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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Yes, the next sleeper back does."
2.  "Are you still sure to close up?" said Carrie, venturing to takeup the subject which they had discussed often enough.
3.  "Yes," said Minnie.
4.  "Oh," thought Drouet, "how delicious is my conquest."
5.  "Hell!" he muttered, as he put on his hat.
6.  On this occasion the lodge sent a carriage. Drouet rode with heras far as the door, and then went about the neighbouring stores,looking for some good cigars. The little actress marchednervously into her dressing-room and began that painfullyanticipated matter of make-up which was to transform her, asimple maiden, to Laura, The Belle of Society.


1.  "No," she answered.
2.  After a while, Hurstwood said:
3.  "Find it easy?"
4.  They passed the young Irishman, who looked after them withenvious eyes.
5.  The gloomy Hurstwood, sitting in his cheap hotel, where he hadtaken refuge with seventy dollars--the price of his furniture--between him and nothing, saw a hot summer out and a cool fall in,reading. He was not wholly indifferent to the fact that hismoney was slipping away. As fifty cents after fifty cents werepaid out for a day's lodging he became uneasy, and finally took acheaper room--thirty-five cents a day--to make his money lastlonger. Frequently he saw notices of Carrie. Her picture was inthe "World" once or twice, and an old "Herald" he found in achair informed him that she had recently appeared with someothers at a benefit for something or other. He read these thingswith mingled feelings. Each one seemed to put her farther andfarther away into a realm which became more imposing as itreceded from him. On the billboards, too, he saw a prettyposter, showing her as the Quaker Maid, demure and dainty. Morethan once he stopped and looked at these, gazing at the prettyface in a sullen sort of way. His clothes were shabby, and hepresented a marked contrast to all that she now seemed to be.
6.  "George, I let Mary go yesterday," was not an unfrequentsalutation at the dinner table.


1.  Carrie felt this to contain, in some way, an aspersion upon herability.
2.  "Oh, let up," he answered.
3.  If one thinks that such thoughts do not come to so common a typeof mind--that such feelings require a higher mental development--I would urge for their consideration the fact that it is thehigher mental development that does away with such thoughts. Itis the higher mental development which induces philosophy andthat fortitude which refuses to dwell upon such things--refusesto be made to suffer by their consideration. The common type ofmind is exceedingly keen on all matters which relate to itsphysical welfare--exceedingly keen. It is the unintellectualmiser who sweats blood at the loss of a hundred dollars. It isthe Epictetus who smiles when the last vestige of physicalwelfare is removed.
4.  "Is that you?" he said.
5.   After breakfast, he immediately got his other clothes.
6.  Chapter XXIX


1.  "There's a gang out there," he said, "laying for us yet. Bettersend some one over there and clean them out."
2.  "It is rather large to get around in a week," answered Ames,pleasantly.
3.  "Do you know how much you'll get?"
4、  "It is comfortable," said Carrie, who was lifting a lace curtainand looking down into crowded Broadway.
5、  "If your husband gets them, he'll tell you how bad it is."




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      "Could you get me one?"

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      "Well?" he said coldly. The greeting drove all courage from herat once.

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       "I should think we could get a smaller place," he suggested. "Wedon't need four rooms."

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      All these things developed by degrees, and Hurstwood began toponder over what would become of the saloon. One day he spokeabout it to his partner.

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    {  "Oh, mamma, don't row,"; answered Jessica. "What's the matterthis morning, anyway?"

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      "I'm so tired," said Carrie, leaning back in the car when Drouetbegan to talk.}

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      "She's frightened," whispered Drouet to Hurstwood.

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      Carrie was now lightened by a touch of this divine afflatus. Shedrew to herself commendation from her two admirers which she hadnot earned. Their affection for her naturally heightened theirperception of what she was trying to do and their approval ofwhat she did. Her inexperience conserved her own exuberantfancy, which ran riot with every straw of opportunity, making ofit a golden divining rod whereby the treasure of life was to bediscovered.

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       Carrie said nothing, but bent over her work. She felt as thoughshe could hardly endure such a life. Her idea of work had beenso entirely different. All during the long afternoon she thoughtof the city outside and its imposing show, crowds, and finebuildings. Columbia City and the better side of her home lifecame back. By three o'clock she was sure it must be six, and byfour it seemed as if they had forgotten to note the hour and wereletting all work overtime. The foreman became a true ogre,prowling constantly about, keeping her tied down to her miserabletask. What she heard of the conversation about her only made herfeel sure that she did not want to make friends with any ofthese. When six o'clock came she hurried eagerly away, her armsaching and her limbs stiff from sitting in one position.

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    {  "No?" said Mrs. Hurstwood, inquiringly, and wondering why heshould be using the tone he did in noting the fact that she hadnot been to something she knew nothing about. It was on her lipsto say, "What was it?" when he added, "I saw your husband."

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      "No, no, Mr. Wheeler," said Mr. Oeslogge. "Dat iss all right."