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ig88国际娱乐【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】<"No--why should she? The child has its own." "But what I do not understand, naturally, is how you prevent it. I gathered that each woman had five. You have no tyrannical husbands to hold in check--and you surely do not destroy the unborn--"

  It was evident that those sets of five were there to check any outbreak on our part. We had no weapons, and if we did try to do any damage, with a chair, say, why five to one was too many for us, even if they were women; that we had found out to our sorrow. It was not pleasant, having them always around, but we soon got used to it.

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 "Why no--of course not," I protested. "But that is a highly specialized craft. Surely the care of babies is open to any woman --any mother!"

  We were rather doubtful on this point, and inclined to hold that there was more chance of improvement in greater physical variation.

  "There's a fine landing place right there where we came over," he insisted, and it was an excellent one--a wide, flattopped rock, overlooking the lake, and quite out of sight from the interior.

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 She announced smoothly and evenly: "Not in the least. I thought it was quite plain. We are trying to learn of you all we can, and to teach you what you are willing to learn of our country."<"But they look--why, this is a CIVILIZED country!" I protested. "There must be men."

  Nevertheless we were taught. They brought in a raised map of their country, beautifully made, and increased our knowledge of geographical terms; but when we inquired for information as to the country outside, they smilingly shook their heads.

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 Terry was the strongest of us, though I was wiry and had good staying power, and Jeff was a great sprinter and hurdler, but I can tell you those old ladies gave us cards and spades. They ran like deer, by which I mean that they ran not as if it was a performance, but as if it was their natural gait. We remembered those fleeting girls of our first bright adventure, and concluded that it was.

  From the top he reconnoitered carefully, waved his hand, and whispered, "OK," then slipped over. Jeff climbed up and I followed, and we rather shivered to see how far down that swaying, wavering figure dropped, hand under hand, till it disappeared in a mass of foliage far below.

  The leader gave some word of command and beckoned us on, and the surrounding mass moved a step nearer.


  "Will you excuse us all," he said, "if we admit that we find it hard to believe? There is no such--possibility--in the rest of the world."





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