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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "'Tis well, Danglars -- 'tis well!" replied M. Morrel. "Youare a worthy fellow; and I had already thought of yourinterests in the event of poor Edmond having become captainof the Pharaon."
2.  "For pity's sake," he cried, pale and bewildered, withoutseeing whom he was addressing, -- "for pity's sake do notcall assistance! Save me! -- I will not harm you."
3.  The next day Danglars was again hungry; certainly the air ofthat dungeon was very provocative of appetite. The prisonerexpected that he would be at no expense that day, for likean economical man he had concealed half of his fowl and apiece of the bread in the corner of his cell. But he had nosooner eaten than he felt thirsty; he had forgotten that. Hestruggled against his thirst till his tongue clave to theroof of his mouth; then, no longer able to resist, he calledout. The sentinel opened the door; it was a new face. Hethought it would be better to transact business with his oldacquaintance, so he sent for Peppino. "Here I am, yourexcellency," said Peppino, with an eagerness which Danglarsthought favorable to him. "What do you want?"
4.  "Then," murmured Louis, "he was well informed. And how manymen had he with him?"
5.  "Luigi Vampa himself searched."
6.  Monte Cristo was beginning to think, what he had not for along time dared to believe, that there were two Mercedes inthe world, and he might yet be happy. His eye, elate withhappiness, was reading eagerly the tearful gaze of Haidee,when suddenly the door opened. The count knit his brow. "M.de Morcerf!" said Baptistin, as if that name sufficed forhis excuse. In fact, the count's face brightened.


1.  "Ah," replied the duke, "here I think, is one of my servantswho is seeking you."
2.  "Well," replied Monte Cristo, "it will be the way, everybodysays, of trebling your fortune in twelve months. BaronDanglars is a good father, and knows how to calculate."
3.  "We understand each other perfectly, then. Adieu, yourexcellency; depend upon me as firmly as I do upon you."
4.  "I am young," gently replied Haidee; "I love the life youhave made so sweet to me, and I should be sorry to die."
5.  "Do you dance, count?"
6.  "No, no," cried Dantes; "you are mistaken -- you will notdie! And your third attack (if, indeed, you should haveanother) will find you at liberty. We shall save you anothertime, as we have done this, only with a better chance ofsuccess, because we shall be able to command every requisiteassistance."


1.  "Has your bed been moved since you have been a prisoner?"
2.  "Oh," cried Eugenie, "you are a bad physiognomist, if youimagine I deplore on my own account the catastrophe of whichyou warn me. I ruined? and what will that signify to me?Have I not my talent left? Can I not, like Pasta, Malibran,Grisi, acquire for myself what you would never have givenme, whatever might have been your fortune, a hundred or ahundred and fifty thousand livres per annum, for which Ishall be indebted to no one but myself; and which, insteadof being given as you gave me those poor twelve thousandfrancs, with sour looks and reproaches for my prodigality,will be accompanied with acclamations, with bravos, and withflowers? And if I do not possess that talent, which yoursmiles prove to me you doubt, should I not still have thatardent love of independence, which will be a substitute forwealth, and which in my mind supersedes even the instinct ofself-preservation? No, I grieve not on my own account, Ishall always find a resource; my books, my pencils, mypiano, all the things which cost but little, and which Ishall be able to procure, will remain my own.
3.  "He was a shepherd-boy attached to the farm of the Count ofSan-Felice, situated between Palestrina and the lake ofGabri; he was born at Pampinara, and entered the count'sservice when he was five years old; his father was also ashepherd, who owned a small flock, and lived by the wool andthe milk, which he sold at Rome. When quite a child, thelittle Vampa displayed a most extraordinary precocity. Oneday, when he was seven years old, he came to the curate ofPalestrina, and asked to be taught to read; it was somewhatdifficult, for he could not quit his flock; but the goodcurate went every day to say mass at a little hamlet toopoor to pay a priest and which, having no other name, wascalled Borgo; he told Luigi that he might meet him on hisreturn, and that then he would give him a lesson, warninghim that it would be short, and that he must profit as muchas possible by it. The child accepted joyfully. Every dayLuigi led his flock to graze on the road that leads fromPalestrina to Borgo; every day, at nine o'clock in themorning, the priest and the boy sat down on a bank by thewayside, and the little shepherd took his lesson out of thepriest's breviary. At the end of three months he had learnedto read. This was not enough -- he must now learn to write.The priest had a writing teacher at Rome make threealphabets -- one large, one middling, and one small; andpointed out to him that by the help of a sharp instrument hecould trace the letters on a slate, and thus learn to write.The same evening, when the flock was safe at the farm, thelittle Luigi hastened to the smith at Palestrina, took alarge nail, heated and sharpened it, and formed a sort ofstylus. The next morning he gathered an armful of pieces ofslate and began. At the end of three months he had learnedto write. The curate, astonished at his quickness andintelligence, made him a present of pens, paper, and apenknife. This demanded new effort, but nothing compared tothe first; at the end of a week he wrote as well with thispen as with the stylus. The curate related the incident tothe Count of San-Felice, who sent for the little shepherd,made him read and write before him, ordered his attendant tolet him eat with the domestics, and to give him two piastresa month. With this, Luigi purchased books and pencils. Heapplied his imitative powers to everything, and, likeGiotto, when young, he drew on his slate sheep, houses, andtrees. Then, with his knife, he began to carve all sorts ofobjects in wood; it was thus that Pinelli, the famoussculptor, had commenced.
4.  "Here, sir," said a voice behind him.
5.   "No, no, be easy on that score; the family is extinct. Thelast Count of Spada, moreover, made me his heir, bequeathingto me this symbolic breviary, he bequeathed to me all itcontained; no, no, make your mind satisfied on that point.If we lay hands on this fortune, we may enjoy it withoutremorse."
6.  The two young men looked at Morcerf as if to say, -- "Areyou mad, or are you laughing at us?"


1.  "M. Lucien," said the baroness, "I assure you I have nodesire to sleep, and that I have a thousand things to tellyou this evening, which you must listen to, even though youslept while hearing me."
2.  Monte Cristo repeated all the titles he had read on thebaron's card.
3.  * Dr. Guillotin got the idea of his famous machine fromwitnessing an execution in Italy.
4、  "Strange child," murmured the baroness.
5、  "Well, Signor Pastrini," said Franz, "now that my companionis quieted, and you have seen how peaceful my intentionsare, tell me who is this Luigi Vampa. Is he a shepherd or anobleman? -- young or old? -- tall or short? Describe him,in order that, if we meet him by chance, like Bugaboo Johnor Lara, we may recognize him."




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      "Without seeing Mademoiselle Valentine?"

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      "To Monsieur Noirtier, Rue Coq-Heron, Paris." Had athunderbolt fallen into the room, Villefort could not havebeen more stupefied. He sank into his seat, and hastilyturning over the packet, drew forth the fatal letter, atwhich he glanced with an expression of terror.

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       "Hate you, blame you -- you, Edmond! Hate, reproach, the manthat has spared my son's life! For was it not your fatal andsanguinary intention to destroy that son of whom M. deMorcerf was so proud? Oh, look at me closely, and discoverif you can even the semblance of a reproach in me." Thecount looked up and fixed his eyes on Mercedes, who arosepartly from her seat and extended both her hands towardshim. "Oh, look at me," continued she, with a feeling ofprofound melancholy, "my eyes no longer dazzle by theirbrilliancy, for the time has long fled since I used to smileon Edmond Dantes, who anxiously looked out for me from thewindow of yonder garret, then inhabited by his old father.Years of grief have created an abyss between those days andthe present. I neither reproach you nor hate you, my friend.Oh, no, Edmond, it is myself that I blame, myself that Ihate! Oh, miserable creature that I am!" cried she, claspingher hands, and raising her eyes to heaven. "I once possessedpiety, innocence, and love, the three ingredients of thehappiness of angels, and now what am I?" Monte Cristoapproached her, and silently took her hand. "No," said she,withdrawing it gently -- "no, my friend, touch me not. Youhave spared me, yet of all those who have fallen under yourvengeance I was the most guilty. They were influenced byhatred, by avarice, and by self-love; but I was base, andfor want of courage acted against my judgment. Nay, do notpress my hand, Edmond; you are thinking, I am sure, of somekind speech to console me, but do not utter it to me,reserve it for others more worthy of your kindness. See"(and she exposed her face completely to view) -- "see,misfortune has silvered my hair, my eyes have shed so manytears that they are encircled by a rim of purple, and mybrow is wrinkled. You, Edmond, on the contrary, -- you arestill young, handsome, dignified; it is because you have hadfaith; because you have had strength, because you have hadtrust in God, and God has sustained you. But as for me, Ihave been a coward; I have denied God and he has abandonedme."

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      "My boy," said Caderousse sententiously, "one can talk whileeating. And then, you ungrateful being, you are not pleasedto see an old friend? I am weeping with joy." He was trulycrying, but it would have been difficult to say whether joyor the onions produced the greatest effect on the lachrymalglands of the old inn-keeper of the Pont-du-Gard. "Hold yourtongue, hypocrite," said Andrea; "you love me!"

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    {  "I think so."

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      "Why so?" said Danglars; "why dramatic?"}

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      "I have a dreadful headache," said Albert.

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      "One who will be your best friend, Dantes, for he is myfriend, my cousin, my brother; it is Fernand -- the manwhom, after you, Edmond, I love the best in the world. Doyou not remember him?"

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       Mercedes and the old man rushed to meet the shipowner andgreeted him at the door. He was very pale.

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    {  "Listen," whispered Villefort to Valentine, who could notconceal her joy; "if M. Noirtier wishes to communicateanything which would delay your marriage, I forbid you tounderstand him." Valentine blushed, but did not answer.Villefort, approaching Noirtier -- "Here is M. Franzd'Epinay," said he; "you requested to see him. We have allwished for this interview, and I trust it will convince youhow ill-formed are your objections to Valentine's marriage."

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      "Who told you that?"