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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "And for this very reason," said Danglars with a smile,which he tried to make sardonic, "I prefer M. AndreaCavalcanti to M. Albert de Morcerf."
2.  "But the three millions?"
3.  "Yes, as you see, neighbor Caderousse; and ready to beagreeable to you in any and every way," replied Dantes, butill-concealing his coldness under this cloak of civility.
4.  "Do you see that island?" continued the captain, pointing toa conical pile rising from the indigo sea.
5.  It was, indeed, Maximilian Morrel, who had passed a wretchedexistence since the previous day. With the instinct peculiarto lovers he had anticipated after the return of Madame deSaint-Meran and the death of the marquis, that somethingwould occur at M. de Villefort's in connection with hisattachment for Valentine. His presentiments were realized,as we shall see, and his uneasy forebodings had goaded himpale and trembling to the gate under the chestnut-trees.Valentine was ignorant of the cause of this sorrow andanxiety, and as it was not his accustomed hour for visitingher, she had gone to the spot simply by accident or perhapsthrough sympathy. Morrel called her, and she ran to thegate. "You here at this hour?" said she. "Yes, my poorgirl," replied Morrel; "I come to bring and to hear badtidings."
6.  "I believe so."


1.  "That you inherit from your mother."
2.  "In the Corso."
3.  "Oh, then I remember as if it were but yesterday sittingunder the shade of some sycamore-trees, on the borders of alake, in the waters of which the trembling foliage wasreflected as in a mirror. Under the oldest and thickest ofthese trees, reclining on cushions, sat my father; my motherwas at his feet, and I, childlike, amused myself by playingwith his long white beard which descended to his girdle, orwith the diamond-hilt of the scimitar attached to hisgirdle. Then from time to time there came to him an Albanianwho said something to which I paid no attention, but whichhe always answered in the same tone of voice, either `Kill,'or `Pardon.'"
4.  Albert stood pale and motionless to hear what his motherwould decide after she had finished reading this letter.Mercedes turned her eyes with an ineffable look towardsheaven. "I accept it," said she; "he has a right to pay thedowry, which I shall take with me to some convent!" Puttingthe letter in her bosom, she took her son's arm, and with afirmer step than she even herself expected she wentdown-stairs.
5.  At first sight the exterior of the house at Auteuil gave noindications of splendor, nothing one would expect from thedestined residence of the magnificent Count of Monte Cristo;but this simplicity was according to the will of its master,who positively ordered nothing to be altered outside. Thesplendor was within. Indeed, almost before the door opened,the scene changed. M. Bertuccio had outdone himself in thetaste displayed in furnishing, and in the rapidity withwhich it was executed. It is told that the Duc d'Antinremoved in a single night a whole avenue of trees thatannoyed Louis XIV.; in three days M. Bertuccio planted anentirely bare court with poplars, large spreading sycamoresto shade the different parts of the house, and in theforeground, instead of the usual paving-stones, half hiddenby the grass, there extended a lawn but that morning laiddown, and upon which the water was yet glistening. For therest, the orders had been issued by the count; he himselfhad given a plan to Bertuccio, marking the spot where eachtree was to be planted, and the shape and extent of the lawnwhich was to take the place of the paving-stones. Thus thehouse had become unrecognizable, and Bertuccio himselfdeclared that he scarcely knew it, encircled as it was by aframework of trees. The overseer would not have objected,while he was about it, to have made some improvements in thegarden, but the count had positively forbidden it to betouched. Bertuccio made amends, however, by loading theante-chambers, staircases, and mantle-pieces with flowers.
6.  "Ah," said Dantes, "you might well endure the tedious delay;you were constantly employed in the task you set yourself,and when weary with toil, you had your hopes to refresh andencourage you."


1.  "The second was the crime of which you were accused when youasked for a confessor, and the Abbe Busoni came to visit youat your request in the prison at Nimes."
2.  "Oh, no; it is useless. Besides, he is almost mad now, andin another year he will be quite so."
3.  "A conspiracy in these times," said Louis XVIII., smiling,"is a thing very easy to meditate, but more difficult toconduct to an end, inasmuch as, re-established so recentlyon the throne of our ancestors, we have our eyes open atonce upon the past, the present, and the future. For thelast ten months my ministers have redoubled their vigilance,in order to watch the shore of the Mediterranean. IfBonaparte landed at Naples, the whole coalition would be onfoot before he could even reach Piomoino; if he land inTuscany, he will be in an unfriendly territory; if he landin France, it must be with a handful of men, and the resultof that is easily foretold, execrated as he is by thepopulation. Take courage, sir; but at the same time rely onour royal gratitude."
4.  "I know it." The concierge looked upon the count withsurprise. "Sir," he cried, scarcely able to believe his goodfortune -- "sir, I cannot understand your generosity!"
5.   "Well, then, I must be contented to imagine it."
6.  "Doubtless," replied the count, "since no one hears mecomplain."


1.  "Go on, go on, sir," replied the king; "you have to-dayearned the right to make inquiries here."
2.  "I know -- the famous hashish!"
3.  The major clasped his hands in token of admiration. "Youmarried Oliva Corsinari in the church of San Paolo delMonte-Cattini; here is the priest's certificate."
4、  "Who wrote to Yanina?"
5、  "As many thousands as you give me hundreds! Truly, it isonly bastards who are thus fortunate. Five thousand francsper month! What the devil can you do with all that?"




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      "Is he armed?"

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      "If I could die," he said, "I should go where he goes, andshould assuredly find him again. But how to die? It is veryeasy," he went on with a smile; "I will remain here, rush onthe first person that opens the door, strangle him, and thenthey will guillotine me." But excessive grief is like astorm at sea, where the frail bark is tossed from the depthsto the top of the wave. Dantes recoiled from the idea of soinfamous a death, and passed suddenly from despair to anardent desire for life and liberty.

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       The baron was to sign first, then the representative of M.Cavalcanti, senior, then the baroness, afterwards the"future couple," as they are styled in the abominablephraseology of legal documents. The baron took the pen andsigned, then the representative. The baroness approached,leaning on Madame de Villefort's arm. "My dear," said she,as she took the pen, "is it not vexatious? An unexpectedincident, in the affair of murder and theft at the Count ofMonte Cristo's, in which he nearly fell a victim, deprivesus of the pleasure of seeing M. de Villefort."

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      "He is merely my father," said Albert -- "M. FernandMondego, Count of Morcerf, an old soldier who has fought intwenty battles and whose honorable scars they would denounceas badges of disgrace."

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    {  "Come, what did she say?"

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      "Ah," said he, "I hear a human voice." Edmond had not heardany one speak save his jailer for four or five years; and ajailer is no man to a prisoner -- he is a living door, abarrier of flesh and blood adding strength to restraints ofoak and iron.}

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      "And do you believe you have discovered the hidden meaning?"

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      "Yes; must I not be prepared for everything, dear friend?But what did you do yesterday after you left me?"

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       "Well, well," said Monte Cristo, "such an innocent lookingperson as you are to do those things, M. Bertuccio, and to aking's attorney at that! But did he know what was meant bythe terrible word `vendetta'?"

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    {  "Are you well fed?" repeated the inspector.

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      "That is not a family name?"