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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "I really don't know what to say. I have a fairly long list atpresent."
2.  "I must take the view, your Grace, that when a man embarks upon acrime, he is morally guilty of any other crime which may spring fromit."
3.  That hour was not long in striking. We crouched closer in the shadowas we heard the outer door open and shut. Then came the sharp,metallic snap of a key, and the American was in the room. He closedthe door softly behind him, took a sharp glance around him to see thatall was safe, threw off his overcoat, and walked up to the centraltable with the brisk manner of one who knows exactly what he has to doand how to do it. He pushed the table to one side, tore up thesquare of carpet on which it rested, rolled it completely back, andthen, drawing a jemmy from his inside pocket, he knelt down and workedvigorously upon the floor. Presently we heard the sound of slidingboards, and an instant later a square had opened in the planks. KillerEvans struck a match, lit a stump of candle, and vanished from ourview.
4.  "So I came to a dead end, Mr. Holmes. There was no getting pastit. I could only pretend to accept the situation and register a vowinwardly that I would never rest until my friend's fate had beencleared up. It was a dull evening. We dined quietly, the three ofus, in a gloomy faded old room. The lady questioned me eagerly abouther son, but the old man seemed morose and depressed. I was so boredby the whole proceeding that I made an excuse as soon as I decentlycould and retired to my bedroom. It was a large, bare room on theground floor, as gloomy as the rest of the house, but after a yearof sleeping upon the veldt, Mr. Holmes, one is not too particularabout one's quarters. I opened the curtains and looked out into thegarden, remarking that it was a fine night with a bright half-moon.Then I sat down by the roaring fire with the lamp on a table besideme, and endeavoured to distract my mind with a novel. I wasinterrupted, however, by Ralph, the old butler, who came in with afresh supply of coals.
5.  "Yes, it is very short, but I made a copy of it, and here it is."Again he produced a paper. The new dance was in this form:(See illustration.)
6.  "Ha! what did he say?'


1.  "Excellent! You should have been a surgeon."
2.  Count Sylvius lay back in his chair with an evil smile."Upon my word!" said he.
3.  "Leonardo, the strong man, who gave evidence?"
4.  "Yes, quite recently."
5.  Mrs. Hudson had appeared with a lady's card upon her salver.Holmes glanced at it, raised his eyebrows, and handed it over to me."Ask Lady Hilda Trelawney Hope if she will be kind enough to stepup," said he.
6.  The assassin staggered back, amazement in his convulsed face. For aninstant he half raised his loaded cane once more, as if he wouldturn his violence from the effigy to the original; but there wassomething in that steady gray eye and mocking smile which caused hishand to sink to his side.


1.  "I have looked into this case with some care, and I am not convincedthat you are on the right lines. I don't want you to commit yourselftoo far unless you are sure."
2.  "Possibly you are thinking of the connection between insanity andphases of the moon?"
3.  "I cannot think."
4.  "Well, when he saw that they were indeed the proofs, it was thenthat he yielded to temptation. He put his shoes on the table. What wasit you put on that chair near the window?"
5.   It is a most singular thing that a problem which was certainly asabstruse and unusual as any which I have faced in my long professionalcareer should have come to me after my retirement, and be brought,as it were, to my very door. It occurred after my withdrawal to mylittle Sussex home, when I had given myself up entirely to thatsoothing life of Nature for which I had so often yearned during thelong years spent amid the gloom of London. At this period of my lifethe good Watson had passed almost beyond my ken. An occasionalweek-end visit was the most that I ever saw of him. Thus I must act asmy own chronicler. Ah! had he but been with me, how much he might havemade of so wonderful a happening and of my eventual triumph againstevery difficulty! As it is, however, I must needs tell my tale in myown plain way, showing by my words each step upon the difficult roadwhich lay before me as I searched for the mystery of the Lion's Mane.My villa is situated upon the southern slope of the downs,commanding a great view of the Channel. At this point the coast-lineis entirely of chalk cliffs, which can only be descended by asingle, long, tortuous path, which is steep and slippery. At thebottom of the path lie a hundred yards of pebbles and shingle, evenwhen the tide is at full. Here and there, however, there are curvesand hollows which make splendid swimming-pools filled afresh with eachflow. This admirable beach extends for some miles in each direction,save only at one point where the little cove and village of Fulworthbreak the line.
6.  We both put our eyes to the grating. The prisoner lay with hisface towards us, in a very deep sleep, breathing slowly and heavily.He was a middle-sized man, coarsely clad as became his calling, with acoloured shirt protruding through the rent in his tattered coat. Hewas, as the inspector had said, extremely dirty, but the grime whichcovered his face could not conceal its repulsive ugliness. A broadwheal from an old scar ran right across it from eye to chin, and byits contraction had turned up one side of the upper lip, so that threeteeth were exposed in a perpetual snarl. A shock of very bright redhair grew low over his eyes and forehead.


1.  "I was, as Watson may have told you, in the Foreign Office, andthrough the influence of my uncle, Lord Holdhurst, I rose rapidly to aresponsible position. When my uncle became foreign minister in thisadministration he gave me several missions of trust, and as I alwaysbrought them to a successful conclusion, he came at last to have theutmost confidence in my ability and tact.
2.  "The moment I looked at my table, I was aware that someone hadrummaged among my papers. The proof was in three long slips. I hadleft them all together. Now, I found that one of them was lying on thefloor, one was on the side table near the window, and the third waswhere I had left it."
3.  "'You probably heard of my poor father's death,' said he; 'he wascarried off about two years ago. Since then I have of course had theHurlstone estate to manage, and as I am member for my district aswell, my life has been a busy one. But I understand, Holmes, thatyou are turning to practical ends those powers with which you usedto amaze us?'
4、  "Whom do you suspect?" he asked.
5、  "Every precaution is still necessary," he whispered. "I havereason to think that they are hot upon our trail. Ah, there isMoriarty himself."




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      "Of course he would. The blind theory won't do. But the incidentis an admirable starting-point for an investigation. After all, abicycle is not an easy thing to conceal or to destroy. One otherquestion. Did anyone call to see the boy on the day before hedisappeared?"

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      "Your cases have indeed been of the greatest interest to me,"I observed.

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       "I can make neither head nor tail of it."

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      "'Yes, it was the devil himself. We have not had a peaceful hoursince-not one. The governor has never held up his head from thatevening, and now the life has been crushed out of him and his heartbroken, all through this accursed Hudson.'

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      "I'll tell you what I did first, and how I came to do itafterwards," said he. "After leaving you at the station I went for acharming walk through some admirable Surrey scenery to a pretty littlevillage called Ripley, where I had my tea at an inn and took theprecaution of filling my flask and of putting a paper of sandwiches inmy pocket. There I remained until evening, when I set off for Wokingagain and found myself in the highroad outside Briarbrae just aftersunset.}

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      "You appear to have been very prompt and business-like in all thatyou have done. Was there any clue, may I ask, as to the exact hourthat the man met his death?"

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      "Hullo!" cried the inspector, "where's he got to?"

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       "'But to me it seems immensely practical, and I fancy that Bruntontook the same view. He had probably seen it before that night on whichyou caught him.'

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    {  "Very sorry to knock you up, Watson," said he, "but it's thecommon lot this morning. Mrs. Hudson has been knocked up, she retortedupon me, and I on you."

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      "Because I recognized their sentinel when I glanced out of mywindow. He is a harmless enough fellow, Parker by name, a garroterby trade, and a remarkable performer upon the jew's-harp. I carednothing for him. But I cared a great deal for the much more formidableperson who was behind him, the bosom friend of Moriarty, the man whodropped the rocks over the cliff, the most cunning and dangerouscriminal in London. That is the man who is after me to-night Watson,and that is the man who is quite unaware that we are after him."My friend's plans were gradually revealing themselves. From thisconvenient retreat, the watchers were being watched and the trackerstracked. That angular shadow up yonder was the bait, and we were thehunters. In silence we stood together in the darkness and watchedthe hurrying figures who passed and repassed in front of us. Holmeswas silent and motionless; but I could tell that he was keenlyalert, and that his eyes were fixed intently upon the stream ofpassers-by. It was a bleak and boisterous night and the windwhistled shrilly down the long street. Many people were moving toand fro, most of them muffled in their coats and cravats. Once ortwice it seemed to me that I had seen the same figure before, and Iespecially noticed two men who appeared to be sheltering themselvesfrom the wind in the doorway of a house some distance up the street. Itried to draw my companion's attention to them; but he gave a littleejaculation of impatience, and continued to stare into the street.More than once he fidgeted with his feet and tapped rapidly with hisfingers upon the wall. It was evident to me that he was becominguneasy, and that his plans were not working out altogether as he hadhoped. At last, as midnight approached and the street graduallycleared, he paced up and down the room in uncontrollable agitation.I was about to make some remark to him, when I raised my eyes to thelighted window, and again experienced almost as great a surprise asbefore. I clutched Holmes's arm, and pointed upward.