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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  The imprudent young man expected a surprise, mixed withshame--a slight storm which would resolve itself into tears;but he was strangely deceived, and his error was not of longduration.
2.  By an involuntary movement and in spite of the injunctiongiven, D'Artagnan put his horse into a gallop, and in a fewstrides overtook the carriage; but the window washermetically closed, the vision had disappeared.
3.  "I am going a few steps farther."
4.  late."
5.  D'Artagnan fell at the feet of the cardinal.
6.  "That is sufficient, my Lord! I have sworn."


1.  "Then it is understood," said D'Artagnan; "you would rather bekilled than desert your post?"
2.  He who at the moment occupied the upper step kept his adversariesmarvelously in check. A circle was formed around them. Theconditions required that at every hit the man touched should quitthe game, yielding his turn for the benefit of the adversary whohad hit him. In five minutes three were slightly wounded, one onthe hand, another on the ear, by the defender of the stair, whohimself remained intact--a piece of skill which was worth to him,according to the rules agreed upon, three turns of favor,However difficult it might be, or rather as he pretended it was,to astonish our young traveler, this pastime really astonishedhim. He had seen in his province--that land in which headsbecome so easily heated--a few of the preliminaries of duels; butthe daring of these four fencers appeared to him the strongest hehad ever heard of even in Gascony. He believed himselftransported into that famous country of giants into whichGulliver afterward went and was so frightened; and yet he had notgained the goal, for there were still the landing place and theantechamber.
3.  "Instantly!"
4.  "My dear Athos, I admire you, but nevertheless we were in thewrong, after all."
5.  The unfortunate queen, who was constantly threatened withdivorce, exile, and trial even, turned pale under her rouge, andcould not refrain from saying, "But why this visit, sire? Whatcan the chancellor have to say to me that your Majesty could notsay yourself?"
6.  Treville bowed very respectfully, with a joy that was not unmixedwith fear; he would have preferred an obstinate resistance on thepart of the cardinal to this sudden yielding.


1.  The knocker had scarcely sounded under the hand of the young manbefore the tumult ceased, steps approached, the door was opened,and D'Artagnan, sword in hand, rushed into the rooms of M.Bonacieux, the door of which doubtless acted upon by a spring,closed after him.
2.  "I can well believe it," replied D'Artagnan, "and that waswhy I got three crowns for him. It must have been for hishide, for, CERTESf, the carcass is not worth eighteen livres.But bow did this horse come into your bands, Mousqueton?""Pray," said the lackey, "say nothing about it, monsieur; itis a frightful trick of the husband of our duchess!""How is that, Mousqueton?"
3.  Treville bowed very respectfully, with a joy that was not unmixedwith fear; he would have preferred an obstinate resistance on thepart of the cardinal to this sudden yielding.
4.  "What was that letter you were about to read, Monsieur Aramis,and which you so promptly concealed?"
5.   One thing alone frightened her; that was the remembrance of her husband,the Comte de la Fere, whom she had believed dead, or at leastexpatriated, and whom she found again in Athos-the best friend ofD'Artagnan.
6.  It is by more order and for the good of the state that thebearer of this has done what he has done.


1.  "'Where has he gone?' asked Monsieur de Cavois.
2.  "Truly?"
3.  "We are alone, sir," said Buckingham; "speak!"
4、  "In your place, I would do one thing."
5、  "No."




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      "Has anyone brought a letter for me?" asked D'Artagnan, eagerly."No one has BROUGHT a letter, monsieur," replied Planchet; "butone has come of itself."

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      "Become of whom?" replied Aramis.

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       "The day after my return to Lille, my brother in his turn succeeded inmaking his escape; I was accused of complicity, and was condemned toremain in his place till he should be again a prisoner. My poor brotherwas ignorant of this sentence. He rejoined this woman; they fledtogether into Berry, and there he obtained a little curacy. This womanpassed for his sister.

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      "You know that very well, as I gave my order to saddle my horse.Have they not obeyed me?"

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    {  "Wait for me," cried he, "I will soon be back," and he set off at agallop.

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      The storm broke about ten o'clock. Milady felt a consolation inseeing nature partake of the disorder of her heart. The thundergrowled in the air like the passion and anger in her thoughts.It appeared to her that the blast as it swept along disheveledher brow, as it bowed the branches of the trees and bore awaytheir leaves. She howled as the hurricane howled; and her voicewas lost in the great voice of nature, which also seemed to groanwith despair.}

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      A flash of terrible joy, but rapid as thought, gleamed from theeyes of Milady.

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       But all at once, as if undergoing the influence of an unspoken thought,the countenance of the cardinal, till then gloomy, cleared up bydegrees, and recovered perfect serenity.

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    {  "But wait a minute," said M. de Treville, stopping him. "Ipromised you a letter for the director of the Academy. Are youtoo proud to accept it, young gentleman?"

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      "Silence!" said the young woman, placing her hand upon his lips;"silence, and go the same way you came!"