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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1"Tell Sara to come to my room," Miss Minchin had said to her sister. "And explain to her clearly that I will have no crying or unpleasant scenes."
2."Yes, you must take it, poor little girl!" he insisted stoutly. "You can buy things to eat with it. It is a whole sixpence!"
3.Of course the greatest power Sara possessed and the one which gained her even more followers than her luxuries and the fact that she was "the show pupil," the power that Lavinia and certain other girls were most envious of, and at the same time most fascinated by in spite of themselves, was her power of telling stories and of making everything she talked about seem like a story, whether it was one or not.
4.This used to interest and amuse her more than anything else; and queer and fanciful as it was, she found comfort in it and it was a good thing for her. While the thought held possession of her, she could not be made rude and malicious by the rudeness and malice of those about her.
5.Becky obeyed with alarmed haste and hastily backed toward the door.
6."Papa," she said in a low, mysterious little voice which was almost a whisper, "papa."


1."Ruin!" she gasped out.
2.They did not remain very long, to the great relief of Melchisedec, who, as he probably did not comprehend their conversation, felt their movements and whispers ominous. The young secretary seemed interested in everything. He wrote down things about the floor, the fireplace, the broken footstool, the old table, the walls-- which last he touched with his hand again and again, seeming much pleased when he found that a number of old nails had been driven in various places.
3."You see," she said, "there could be a thick, soft blue Indian rug on the floor; and in that corner there could be a soft little sofa, with cushions to curl up on; and just over it could be a shelf full of books so that one could reach them easily; and there could be a fur rug before the fire, and hangings on the wall to cover up the whitewash, and pictures. They would have to be little ones, but they could be beautiful; and there could be a lamp with a deep rose-colored shade; and a table in the middle, with things to have tea with; and a little fat copper kettle singing on the hob; and the bed could be quite different. It could be made soft and covered with a lovely silk coverlet. It could be beautiful. And perhaps we could coax the sparrows until we made such friends with them that they would come and peck at the window and ask to be let in."
4.The winter was a wretched one. There were days on which Sara tramped through snow when she went on her errands; there were worse days when the snow melted and combined itself with mud to form slush; there were others when the fog was so thick that the lamps in the street were lighted all day and London looked as it had looked the afternoon, several years ago, when the cab had driven through the thoroughfares with Sara tucked up on its seat, leaning against her father's shoulder. On such days the windows of the house of the Large Family always looked delightfully cozy and alluring, and the study in which the Indian gentleman sat glowed with warmth and rich color. But the attic was dismal beyond words. There were no longer sunsets or sunrises to look at, and scarcely ever any stars, it seemed to Sara. The clouds hung low over the skylight and were either gray or mud-color, or dropping heavy rain. At four o'clock in the afternoon, even when there was no special fog, the daylight was at an end. If it was necessary to go to her attic for anything, Sara was obliged to light a candle. The women in the kitchen were depressed, and that made them more ill-tempered than ever. Becky was driven like a little slave.
5."So would I," said Sara; "I suppose you might make friends with a rat in time, but I don't believe I should like to make friends with a cockroach."
6.And from that time Sara was an adopted mother.


1.Almost immediately Sara opened the door, and when she did so she found Ermengarde standing with alarmed eyes upon the threshold.
2."What are you thinking of?" she demanded. "Why do you look at me like that?"
3.She put her head quietly down on her little, huddled-up knees, and sat very still for a few minutes.
4.Ram Dass crossed noiselessly to the door and stood close to it.
5. "What are you thinking of?" she demanded. "Why do you look at me like that?"
6."I am not in the least anxious about her education," Captain Crewe said, with his gay laugh, as he held Sara's hand and patted it. "The difficulty will be to keep her from learning too fast and too much. She is always sitting with her little nose burrowing into books. She doesn't read them, Miss Minchin; she gobbles them up as if she were a little wolf instead of a little girl. She is always starving for new books to gobble, and she wants grown-up books--great, big, fat ones--French and German as well as English--history and biography and poets, and all sorts of things. Drag her away from her books when she reads too much. Make her ride her pony in the Row or go out and buy a new doll. She ought to play more with dolls."


1."Tell her, Sara," Captain Crewe said, smiling.
2."Will Moscow be covered with snow?" said the little girl Janet. "Will there be ice everywhere?"
3."If Sara had been a boy and lived a few centuries ago," her father used to say, "she would have gone about the country with her sword drawn, rescuing and defending everyone in distress. She always wants to fight when she sees people in trouble."
4、"You can hang things on them," he said.
5、"Oh, laws! Oh, laws!" Becky uttered the exclamation in a sort of rapturous groan, and ducked her head over her kettle just in time, as the cook came in from the kitchen.




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    "You will have no time for dolls in future," she said. "You will have to work and improve yourself and make yourself useful."

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    "What is your name?" she said.

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     Miss Minchin waved her hand again--this time it was in the direction of the corner near the door.

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    Ram Dass made a modestly apologetic obeisance.

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    {"She IS too fat," said Lavinia. "And Sara is too thin."

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    "Poor man!" said Sara. "I wonder what you are supposing."}

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    "May I?" exclaimed Sara. "Oh, please let me! I know I can teach them. I like them, and they like me."

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    Every pair of eyes in the room widened to its full limit. Lavinia leaned forward on her seat to look.

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     "I said four, if you please," she explained. "I have only fourpence."

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    {"Yes, miss," answered Becky, watching her with serious rapture. She was always quite serious.

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    "Yesterday, when she was out," he said, "I entered, bringing with me small, sharp nails which can be pressed into the wall without blows from a hammer. I placed many in the plaster where I may need them. They are ready."