came into thecircle of dim light which enabled me to see him more clearly I wasthrilled with horror at his appearance. He was deadly pale andterribly emaciated, with the protruding, brilliant eyes of a man whosespirit was greater than his strength. But what shocked me more thanany signs of physical weakness was that his face was grotesquelycriss-crossed with sticking-plaster and that one large pad of it wasfastened over his mouth.

    "The Royal Munsters is, as you know, one of the most famous Irishregiments in the British Army. It did wonders both in the Crimea andthe Mutiny, and has since that time distinguished itself upon everypossible occasion. It was commanded up to Monday night by JamesBarclay, a gallant veteran, who started as a full private, wasraised to commissioned rank for his bravery at the time of the Mutiny,and so lived to command the regiment in which he had once carried amusket.

<  Lestrade looked sadly at my companion. Then he turned to me,tapped his forehead three times, shook his head solemnly, andhurried away.   Only one word of epilogue. The American, Abe Slaney, was condemnedto death at the winter assizes at Norwich, but his penalty was changedto penal servitude in consideration of mitigating circumstances, andthe certainty that Hilton Cubitt had fired the first shot. Of Mrs.Hilton Cubitt I only know that I have heard she recovered entirely,and that she still, remains a widow, devoting her whole life to thecare of the poor and to the administration of her husband's estate.-THE END-

    Sherlock Holmes closed his eyes and placed his elbows upon thearms of his chair, with his finger-tips together. "The idealreasoner," he remarked, "would, when he had once been shown asingle fact in all its bearings, deduce from it not only all thechain of events which led up to it but also all the results whichwould follow from it. As Cuvier could correctly describe a wholeanimal by the contemplation of a single bone, so the observer whohas thoroughly understood one link in a series of incidents shouldbe able to accurately state all the other ones, both before andafter. We have not yet grasped the results which the reason alonecan attain to. Problems may be solved in the study which havebaffled all those who have sought a solution by the aid of theirsenses. To carry the art, however, to its highest pitch, it isnecessary that the reasoner should be able to utilize all thefacts which have come to his knowledge; and this in itselfimplies, as you will readily see, a possession of all knowledge,which, even in these days of free education and encyclopaedias, isa somewhat rare accomplishment. It is not so impossible, however,that a man should possess all knowledge which is likely to beuseful to him in his work, and this I have endeavoured in my caseto do. If I remember rightly, you on one occasion, in the earlydays of our friendship, defined my limits in a very precisefashion."


<  "I cannot admire his taste," I remarked, "if it is indeed a factthat he was averse to a marriage with so charming a young lady as thisMiss Turner."   "I feel that time is of value," said he; "that is why I hastenedhere when the police inspector suggested that I should secure yourcooperation. I came to Baker Street by the Underground and hurriedfrom there on foot, for the cabs go slowly through this snow. Thatis why I was so out of breath, for I am a man who takes very littleexercise. I feel better now, and I will put the facts before you asshortly and yet as clearly as I can.

    "I fancy that is quite obvious," said Mr. Cunningham gravely."Why, my son Alec had not yet gone to bed, and he would certainly haveheard anyone moving about."





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