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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "But how can we do it?" I asked.
2.  "My dear Professor," he cried, "consider your position! Consider thescandal at the university! Mr. Holmes is a well-known man. Youcannot possibly treat him with such discourtesy."
3.  "Mr. Fowler was a very kind-spoken, free-handed gentleman," saidMrs. Toller serenely.
4.  "There is at least a presumption that the vessel in which theman or men are is a sailing-ship. It looks as if they always senttheir singular warning or token before them when starting upontheir mission. You see how quickly the deed followed the signwhen it came from Dundee. If they had come from Pondicherry in asteamer they would have arrived almost as soon as their letter.But, as a matter of fact, seven weeks elapsed. I think that thoseseven weeks represented the difference between the mail-boat whichbrought the letter and the sailing vessel which brought thewriter."
5.  .
6.  "The injury from which the unfortunate veteran was suffering wasfound to be a jagged cut some two inches long at the back part ofhis head, which had evidently been caused by a violent blow from ablunt weapon. Nor was it difficult to guess what that weapon mayhave been. Upon the floor, close to the body, was lying a singularclub of hard carved wood with a bone handle. The colonel possessed avaried collection of weapons brought from the different countries inwhich he had fought, and it is conjectured by the police that thisclub was among his trophies. The servants deny having seen itbefore, but among the numerous curiosities in the house it is possiblethat it may have been overlooked. Nothing else of importance wasdiscovered in the room by the police, save the inexplicable factthat neither upon Mrs. Barclay's person nor upon that of the victimnor in any part of the room was the missing key to be found. Thedoor had eventually to be opened by a locksmith from Aldershot."That was the state of things, Watson, when upon the Tuesday morningI, at the request of Major Murphy, went down to Aldershot tosupplement the efforts of the police. I think that you willacknowledge that the problem was already one of interest but myobservations soon made me realize that it was in truth much moreextraordinary than would at first sight appear.


1.  "A beautiful neighbourhood, and full of the most interestingassociations. You remember, Watson, that it was near there that wetook Archie Stamford, the forger. Now, Miss Violet, what hashappened to you, near Farnham, on the borders of Surrey?"The young lady, with great clearness and composure, made thefollowing curious statement:
2.  by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
3.  "Just once more, gentlemen, and all together."
4.  "No, no; the real name," said Holmes sweetly. "It is alwaysawkward doing business with an alias."
5.  "Yes?"
6.  It was a wild, tempestuous night, towards the close of November.Holmes and I sat together in silence all the evening, be engagedwith a powerful lens deciphering the remains of the originalinscription upon a palimpsest, I deep in a recent treatise uponsurgery. Outside the wind howled down Baker Street, while the rainbeat fiercely against the windows. It was strange there, in the verydepths of the town, with ten miles of man's handiwork on every side ofus, to feel the iron grip of Nature, and to be conscious that to thehuge elemental forces all London was no more than the molehills thatdot the fields. I walked to the window, and looked out on the desertedstreet. The occasional lamps gleamed on the expanse of muddy roadand shining pavement. A single cab was splashing its way from theOxford Street end.


1.  "I knew that they were watched."
2.  "'What power had he, then?'
3.  "Excellent. We have already a clue. There can be no doubtthat the probability--the strong probability--is that the writerwas on board of a ship. And now let us consider another point.In the case of Pondicherry, seven weeks elapsed between the threatand its fulfillment, in Dundee it was only some three or fourdays. Does that suggest anything?"
4.  "My dear sir, the problem had become a very simple one. If it were aseaman, it could only be a seaman who had been with him on the SeaUnicorn. So far as I could learn he had sailed in no other ship. Ispent three days in wiring to Dundee, and at the end of that time Ihad ascertained the names of the crew of the Sea Unicorn in 1883. WhenI found Patrick Cairns among the harpooners, my research was nearingits end. I argued that the man was probably in London, and that hewould desire to leave the country for a time. I therefore spent somedays in the East End, devised an Arctic expedition, put forth temptingterms for harpooners who would serve under Captain Basil- and beholdthe result!"
5.   "Exactly," said Holmes. "I think, your Grace, that this can onlybe done by absolute frankness between us. I am disposed to help yourGrace to the best of my ability, but, in order to do so, I mustunderstand to the last detail how the matter stands. I realize thatyour words applied to Mr. James Wilder, and that he is not themurderer."
6.  "'Certainly,' I answered. 'But perhaps you would have the goodnessto let me have the name of the steamer and of the line by which hesailed, together with the date. I have no doubt that I should beable to get a letter through to him.'


1.  "Yes, sir, I have been much perplexed."
2.  How shall I ever forget that dreadful vigil? I could not hear asound, not even the drawing of a breath, and yet I knew that mycompanion sat open-eyed, within a few feet of me, in the same state ofnervous tension in which I was myself. The shutters cut off theleast ray of light and we waited in absolute darkness. From outsidecame the occasional cry of a night-bird, and once at our very window along drawn catlike whine, which told us that the cheetah was indeed atliberty. Far away we could hear the deep tones of the parish clock,which boomed out every quarter of an hour. How long they seemed, thosequarters! Twelve struck, and one and two and three, and still we satwaiting silently for whatever might befall.
3.  "Pipes are occasionally of extraordinary interest," said he."Nothing has more individuality, save perhaps watches and bootlaces.The indications here, however, are neither very marked nor veryimportant. The owner is obviously a muscular man, left-handed, with anexcellent set of teeth, careless in his habits, and with no need topractise economy."
4、  Mortimer Tregennis explained that the night was cold and damp. Forthat reason, after his arrival, the fire was lit. "What are yougoing to do now, Mr. Holmes?" he asked.
5、  There was one very large central room into which Ferguson led us.Here, in a huge old-fashioned fireplace with an iron screen behindit dated 1670, there blazed and spluttered a splendid log fire.The room, as I gazed round, was a most singular mixture of dates andof places. The half-panelled walls may well have belonged to theoriginal yeoman farmer of the seventeenth century. They wereornamented, however, on the lower part by a line of well-chosen modernwater-colours; while above, where yellow plaster took the place ofoak, there was hung a fine collection of South American utensils andweapons, which had been brought, no doubt, by the Peruvian ladyupstairs. Holmes rose, with that quick curiosity which sprang from hiseager mind, and examined them with some care. He returned with hiseyes full of thought.




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      "Oh, remarkably superficial," said Holmes, smiling. "Come, Watson, Idon't think we shall be wanted in Aldershot any more."

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      "Who shot him, then?"

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       "She will not see me," cried Ferguson.

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      "Absolute exhaustion- possibly mere hunger and fatigue," said I,with my finger on the thready pulse, where the stream of life trickledthin and small.

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    {  "Ha! You put me off, do you?" said our new visitor, taking a stepforward and shaking his hunting-crop. "I know you, you scoundrel! Ihave heard of you before. You are Holmes, the meddler."My friend smiled.

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      "By all means."}

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      "It is I," she said, "the woman whose life you have ruined."Milverton laughed, but fear vibrated in his voice. "You were so veryobstinate," said he. "Why did you drive me to such extremities? Iassure you I wouldn't hurt a fly of my own accord, but every man hashis business, and what was I to do? I put the price well within yourmeans. You would not pay."

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      In the whirl of our incessant activity, it has often beendifficult for me, as the reader has probably observed, to round off mynarratives, and to give those final details which the curious mightexpect. Each case has been the prelude to another, and the crisis onceover, the actors have passed for ever out of our busy lives. I find,however, a short note at the end of my manuscript dealing with thiscase, in which I have put it upon record that Miss Violet Smith didindeed inherit a large fortune, and that she is now the wife ofCyril Morton, the senior partner of Morton & Kennedy, the famousWestminster electricians. Williamson and Woodley were both tried forabduction and assault, the former getting seven years the latterten. Of the fate of Carruthers, I have no record, but I am sure thathis assault was not viewed very gravely by the court, since Woodleyhad the reputation of being a most dangerous ruffian, and I think thata few, months were sufficient to satisfy the demands of justice.-THE END-

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       "Patrick Cairns."

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    {  "Deserted you?"

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      See some light in the darkness, but it may possibly flicker out.Meanwhile, please send by messenger, to await return at BakerStreet, a complete list of all foreign spies or international agentsknown to be in England, with full address.