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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  He felt really hurt as he thought of his treatment, and looked asif he saw no way of obtaining justice.
2.  Carrie smiled.
3.  Carrie scarcely heard, her head was so full of the swirl of life.They stopped in at a restaurant for a little after-theatre lunch.Just a shade of a thought of the hour entered Carrie's head, butthere was no household law to govern her now. If any habits everhad time to fix upon her, they would have operated here. Habitsare peculiar things. They will drive the really non-religiousmind out of bed to say prayers that are only a custom and not adevotion. The victim of habit, when he has neglected the thingwhich it was his custom to do, feels a little scratching in thebrain, a little irritating something which comes of being out ofthe rut, and imagines it to be the prick of conscience, thestill, small voice that is urging him ever to righteousness. Ifthe digression is unusual enough, the drag of habit will be heavyenough to cause the unreasoning victim to return and perform theperfunctory thing. "Now, bless me," says such a mind, "I havedone my duty," when, as a matter of fact, it has merely done itsold, unbreakable trick once again.
4.  "She oughtn't to be thinking about spending her money on theatresalready, do you think?" he said.
5.  Carrie dropped the subject, feeling unable to say more.
6.  "She's not so inexperienced as she looks," he thought, andthereafter his respect and ardour were increased.


1.  He thought that he really must do something now. It was toocheap to sit around after such an insinuation as this. Why,after a little, he would be standing anything.
2.  Hurstwood, being an older man, could scarcely be said to retainthe fire of youth, though he did possess a passion warm andunreasoning. It was strong enough to induce the leaning towardhim which, on Carrie's part, we have seen. She might have beensaid to be imagining herself in love, when she was not. Womenfrequently do this. It flows from the fact that in each exists abias toward affection, a craving for the pleasure of being loved.The longing to be shielded, bettered, sympathised with, is one ofthe attributes of the sex. This, coupled with sentiment and anatural tendency to emotion, often makes refusing difficult. Itpersuades them that they are in love.
3.  "You want to send her her part?" asked the drummer.
4.  "What's that?" said Carrie.
5.  "You ought to have seen the tie he had on. Gee, but he was amark."
6.  In the crowded elevator, another dusty, toil-stained youth triedto make an impression on her by leering in her face.


1.  "My wife?"
2.  "There's another wants to try it," said Officer Kiely to OfficerMacey.
3.  He bestirred himself about some other details and Carrie rockedon.
4.  "I never did, either," said Carrie merrily, her face flushed withdelight.
5.   At one o'clock he thought of eating, and went to a restaurant inMadison Square. There he pondered over places which he mightlook up. He was tired. It was blowing up grey again. Acrossthe way, through Madison Square Park, stood the great hotels,looking down upon a busy scene. He decided to go over to thelobby of one and sit a while. It was warm in there and bright.He had seen no one he knew at the Broadway Central. In alllikelihood he would encounter no one here. Finding a seat on oneof the red plush divans close to the great windows which look outon Broadway's busy rout, he sat musing. His state did not seemso bad in here. Sitting still and looking out, he could takesome slight consolation in the few hundred dollars he had in hispurse. He could forget, in a measure, the weariness of thestreet and his tiresome searches. Still, it was only escape froma severe to a less severe state. He was still gloomy anddisheartened. There, minutes seemed to go very slowly. An hourwas a long, long time in passing. It was filled for him withobservations and mental comments concerning the actual guests ofthe hotel, who passed in and out, and those more prosperouspedestrians whose good fortune showed in their clothes andspirits as they passed along Broadway, outside. It was nearlythe first time since he had arrived in the city that his leisureafforded him ample opportunity to contemplate this spectacle.Now, being, perforce, idle himself, he wondered at the activityof others. How gay were the youths he saw, how pretty the women.Such fine clothes they all wore. They were so intent upongetting somewhere. He saw coquettish glances cast by magnificentgirls. Ah, the money it required to train with such--how well heknew! How long it had been since he had had the opportunity to doso!
6.  Her eyes fell consciously.


1.  "Mind how you address me, missy. I'll not have it. Hear me now;I'll not have it!"
2.  "Yes, and you," she added, catching the eye of one of thepolicemen. "You bloody, murtherin' thafe! Crack my son over thehead, will you, you hardhearted, murtherin' divil? Ah, ye----"
3.  "Don't you think you could love me a little?" he pleaded, takingone of her hands, which she endeavoured to draw away. "You oncesaid you did."
4、  He would have gone on further with his little flirtation, but thetaste for it was temporarily removed. He was quite relieved whenthe girl's named was called from below.
5、  "I thought," he said, looking at Carrie, "I would come around andtell you how well you did, Mrs. Drouet. It was delightful."




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      In the crowded elevator, another dusty, toil-stained youth triedto make an impression on her by leering in her face.

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      He made her take it. She felt bound to him by a strange tie ofaffection now. They went out, and he walked with her far outsouth toward Polk Street, talking.

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       The motley company had increased to ten. One or two knew eachother and conversed. Others stood off a few feet, not wishing tobe in the crowd and yet not counted out. They were peevish,crusty, silent, eying nothing in particular and moving theirfeet.

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      "Didn't find anything, eh?" said Hanson.

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    {  He tried to speak steadily, but his voice trembled a little.

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      He tightened his fingers as he saw the smile she gave him.}

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      They went out, and at the corner the commonplace Irish individualwas standing, eyeing him. Hurstwood could scarcely refrain fromshowing that he knew of this chap's presence. The insolence inthe fellow's eye was galling. Still they passed, and heexplained to Carrie concerning the city. Another restaurant wasnot long in showing itself, and here they entered.

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      Inside went the ex-manager and straight to an office off theclerk's desk. One of the managers of the hotel happened to bethere. Hurstwood looked him straight in the eye.

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       The man wrote an order on a small card. "Take that to ourbarns," he said, "and give it to the foreman. He'll show youwhat to do."

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    {  The agent saw he was dealing with an inexperienced soul, andcontinued accordingly.

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      "I'll tell you what you do," he said. "You come with me. I'lltake care of you."