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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Does that satisfy you?" said Athos to his adversary. "Doyou find me of sufficient rank to do me the honor ofcrossing swords with me?"
2.  "Generous girl!" cried Anne of Austria.
3.  "I do not tell you this, madame, to terrify you; no, it is evenridiculous for me to name it to you, and, believe me, I take noheed of such dreams. But the words you have just spoken, thehope you have almost given me, will have richly paid all--were itmy life."
4.  "Gentlemen," said Aramis, "the principal question is not toknow which of our four lackeys is the most discreet, themost strong, the most clever, or the most brave; theprincipal thing is to know which loves money the best.""What Aramis says is very sensible," replied Athos; "we mustspeculate upon the faults of people, and not upon theirvirtues. Monsieur Abbe, you are a great moralist.""Doubtless," said Aramis, "for we not only require to bewell served in order to succeed, but moreover, not to fail;for in case of failure, heads are in question, not for ourlackeys--"
5.  Aramis had killed one of his adversaries, but the other pressedhim warmly. Nevertheless, Aramis was in a good situation, andable to defend himself.
6.  "In the midst of one of these swoons I heard the door open.Terror recalled me to myself.


1.  Then she continued her singing with inexpressible fervor andfeeling. It appeared to her that the sounds spread to a distancebeneath the vaulted roofs, and carried with them a magic charm tosoften the hearts of her jailers. It however likewise appearedthat the soldier on duty--a zealous Catholic, no doubt--shook offthe charm, for through the door he called: "Hold your tongue,madame! Your song is as dismal as a 'De profundis'; and ifbesides the pleasure of being in garrison here, we must hear suchthings as these, no mortal can hold out."
2.  One instant after, the heavy step of a marine who served assentinel was heard in the corridor--his ax in his girdle and hismusket on his shoulder.
3.  "Yes."
4.  "Well," replied Athos, "have you not heard what D'Artagnansaid?"
5.  This time D'Artagnan was not hasty. He perceived his mistake;but the friends of Aramis were not at all convinced by hisdenial, and one of them addressed the young Musketeer withaffected seriousness. "If it were as you pretend it is," saidhe, "I should be forced, my dear Aramis, to reclaim it myself;for, as you very well know, Bois-Tracy is an intimate friend ofmine, and I cannot allow the property of his wife to be sportedas a trophy."
6.  "Monsieur de Cavois?"


1.  Milady breathed a deep sigh and fainted.
2.  "Why that question, my dear host?" asked D'Artagnan. "Do youintend to sit up for me?"
3.  "Yes, let us chat, brother," said she, with a kind ofcheerfulness, decided as she was to draw from the conversation,in spite of all the dissimulation Lord de Winter could bring, therevelations of which she stood in need to regulate her futureconduct.
4.  Neither was it, as with our neighbors, the English, anatmospheric influence which darkened his countenance; for thesadness generally became more intense toward the fine season ofthe year. June and July were the terrible months with Athos.For the present he had no anxiety. He shrugged his shoulderswhen people spoke of the feature. His secret, then, was in thepast, as had often been vaguely said to D'Artagnan.This mysterious shade, spread over his whole person, renderedstill more interesting the man whose eyes or mouth, even in themost complete intoxication, had never revealed anything, howeverskillfully questions had been put to him.
5.   "Why, this man is a cask!" said the host, aside. "If he onlyremains here a fortnight, and pays for what he drinks, I shallsoon re-establish my business."
6.  "Why didn't the baron come himself?" demanded Buckingham. "I expectedhim this morning."


1.  "Gascon-headed man, will you have done?" said the king."Sire," replied Treville, without lowering his voice in theleast, "either order my Musketeer to be restored to me, or lethim be tried."
2.  "Yes," said he, "yes, that would flatter me very much; but I should nothave time enough to enjoy the distinction. During our expedition toBethune the husband of my duchess died; so, my dear, the coffer of thedefunct holding out its arms to me, I shall marry the widow. Look here!I was trying on my wedding suit. Keep the lieutenancy, my dear, keepit."
3.  "I will tell it," cried Milady, with a feigned exultation, "onthe day when I shall have suffered sufficiently for my faith."The look of Felton revealed to Milady the full extent of thespace she had opened for herself by this single word.The young officer, however, remained mute and motionless; hislook alone had spoken.
4、  This day of reunion was the same day as that on which Kittycame to find D'Artagnan. Soon as Kitty left him, D'Artagnandirected his steps toward the Rue Ferou.
5、  Half past seven had sounded. The carriage had been twentyminutes behind the time appointed. D'Artagnan's friendsreminded him that he had a visit to pay, but at the sametime bade him observe that there was yet time to retract.But D'Artagnan was at the same time impetuous and curious.He had made up his mind that he would go to the Palais-Cardinal, and that he would learn what his Eminence had tosay to him. Nothing could turn him from his purpose.They reached the Rue St. Honore, and in the Place du Palais-Cardinal they found the twelve invited Musketeers, walkingabout in expectation of their comrades. There only theyexplained to them the matter in hand.




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      "I answer for Bazin," said Aramis.

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      "No, I do not jest, MORDIEU! I should like to have seen you inmy place! I had been fifteen days without seeing a human face,and had been left to brutalize myself in the company of bottles.""That was no reason for staking my diamond!" replied D'Artagnan,closing his hand with a nervous spasm.

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       "Would you have given up the letter, Aramis?" said D'Artagnan."I," said Aramis, in his most flutelike tone, "I had made up mymind. If he had insisted upon the letter being given up to him,I would have presented the letter to him with one hand, and withthe other I would have run my sword through his body.""I expected as much," said Athos; "and that was why I threwmyself between you and him. Indeed, this man is very much toblame for talking thus to other men; one would say he had neverhad to do with any but women and children."

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      As nine o'clock sounded, D'Artagnan was at the Place Royale.It was evident that the servants who waited in theantechamber were warned, for as soon as D'Artagnan appeared,before even he had asked if Milady were visible, one of themran to announce him.

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    {  "How, madame," said she, "I have scarcely seen you, and you alreadywish to deprive me of your company, upon which I had counted a little, Imust confess, for the time I have to pass here?"

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      "Inform the queen!" said Athos; "and how? Have we relationswith the court? Could we send anyone to Paris without itsbeing known in the camp? From here to Paris it is a hundredand forty leagues; before our letter was at Angers we shouldbe in a dungeon."}

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      The Englishmen were all men of rank; consequently the oddnames of their adversaries were for them not only a matterof surprise, but of annoyance.

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      Although he was a perfect stranger in the court of M. deTreville's courtiers, and this his first appearance in thatplace, he was at length noticed, and somebody came and asked himwhat he wanted. At this demand D'Artagnan gave his name verymodestly, emphasized the title of compatriot, and begged theservant who had put the question to him to request a moment'saudience of M. de Treville--a request which the other, with anair of protection, promised to transmit in due season.D'Artagnan, a little recovered from his first surprise, had nowleisure to study costumes and physiognomy.

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       "Oh, good Lord! What have I said?"

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    {  "Gentlemen," said D'Artagnan, "it is half past four, and wehave scarcely time to be on the road of Chaillot by six.""Besides, if we go out too late, nobody will see us," saidPorthos, "and that will be a pity. Let us get ready,gentlemen."

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      On the day after the morrow, by eleven o'clock, the two diamondstuds were finished, and they were so completely imitated, soperfectly alike, that Buckingham could not tell the new ones fromthe old ones, and experts in such matters would have beendeceived as he was. He immediately called D'Artagnan. "Here,"said he to him, "are the diamond studs that you came to bring;and be my witness that I have done all that human power coulddo."