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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Ma foi," said Monte Cristo; "I think I arrived just in timeto obtain your signatures, or they would have been disputedwith me."
2.  "Where is it, then? Near Paris, is it not?"
3.  "Good-evening, Maximilian; I know I have kept you waiting,but you saw the cause of my delay."
4.  "Alas, my friends," replied M. Morrel, with a mournful shakeof his head, "the thing has assumed a more serious aspectthan I expected."
5.  "You are wrong; you should always strive to see clearlyaround you. You seem a worthy young man; I will depart fromthe strict line of my duty to aid you in discovering theauthor of this accusation. Here is the paper; do you knowthe writing?" As he spoke, Villefort drew the letter fromhis pocket, and presented it to Dantes. Dantes read it. Acloud passed over his brow as he said, --
6.  This was the first time Morrel had ever so spoken, but hesaid it in a tone of paternal kindness, and Julie did notdare to disobey. She remained at the same spot standing muteand motionless. An instant afterwards the door opened, shefelt two arms encircle her, and a mouth pressed herforehead. She looked up and uttered an exclamation of joy.


1.  "Ah, Maximilian, that is the very thing that makes you sobold, and which renders me at once so happy and unhappy,that I frequently ask myself whether it is better for me toendure the harshness of my mother-in-law, and her blindpreference for her own child, or to be, as I now am,insensible to any pleasure save such as I find in thesemeetings, so fraught with danger to both."
2.  "That is extremely kind of you," said Monte Cristo with atone of perfect indifference.
3.  "`"Our coachman is a member of the club," said thepresident; "we shall be driven by a State-Councillor."
4.  Monte Cristo glanced rapidly at Albert, as if to seek ahidden meaning in his words, but it was evident the youngman uttered them in the simplicity of his heart. "Now," saidAlbert, "that you have seen all my treasures, allow me tooffer them to you, unworthy as they are. Consider yourselfas in your own house, and to put yourself still more at yourease, pray accompany me to the apartments of M. de Morcerf,he whom I wrote from Rome an account of the services yourendered me, and to whom I announced your promised visit,and I may say that both the count and countess anxiouslydesire to thank you in person. You are somewhat blase Iknow, and family scenes have not much effect on Sinbad theSailor, who has seen so many others. However, accept what Ipropose to you as an initiation into Parisian life -- a lifeof politeness, visiting, and introductions." Monte Cristobowed without making any answer; he accepted the offerwithout enthusiasm and without regret, as one of thoseconventions of society which every gentleman looks upon as aduty. Albert summoned his servant, and ordered him toacquaint M. and Madame de Morcerf of the arrival of theCount of Monte Cristo. Albert followed him with the count.When they arrived at the ante-chamber, above the door wasvisible a shield, which, by its rich ornaments and itsharmony with the rest of the furniture, indicated theimportance the owner attached to this blazon. Monte Cristostopped and examined it attentively.
5.  "Privately?"
6.  "Well, be it so. You have continued your course of villany;you have robbed -- you have assassinated."


1.  When seven o'clock came, Dantes' agony really began. Hishand placed upon his heart was unable to redress itsthrobbings, while, with the other he wiped the perspirationfrom his temples. From time to time chills ran through hiswhole body, and clutched his heart in a grasp of ice. Thenhe thought he was going to die. Yet the hours passed onwithout any unusual disturbance, and Dantes knew that he hadescaped the first peril. It was a good augury. At length,about the hour the governor had appointed, footsteps wereheard on the stairs. Edmond felt that the moment hadarrived, summoned up all his courage, held his breath, andwould have been happy if at the same time he could haverepressed the throbbing of his veins. The footsteps -- theywere double -- paused at the door -- and Dantes guessed thatthe two grave-diggers had come to seek him -- this idea wassoon converted into certainty, when he heard the noise theymade in putting down the hand-bier. The door opened, and adim light reached Dantes' eyes through the coarse sack thatcovered him; he saw two shadows approach his bed, a thirdremaining at the door with a torch in its hand. The two men,approaching the ends of the bed, took the sack by itsextremities.
2.  "He is speculating in railways," said Lord Wilmore, "and ashe is an expert chemist and physicist, he has invented a newsystem of telegraphy, which he is seeking to bring toperfection."
3.  "And what is her name?"
4.  Edmond gazed very earnestly at the mass of rocks which gaveout all the variety of twilight colors, from the brightestpink to the deepest blue; and from time to time his cheeksflushed, his brow darkened, and a mist passed over his eyes.Never did gamester, whose whole fortune is staked on onecast of the die, experience the anguish which Edmond felt inhis paroxysms of hope. Night came, and at ten o'clock theyanchored. The Young Amelia was first at the rendezvous. Inspite of his usual command over himself, Dantes could notrestrain his impetuosity. He was the first to jump on shore;and had he dared, he would, like Lucius Brutus, have "kissedhis mother earth." It was dark, but at eleven o'clock themoon rose in the midst of the ocean, whose every wave shesilvered, and then, "ascending high," played in floods ofpale light on the rocky hills of this second Pelion.
5.   "Ah, yes, indeed," said Monte Cristo with a sigh; "and doyou think she is in the least interested in me?"
6.  "No."


1.  "Yes, undoubtedly, the Abbe Busoni himself," replied MonteCristo. "And I am very glad you recognize me, dear M.Caderousse; it proves you have a good memory, for it must beabout ten years since we last met." This calmness of Busoni,combined with his irony and boldness, staggered Caderousse.
2.  "Continue to seek for this man, sir," said the king to theminister of police; "for if, as I am all but convinced,General Quesnel, who would have been so useful to us at thismoment, has been murdered, his assassins, Bonapartists ornot, shall be cruelly punished." It required all Villefort'scoolness not to betray the terror with which thisdeclaration of the king inspired him.
3.  "Yes, I wish to speak to him." Valentine durst not opposeher grandmother's wish, the cause of which she did not know,and an instant afterwards Villefort entered. "Sir," saidMadame de Saint-Meran, without using any circumlocution, andas if fearing she had no time to lose, "you wrote to meconcerning the marriage of this child?"
4、  "Well, then, I will buy it of you!"
5、  "I quite understand why you ask, sir," said Eugenie, makinga sign that her father might be seated, "and in fact yourtwo questions suggest fully the theme of our conversation. Iwill answer them both, and contrary to the usual method, thelast first, because it is the least difficult. I have chosenthe drawing-room, sir, as our place of meeting, in order toavoid the disagreeable impressions and influences of abanker's study. Those gilded cashbooks, drawers locked likegates of fortresses, heaps of bank-bills, come from I knownot where, and the quantities of letters from England,Holland, Spain, India, China, and Peru, have generally astrange influence on a father's mind, and make him forgetthat there is in the world an interest greater and moresacred than the good opinion of his correspondents. I have,therefore, chosen this drawing-room, where you see, smilingand happy in their magnificent frames, your portrait, mine,my mother's, and all sorts of rural landscapes and touchingpastorals. I rely much on external impressions; perhaps,with regard to you, they are immaterial, but I should be noartist if I had not some fancies."




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      "I have already told you it was impossible."

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      "No, monsieur, I do not know the writing, and yet it istolerably plain. Whoever did it writes well. I am veryfortunate," added he, looking gratefully at Villefort, "tobe examined by such a man as you; for this envious person isa real enemy." And by the rapid glance that the young man'seyes shot forth, Villefort saw how much energy lay hidbeneath this mildness.

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       "Ah, you are only one and twenty, and can forget the past; Iam fifty, and am obliged to recollect it. But let us returnto business."

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      "When will it be our turn to think of these things? Oh,Valentine, you who have so much influence over yourgrandpapa, try to make him answer -- Soon."

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    {  "No, you will not forget it, because you are a man of honor,Morrel, because you have taken an oath, and are about to doso again."

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      "The history to which M. Morrel alludes," continuedChateau-Renaud, "is an admirable one, which he will tell yousome day when you are better acquainted with him; to-day letus fill our stomachs, and not our memories. What time do youbreakfast, Albert?"}

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      "Dear Valentine," said Morrel, endeavoring to conceal hisown emotion, "listen, I entreat you; what I am about to sayis very serious. When are you to be married?"

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      "Well, we will go by the Corso. We will send the carriage towait for us on the Piazza del Popolo, by the Strada delBabuino, for I shall be glad to pass, myself, through theCorso, to see if some orders I have given have beenexecuted."

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       The case was therefore prepared owing to the incessant laborof Villefort, who wished it to be the first on the list inthe coming assizes. He had been obliged to seclude himselfmore than ever, to evade the enormous number of applicationspresented to him for the purpose of obtaining tickets ofadmission to the court on the day of trial. And then soshort a time had elapsed since the death of poor Valentine,and the gloom which overshadowed the house was so recent,that no one wondered to see the father so absorbed in hisprofessional duties, which were the only means he had ofdissipating his grief.

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    {  "Besides, mother, why should you make up your mind that I amto be killed? Has Lamoriciere, that Ney of the South, beenkilled? Has Changarnier been killed? Has Bedeau been killed?Has Morrel, whom we know, been killed? Think of your joy,mother, when you see me return with an embroidered uniform!I declare, I expect to look magnificent in it, and chosethat regiment only from vanity." Mercedes sighed whileendeavoring to smile; the devoted mother felt that she oughtnot to allow the whole weight of the sacrifice to fall uponher son. "Well, now you understand, mother!" continuedAlbert; "here are more than 4,000 francs settled on you;upon these you can live at least two years."

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      "Certainly I do."