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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Ah, you do not love me!" cried Kitty, "and I am verywretched."
3.  "Oh, you love her still," said Kitty, who had not taken hereyes off the young man's countenance for an instant."No, Kitty, you are mistaken. I do not love her, but I willavenge myself for her contempt."
4.  "That's well, Monsieur de Treville," said the cardinal;"pray let that napkin be sent to me. I will have threefleur-de-lis embroidered on it in gold, and will give it toyour company as a standard."
5.  "At least you don't speak well of him."
6.  She was sent by her mistress to the false De Wardes. Hermistress was mad with love, intoxicated with joy. Shewished to know when her lover would meet her a second night;and poor Kitty, pale and trembling, awaited D'Artagnan'sreply. The counsels of his friend, joined to the cries ofhis own heart, made him determine, now his pride was savedand his vengeance satisfied, not to see Milady again. As areply, he wrote the following letter:


1.  "To London."
2.  And bowing to all the astonished persons present, the youngmen took the road to the bastion St. Gervais, followed byGrimaud, who carried the basket, ignorant of where he wasgoing but in the passive obedience which Athos had taughthim not even thinking of asking.
3.  "It may be counterfeit," said Athos. "Between six and seveno'clock the road of Chaillot is quite deserted; you might aswell go and ride in the forest of Bondy."
4.  "You have said, my Lord; for truly, at this moment when there isquestion of war, I confess to you that I see nothing in yourGrace but an Englishman, and consequently an enemy whom I shouldhave much greater pleasure in meeting on the field of battle thanin the park at Windsor of the corridors of the Louvre--all which,however, will not prevent me from executing to the very point mycommission or from laying down my life, if there be need of it,to accomplish it; but I repeat it to your Grace, without yourhaving personally on that account more to thank me for in thissecond interview than for what I did for you in the first.""We say, 'Proud as a Scotsman,'" murmured the Duke of Buckingham."And we say, 'Proud as a Gascon,'" replied D'Artagnan. "TheGascons are the Scots of France."
5.  D'Artagnan rose, took his hat, as if it had been hisintention to obey, then, opening quickly the door of a largecloset instead of that leading to the staircase, he buriedhimself amid the robes and dressing gowns of Milady."What are you doing?" cried Kitty.
6.  The cardinal, after having read these two lines, sank into a profoundreverie; but he did not return the paper to D'Artagnan."He is meditating by what sort of punishment he shall cause me to die,"said the Gascon to himself. "Well, my faith! he shall see how agentleman can die."


1.  "No, to the cardinal."
2.  "That Bonacieux."
3.  "Why, that I may be dangerously wounded--killed even.""Impossible!" cried Milady, "you are such a valiant man, andsuch an expert swordsman."
4.  "Well," continued the cardinal, in an indifferent tone, "theonly thing to be sought for at this moment is some woman,handsome, young, and clever, who has cause of quarrel withthe duke. The duke has had many affairs of gallantry; andif he has fostered his amours by promises of eternalconstancy, he must likewise have sown the seeds of hatred byhis eternal infidelities."
5.   "You had only read a line or two," said D'Artagnan; "read theletter again from the commencement."
6.  MM. Bassompierre and Schomberg were marshals of France, andclaimed their right of commanding the army under the ordersof the king; but the cardinal, who feared that Bassompierre,a Huguenot at heart, might press but feebly the English andRochellais, his brothers in religion, supported the Ducd'Angouleme, whom the king, at his instigation, had namedlieutenant general. The result was that to prevent MM.Bassompierre and Schomberg from deserting the army, aseparate command had to be given to each. Bassompierre tookup his quarters on the north of the city, between Leu andDompierre; the Duc d'angouleme on the east, from Dompierreto Perigny; and M. de Schomberg on the south, from Perignyto Angoutin.


1.  "About noon? That will do; I will be there."
2.  'Has he anything remarkable about him by which one may recognizehim?"
3.  "Yes, horse. Are we not eating a horse, Porthos? And perhapshis saddle, therewith."
4、  "A woman of mark!" said Porthos, with his loud laugh.Athos started, passed his hand over his brow to remove thedrops of perspiration that burst forth, and rose in his turnwith a nervous movement he could not repress.
5、  "No, sire."




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      The principal thing for her, then, was, as we have said, to keep Mme.Bonacieux in her power. Mme. Bonacieux was the very life of D'Artagnan.This was more than his life, the life of the woman he loved; this was,in case of ill fortune, a means of temporizing and obtaining goodconditions.

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      "Of Milady de Winter," replied D'Artagnan, "yes, of Milady de Winter, ofwhose crimes your Eminence is doubtless ignorant, since you have honoredher with your confidence."

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       "This is serious," answered the three friends; "it is a familyaffair. It is with valets as with wives, they must be placed atonce upon the footing in which you wish them to remain. Reflectupon it."

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      "Two horses that Monsieur de Treville lends me at mypleasure, and with which I am now going to take a ride toSt. Germain."

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    {  "No one can reproach you for anything of the kind, MonsieurBonacieux," said the young man; "you are a model for regularpeople. It is true that when a man possesses a young and prettywife, he has no need to seek happiness elsewhere. Happinesscomes to meet him, does it not, Monsieur Bonacieux?"Bonacieux became as pale as death, and grinned a ghastly smile."Ah, ah!" said Bonacieux, "you are a jocular companion! Butwhere the devil were you gladding last night, my young master?It does not appear to be very clean in the crossroads."D'Artagnan glanced down at his boots, all covered with mud; butthat same glance fell upon the shoes and stockings of the mercer,and it might have been said they had been dipped in the same mudheap. Both were stained with splashes of mud of the sameappearance.

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      "The devil!"}

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      The four friends listened, and the sound of the drum plainlyreached them.

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      "Of Madame de Chevreuse?"

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       "Monsieur," said Aramis, parodying Jussac, "it would afford usgreat pleasure to obey your polite invitation if it depended uponourselves; but unfortunately the thing is impossible--Monsieur deTreville has forbidden it. Pass on your way, then; it is thebest thing to do."

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    {  "Go to the riverside, ask for the brig SUND, and give this letterto the captain; he will convey you to a little port, wherecertainly you are not expected, and which is ordinarily onlyfrequented by fishermen."

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      "To be sure, to see you. What is there astonishing in that?""And you had no other object in coming to England but to see me?""No."