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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  But there, as he was alighting from his horse at the gate of theJolly Miller, without anyone--host, waiter, or hostler--coming tohold his stirrup or take his horse, D'Artagnan spied, though anopen window on the ground floor, a gentleman, well-made and ofgood carriage, although of rather a stern countenance, talkingwith two persons who appeared to listen to him with respect.D'Artagnan fancied quite naturally, according to his custom, thathe must be the object of their conversation, and listened. Thistime D'Artagnan was only in part mistaken; he himself was not inquestion, but his horse was. The gentleman appeared to beenumerating all his qualities to his auditors; and, as I havesaid, the auditors seeming to have great deference for thenarrator, they every moment burst into fits of laughter. Now, asa half-smile was sufficient to awaken the irascibility of theyoung man, the effect produced upon him by this vociferous mirthmay be easily imagined.
2.  "Ah, bah!" said D'Artagnan; "you have at some wicket of theLouvre a CONCIERGE who is devoted to you, and who, thanks to apassword, would--"
3.  "And that is the reason why I have the honor to inform yourEminence of what has happened; for you might learn it fromothers, and upon a false account believe us to be in fault.""What have been the results of your quarrel?" said thecardinal, knitting his brow.
4.  "Yes; about in the same manner," said another Musketeer, "that Ibought this new purse with what my mistress put into the oldone."
5.  "But do you understand the mission you are fulfilling? Cruelenough, if I am guilty; but what name can you give it, what namewill the Lord give it, if I am innocent?"
6.  "A minute. Aramis, whom we have sent for!"


1.  As all this, however, bore some resemblance to a duel,D'Artagnan began to recover himself little by little."Well, beautiful lady, very well," said be; "but, PARDIEU,if you don't calm yourself, I will design a secondFLEUR-DE-LIS upon one of those pretty checks!"
2.  "Or, at least, I will go--later."
3.  "Pardon, gentlemen--par--" murmured the voice, which could nowonly be heard in inarticulate sounds.
4.  "I do not believe you," cried the soldier, and he expiredamid horrible tortures.
5.  "And now, gentlemen, that's well," continued the cardinal."I know what I wish to know; follow me."
6.  "And by whom? Do you know him? Oh, if you know him, tell me!""By a man of from forty to forty-five years, with black hair, adark complexion, and a scar on his left temple."


1.  "Alas, monseigneur!" replied the young man, "very easily, nodoubt, for they are strong and well supported, while I amalone."
2.  "You are right; only let me know where to find you that I may not runneedlessly about the neighborhood."
3.  "Do you know this ring?" said D'Artagnan.
4.  "Of how many persons?"
5.   "There, Duke," said he, "you were right and I was wrong. Thewhole intrigue is political, and there is not the least questionof love in this letter; but, on the other hand, there is abundantquestion of you."
6.  "In the first place," said Milady, "it is possible I may be deceived,and that D'Artagnan and his friends may really come to your assistance.""Oh, that would be too much!" cried Mme. Bonacieux, "so much happinessis not in store for me!"


1.  "What is to be done?" asked D'Artagnan.
2.  "Perfectly sure."
3.  She allowed the vessel to pass Lorient and Brest withoutrepeating her request to the captain, who, on his part, took carenot to remind her of it. Milady therefore continued her voyage,and on the very day that Planchet embarked at Portsmouth forFrance, the messenger of his Eminence entered the port intriumph.
4、  "Is it my equipment?"
5、  "Indeed, sir," continued the stranger, more calm than ever;"well, that is perfectly right!" and turning on his heel, wasabout to re-enter the hostelry by the front gate, beneath whichD'Artagnan on arriving had observed a saddled horse.But, D'Artagnan was not of a character to allow a man to escapehim thus who had the insolence to ridicule him. He drew hissword entirely from the scabbard, and followed him, crying,"Turn, turn, Master Joker, lest I strike you behind!""Strike me!" said the other, turning on his heels, and surveyingthe young man with as much astonishment as contempt. "Why, mygood fellow, you must be mad!" Then, in a suppressed tone, as ifspeaking to himself, "This is annoying," continued he. "What agodsend this would be for his Majesty, who is seeking everywherefor brave fellows to recruit for his Musketeers!"He had scarcely finished, when D'Artagnan made such a furiouslunge at him that if he had not sprung nimbly backward, it isprobable he would have jested for the last time. The stranger,then perceiving that the matter went beyond raillery, drew hissword, saluted his adversary, and seriously placed himself onguard. But at the same moment, his two auditors, accompanied bythe host, fell upon D'Artagnan with sticks, shovels and tongs.This caused so rapid and complete a diversion from the attackthat D'Artagnan's adversary, while the latter turned round toface this shower of blows, sheathed his sword with the sameprecision, and instead of an actor, which he had nearly been,became a spectator of the fight--a part in which he acquittedhimself with his usual impassiveness, muttering, nevertheless, "Aplague upon these Gascons! Replace him on his orange horse, andlet him begone!"




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      About seven o'clock in the evening, the boatman had taken over ayoung woman, wrapped in a black mantle, who appeared to be veryanxious not to be recognized; but entirely on account of herprecautions, the boatman had paid more attention to her anddiscovered that she was young and pretty.

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      "It is the first time I have had the honor of seeing you.""And on your honor, you have no cause of hatred against me?""None, I swear to you."

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       "This very night."

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      "Was it not this D'Artagnan who wounded Jussac one day, in thatunfortunate encounter which took place near the Convent of theCarmes-Dechausses?" asked the king, looking at the cardinal, whocolored with vexation.

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    {  D'Artagnan put the purse into his pocket.

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      "Would you like to know?"}

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      "The traitor!" murmured Mme. Bonacieux.

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      "Why, this man is a cask!" said the host, aside. "If he onlyremains here a fortnight, and pays for what he drinks, I shallsoon re-establish my business."

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       "Does he talk?"

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    {  This measure somewhat reassured Bonacieux. If they meant toexecute him at La Greve, it could scarcely be worth while to gaghim, as they had nearly reached the place of execution. Indeed,the carriage crossed the fatal spot without stopping. Thereremained, then, no other place to fear but the Traitor's Cross;the carriage was taking the direct road to it.

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      "Felton," said Milady, with a solemnity full of melancholy,"imagine that your sister, the daughter of your father, speaks toyou. While yet young, unfortunately handsome, I was dragged intoa snare. I resisted. Ambushes and violences multiplied aroundme, but I resisted. The religion I serve, the God I adore, wereblasphemed because I called upon that religion and that God, butstill I resisted. Then outrages were heaped upon me, and as mysoul was not subdued they wished to defile my body forever.Finally--"