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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1"She must be MADE to learn," her father said to Miss Minchin.
2."Wait a minute," she said to the beggar child.
3."You see," Sara said when they were examining one who had no clothes. "If, when I find her, she has no frocks, we can take her to a dressmaker and have her things made to fit. They will fit better if they are tried on."
4.The Diamond Mines Again
5.But in Sara's hungry eyes the old light had begun to glow and transform her world for her. Here in the attic--with the cold night outside-- with the afternoon in the sloppy streets barely passed--with the memory of the awful unfed look in the beggar child's eyes not yet faded-- this simple, cheerful thing had happened like a thing of magic.
6.When she was gone Sara sat on her favorite perch on the end of her table. Her feet were on a chair, her elbows on her knees, and her chin in her hands.


1."My name's Ermengarde St. John," she answered.
2."A fire I only dreamed wouldn't be HOT>, she cried.
3.And at last they found Emily, but they went to a number of toy shops and looked at a great many dolls before they discovered her.
4."It was so wet and muddy," Sara answered, "it was hard to walk, because my shoes were so bad and slipped about."
5.She would almost have liked to join the group of loiterers who had stopped on the pavement to watch the things carried in. She had an idea that if she could see some of the furniture she could guess something about the people it belonged to.
6."I will leave you to wonder," she said. "Go to bed this instant." And she shut the door behind herself and poor stumbling Ermengarde, and left Sara standing quite alone.


1.Mr. Carmichael watched him anxiously. It was necessary to ask some questions, but they must be put quietly and with caution.
2."You think that it can be done while she sleeps? Suppose she awakened," suggested the secretary; and it was evident that whatsoever the plan referred to was, it had caught and pleased his fancy as well as the Sahib Carrisford's.
3.One of the most curious things in her new existence was her changed position among the pupils. Instead of being a sort of small royal personage among them, she no longer seemed to be one of their number at all. She was kept so constantly at work that she scarcely ever had an opportunity of speaking to any of them, and she could not avoid seeing that Miss Minchin preferred that she should live a life apart from that of the occupants of the schoolroom.
5. "I don't know whether I CAN>, answered Sara, still in her half-whisper; "but I will try."
6."In a moment," he answered her.


1.The little ravening London savage was still snatching and devouring when she turned away. She was too ravenous to give any thanks, even if she had ever been taught politeness--which she had not. She was only a poor little wild animal.
2."How dare you think? What were you thinking?"
3."What an original child!" she said. "What a darling little creature!"
4、"Has she a black frock in her sumptuous wardrobe?"--in bitter irony.
5、She had wished very much that some one would take the empty house next door. She wished it because of the attic window which was so near hers. It seemed as if it would be so nice to see it propped open someday and a head and shoulders rising out of the square aperture.




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    "She is almost as big as Lottie," someone gasped.

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    "Coverlet dingy and worn, blanket thin, sheets patched and ragged," he said. "What a bed for a child to sleep in--and in a house which calls itself respectable! There has not been a fire in that grate for many a day," glancing at the rusty fireplace.

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     Miss Amelia was fat and dumpy, and stood very much in awe of her sister. She was really the better-natured person of the two, but she never disobeyed Miss Minchin. She went downstairs again, looking almost alarmed.

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    Anyone who has not done this does not know what a different world they saw. The slates spread out on either side of them and slanted down into the rain gutter-pipes. The sparrows, being at home there, twittered and hopped about quite without fear. Two of them perched on the chimney top nearest and quarrelled with each other fiercely until one pecked the other and drove him away. The garret window next to theirs was shut because the house next door was empty.

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    {Lavinia tossed her head with great elegance.

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    But she crept out of the room, and was very much relieved to find an excuse for doing it.}

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    "You had better not pay for anything more, ma'am," he remarked, "unless you want to make presents to the young lady. No one will remember you. She hasn't a brass farthing to call her own."

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    He had made wonderful preparations for her birthday. Among other things, a new doll had been ordered in Paris, and her wardrobe was to be, indeed, a marvel of splendid perfection. When she had replied to the letter asking her if the doll would be an acceptable present, Sara had been very quaint.

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     "Do you suppose," he said slowly, after a pause--"do you think it is possible that the other child--the child I never cease thinking of, I believe--could be--could POSSIBLY be reduced to any such condition as the poor little soul next door?"

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    {"Was that a rat?" he asked Ram Dass in a whisper.

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    She sat down with stiff dignity, and waved him to a chair.