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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "The FINGERS," resumed the Jesuit, "St. Peter blessed with theFINGERS. The Pope, therefore blesses with the fingers. And withhow many fingers does he bless? With THREE fingers, to be sure-one for the Father, one for the Son, and one for the Holy Ghost."All crossed themselves. D'Artagnan thought it was proper tofollow this example.
2.  But the knife had fortunately, we ought to say skillfully, comein contact with the steel busk, which at that period, like acuirass, defended the chests of women. It had glided down it,tearing the robe, and had penetrated slantingly between the fleshand the ribs. Milady's robe was not the less stained with bloodin a second.
4.  "The queen immediately exhibited strong emotion; and despite therouge with which her face was covered evidently turned pale--""And then, and then?"
5.  "Where we have orders to lead you."
6.  "Stop, in the name of heaven, Monsieur Porthos!" cried she."Stop, and let us talk."


1.  "Well, but whatever expenses he may have incurred, I am sure heis in a condition to pay them."
2.  It took some time for D'Artagnan to resume this littledialogue; but then all the ideas of vengeance which he hadbrought with him had completely vanished. This womanexercised over him an unaccountable power; he hated andadored her at the same time. He would not have believedthat two sentiments so opposite could dwell in the sameheart, and by their union constitute a passion so strange,and as it were, diabolical.
3.  Fifty vessels were waiting to set out. Passing alongside one ofthem, D'Artagnan fancied he perceived on board it the woman ofMeung--the same whom the unknown gentleman had called Milady, andwhom D'Artagnan had thought so handsome; but thanks to thecurrent of the stream and a fair wind, his vessel passed soquickly that he had little more than a glimpse of her.The next day about nine o'clock in the morning, he landed at St.Valery. D'Artagnan went instantly in search of the inn, andeasily discovered it by the riotous noise which resounded fromit. War between England and France was talked of as near andcertain, and the jolly sailors were having a carousal.D'Artagnan made his way through the crowd, advanced toward thehost, and pronounced the word "Forward!" The host instantly madehim a sign to follow, went out with him by a door which openedinto a yard, led him to the stable, where a saddled horse awaitedhim, and asked him if he stood in need of anything else."I want to know the route I am to follow," said D'Artagnan."Go from hence to Blangy, and from Blangy to Neufchatel. AtNeufchatel, go to the tavern of the Golden Harrow, give thepassword to the landlord, and you will find, as you have here, ahorse ready saddled."
4.  "They have abducted her, monsieur."
5.  "Well," replied Athos, "have you not heard what D'Artagnansaid?"
6.  "Let me see it," said Milady.


1.  "The count is here," said the officer, "and requests to speakwith your Eminence instantly."
2.  "I believe so," replied Aramis.
3.  "What is that?"
4.  "Ah, ah! is that you, dear friend?" exclaimed Porthos. "How do youthink these garments fit me?"
5.   Although he was a perfect stranger in the court of M. deTreville's courtiers, and this his first appearance in thatplace, he was at length noticed, and somebody came and asked himwhat he wanted. At this demand D'Artagnan gave his name verymodestly, emphasized the title of compatriot, and begged theservant who had put the question to him to request a moment'saudience of M. de Treville--a request which the other, with anair of protection, promised to transmit in due season.D'Artagnan, a little recovered from his first surprise, had nowleisure to study costumes and physiognomy.
6.  Throwing down his spit, and ordering his wife to do the same withher broom handle, and the servants with their sticks, he set thefirst example of commencing an earnest search for the lostletter.


1.  Milady reseated herself, foaming. The officer leaned forward,looked at her in his turn, and appeared surprised to see thatface, just before so beautiful, distorted with passion and almosthideous. The artful creature at once comprehended that she wasinjuring herself by allowing him thus to read her soul; shecollected her features, and in a complaining voice said: "In thename of heaven, sir, tell me if it is to you, if it is to yourgovernment, if it is to an enemy I am to attribute the violencethat is done me?"
2.  "Ah, PARDIEU! I know full well that you don't turn your back toyours."
3.  "I?" said she, with an accent of disdain in unison with thatwhich she had remarked in the voice of the young officer, "I,sir? MY MASS? Lord de Winter, the corrupted Catholic, knowsvery well that I am not of his religion, and this is a snare hewishes to lay for me!"
4、  "Eh! How can I tell? Has he not all the tricks of a demon athis command? The least that can be expected is that you will bearrested."
5、  "Monsieur," said the young woman, "you weary me very much, Iassure you, with your questions."




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      "Yes, for in any extreme circumstance it might not onlyextricate us from some great embarrassment, but even a greatdanger. It is not only a valuable diamond, but it is anenchanted talisman."

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       "Why so?"

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      "'Well,' said he to me, 'have you made your mind up to take theoath I requested of you?'

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    {  D'Artagnan felt a strong inclination to embrace Planchet ashe had embraced him on his departure; but he feared lestthis mark of affection, bestowed upon his lackey in the openstreet, might appear extraordinary to passers-by, and herestrained himself.

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      At length she heard the grating of the hinges of the opening gates; thenoise of boots and spurs resounded on the stairs. There was a greatmurmur of voices which continued to draw near, amid which she seemed tohear her own name pronounced.}

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      "Well, you see how a man may compromise himself when he does notknow what he says," replied Athos, shrugging his shoulders as ifhe thought himself an object of pity. "I certainly never willget drunk again, D'Artagnan; it is too bad a habit."D'Artagnan remained silent; and then changing the conversationall at once, Athos said:

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      "Yes, that was it," said D'Artagnan, "the story of a tall, fairlady, with blue eyes."

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       "How unfortunate I am!" said she; "I have been here six months withoutthe shadow of recreation. You arrive, and your presence was likely toafford me delightful company; yet I expect, in all probability, to quitthe convent at any moment."

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    {  "Certainly," replied the Jesuit, a little put out, while thecurate, greatly delighted, turned upon D'Artagnan a look full ofgratitude. "Well, let us see what is to be derived from thisgloss. Moses, the servant of God-he was but a servant, please tounderstand-Moses blessed with the hands; he held out both hisarms while the Hebrews beat their enemies, and then he blessedthem with his two hands. Besides, what does the Gospel say?IMPONITE MANUS, and not MANUM-place the HANDS, not the HAND.""Place the HANDS," repeated the curate, with a gesture."St. Peter, on the contrary, of whom the Popes are thesuccessors," continued the Jesuit; "PORRIGE DIGITOS-present thefingers. Are you there, now?"

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      "I have no objection," replied M. de la Tremouille, "but I warnyou that I am well informed, and all the fault is with yourMusketeers."