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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  Holmes stirred for the first time.
2.  "Why, it is after nine now," answered. "I should not be surprised ifthat were he. I thought I heard a ring."
3.  "Still, jealousy is a strange transformer of characters. Pray whatis your own theory as to what took place?"
4.  1904
5.  "Who is he?"
6.  "You must let me speak," said the woman, in an imperative voice, andher face contracted as if in pain. "When he had fallen I rushed fromthe room, chose the wrong door, and found myself in my husband's room.He spoke of giving me up. I showed him that if he did so, his life wasin my hands. If he gave me to the law, I could give him to theBrotherhood. It was not that I wished to live for my own sake, butit was that I desired to accomplish my purpose. He knew that I woulddo what I said- that his own fate was involved in mine. For thatreason, and for no other, he shielded me. He thrust me into thatdark hiding-place- a relic of old days, known only to himself. He tookhis meals in his own room, and so was able to give me part of hisfood. It was agreed that when the police left the house I shouldslip away by night and come back no more. But in some way you haveread our plans." She tore from the bosom of her dress a smallpacket. "These are my last words," said she; "here is the packet whichwill save Alexis. I confide it to your honour and to your love ofjustice. Take it! You will deliver it at the Russian Embassy. Now, Ihave done my duty, and-"


1.  "Any success?'
2.  .
3.  "Well, I've given you fair warnin'," said he. "I've a friendthat's interested out Harrow way- you know what I'm meaning- and hedon't intend to have no buttin' in by you. Got that? You ain't thelaw, and I ain't the law either, and if you come in I'll be on handalso. Don't you forget it."
4.  "So that is the tail end of the telegram which Godfrey Stauntondispatched within a few hours of his disappearance. There are at leastsix words of the message which have escaped us; but what remains-'Stand by us for God's sake!'- proves that this young man saw aformidable danger which approached him, and from which someone elsecould protect him. 'Us,' mark you! Another person was involved. Whoshould it be but the pale-faced, bearded man, who seemed himself in sonervous a state? What, then, is the connection between GodfreyStaunton and the bearded man? And what is the third source fromwhich each of them sought for help against pressing danger? Ourinquiry has already narrowed down to that."
5.  "Yes, Watson, I went there, and I found very quickly that the latelamented Oldacre was a pretty considerable blackguard. The fatherwas away in search of his son. The mother was at home- a little,fluffy, blue-eyed person, in a tremor of fear and indignation. Ofcourse, she would not admit even the possibility of his guilt. But shewould not express either surprise or regret over the fate ofOldacre. On the contrary, she spoke of him with such bitterness thatshe was unconsciously considerably strengthening the case of thepolice for, of course, if her son had heard her speak of the man inthis fashion, it would predispose him towards hatred and violence. `Hewas more like a malignant and cunning ape than a human being,' saidshe, `and he always was, ever since he was a young man.'"`You knew him at that time?' said I
6.  "Did he not advertise?"


2.  "The matter can be easily remedied," said the browbeaten doctor;"Mr. Sherlock Holmes can return to London by the morning train.""Hardly that, Doctor, hardly that," said Holmes, in his blandestvoice. "This northern air is invigorating and pleasant, so I proposeto spend a few days upon your moors, and to occupy my mind as best Imay. Whether I have the shelter of your roof or of the village inn is,of course, for you to decide."
3.  "I should not think so."
4.  "If they were both ten paces from the cage, how came the beast toget loose?"
5.   "It is final," said Holmes.
6.  introspective, and I want to introspect. Come along!"


1.  "Who's Teddy?" asked Holmes.
2.  "Your boy, Arthur, went to bed after his interview with you, buthe slept badly on account of his uneasiness about his club debts. Inthe middle of the night he heard a soft tread pass his door, so herose and, looking out, was surprised to see his cousin walking verystealthily along the passage until she disappeared into yourdressing-room. Petrified with astonishment, the lad slipped on someclothes and waited there in the dark to see what would come of thisstrange affair. Presently she emerged from the room again, and inthe light of the passage-lamp your son saw that she carried theprecious coronet in her hands. She passed down the stairs, and he,thrilling with horror, ran along and slipped behind the curtain nearyour door, whence he could see what passed in the hall beneath. He sawher stealthily open the window, hand out the coronet to someone in thegloom, and then closing it once more hurry back to her room, passingquite close to where he stood hid behind the curtain.
3.  "Ah! I am only a student- a man of dreams. I cannot explain thepractical things of life. But still, we are aware, my friend, thatlove-gages may take strange shapes. By all means take anothercigarette. It is a pleasure to see anyone appreciate them so. A fan, aglove, glasses- who knows what article may be carried as a token ortreasured when a man puts an end to his life? This gentleman speaks offootsteps in the grass, but, after all, it is easy to be mistaken onsuch a point. As to the knife, it might well be thrown far from theunfortunate man as he fell. It is possible that I speak as a child,but to me it seems that Willoughby Smith has met his fate by his ownhand."
4、  I glanced down at the new patent-leathers which I was wearing."How on earth -" I began, but Holmes answered my question before itwas asked.
5、  The detective stared at the newcomer with blank amazement. Thelatter was blinking in the bright light of the corridor, and peeringat us and at the smouldering fire. It was an odious face- crafty,vicious, malignant, with shifty, light-gray eyes and white lashes."What's this, then?" said Lestrade, at last. "What have you beendoing all this time, eh?"




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      "Because there are many inquiries which must be made out here.Mrs. St. Clair has most kindly put two rooms at my disposal, and youmay rest assured that she will have nothing but a welcome for myfriend and colleague. I hate to meet her, Watson, when I have nonews of her husband. Here we are. Whoa, there, whoa!"

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      "In that case, my dear sir, I shall be under the painful necessityof advising your arrest."

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       It appeared from its position in the paper to have been the oneevent of importance in town, and the account of it ran in this way:"A desperate attempt at robbery, culminating in the death of one manand the capture of the criminal, occurred this afternoon in theCity. For some time back Mawson & Williams, the famous financialhouse, have been the guardians of securities which amount in theaggregate to a sum of considerably over a million sterling. Soconscious was the manager of the responsibility which devolved uponhim in consequence of the great interests at stake that safes of thevery latest construction have been employed, and an armed watchman hasbeen left day and night in the building. It appears that last week anew clerk named Hall Pycroft was engaged by the firm. This personappears to have been none other than Beddington, the famous forger andcracksman, who, with his brother, has only recently emerged from afive years' spell of penal servitude. By some means, which are not yetclear, he succeeded in winning, under a false name, this officialposition in the office, which he utilized in order to obtain mouldingsof various locks, and a thorough knowledge of the position of thestrongroom and the safes.

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      "'We shall know if you speak of this,' said he. 'We have our ownmeans of information. Now you will find the carriage waiting, and myfriend will see you on your way.'

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    {  "That Miss Flora Millar, the lady who had caused the disturbance,has actually been arrested. It appears that she was formerly adanseuse at the Allegro, and that she has known the bridegroom forsome years. There are no further particulars, and the whole case is inyour hands now-so far as it has been set forth in the public press.""And an exceedingly interesting case it appears to be. I would nothave missed it for worlds. But there is a ring at the bell, Watson,and as the clock makes it a few minutes after four, I have no doubtthat this will prove to be our noble client. Do not dream of going,Watson, for I very much prefer having a witness, if only as a check tomy own memory."

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      "Have you ever known him ill?"}

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      He had thrown off the seedy frockcoat, and now he was the Holmesof old in the mouse-coloured dressing-gown which he took from hiseffigy.

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      "Good. You could keep up an intelligent conversation on thesubject?"

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       I turned it over.

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    {  "How can you tell that?"

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      "That hurts my pride, Watson," he said at last. "It is apetty feeling, no doubt, but it hurts my pride. It becomes apersonal matter with me now, and, if God sends me health, I shallset my hand upon this gang. That he should come to me for help,and that I should send him away to his death--!" He sprang fromhis chair and paced about the room in uncontrollable agitation,with a flush upon his sallow cheeks and a nervous clasping andunclasping of his long thin hands.