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D'Artagnan held onto this idea, which, from what he had heard,was not wanting in probability.


This contest at length exhausted Jussac's patience. Furious atbeing held in check by one whom he had considered a boy, hebecame warm and began to make mistakes. D'Artagnan, who thoughwanting in practice had a sound theory, redoubled his agility.Jussac, anxious to put an end to this, springing forward, aimed aterrible thrust at his adversary, but the latter parried it; andwhile Jussac was recovering himself, glided like a serpentbeneath his blade, and passed his sword through his body. Jussacfell like a dead mass.

Athos took the paper, returned the pistol to his belt,approached the lamp to be assured that it was the paper,unfolded it, and read:

"Have the goodness to send mine to Athos's residence. I shoulddread some disagreeable encounter if I were to go home.""Be easy. Adieu, and a prosperous voyage. A PROPOS," said M. deTreville, calling him back.

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"The devil, gentlemen!" said the cardinal, "three men placedhors de combat in a cabaret squabble! You don't do yourwork by halves. And pray what was this quarrel about?""These fellows were drunk," said Athos. "and knowing therewas a lady who had arrived at the cabaret this evening, theywanted to force her door."<"Well, young man," said he, "we appear to pass rather gay nights!Seven o'clock in the morning! PESTE! You seem to reverseordinary customs, and come home at the hour when other people aregoing out."

The next morning, when D'Artagnan entered Aramis's chamber, hefound him at the window.

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"Gentlemen," said he, "we have been here an hour, and ourwager is won; but we will be fair players. Besides,D'Artagnan has not told us his idea yet."

"To ask me if I want money."

<"PARDIEU!" replied D'Artagnan, "for my part, I am eating vealgarnished with shrimps and vegetables.""Yes; or at least I guess. They were, one in the Rue deVaugirard, No. 25; the other in the Rue de la Harpe, No. 75.""Does your Eminence command that they both be instantlyarrested?"

The Musketeer advanced two steps, and pushed D'Artagnan asidewith his hand. D'Artagnan made a spring backward and drew hissword. At the same time, and with the rapidity of lightning, thestranger drew his.


<"Yes, I know that he meant to afford you that agreeablesurprise.""And I deny it," said Treville. "But his Majesty has judges, andthese judges will decide."

"He was found in your lodging; they took him for you.""And by whom was he arrested?"





ɭƽ̨ٷվ·۸ǿǴ۷ "Planchet," said D'Artagnan to his domestic, who just theninsinuated his head through the half-open door in order to catchsome fragments of the conversation, "go down to my landlord,Monsieur Bonacieux, and ask him to send me half a dozen bottlesof Beaugency wine; I prefer that." ϸ

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ɭƽ̨ٷվҶҶٷڿӣɾŮӦ "Her lover." ϸ

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