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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "How is that? You told me yourself that that ring--""That ring I have! The Comte de Wardes of Thursday and theD'Artagnan of today are the same person."
2.  "Your hour?"
3.  "You know not the subject of their conversation?""He gave her a box, told her not to open it except in London.""Was this woman English?"
4.  "That there shall be five hundred crowns for you, and fivehundred crowns for me."
5.  It was useless to try to keep pace on foot with a carriagedrawn by two powerful horses. D'Artagnan therefore returnedto the Rue Ferou.
6.  The next day, when Felton entered Milady's apartment he found herstanding, mounted upon a chair, holding in her hands a cord madeby means of torn cambric handkerchiefs, twisted into a kind ofrope one with another, and tied at the ends. At the noise Feltonmade in entering, Milady leaped lightly to the ground, and triedto conceal behind her the improvised cord she held in her hand.The young man was more pale than usual, and his eyes, reddened bywant of sleep, denoted that he had passed a feverish night.Nevertheless, his brow was armed with a severity more austerethan ever.


1.  "But from whom is that letter?"
2.  Presently it sounded one o'clock. It was necessary toseparate. D'Artagnan at the moment of quitting Milady feltonly the liveliest regret at the parting; and as theyaddressed each other in a reciprocally passionate adieu,another interview was arranged for the following week.Poor Kitty hoped to speak a few words to D'Artagnan when hepassed through her chamber; but Milady herself reconductedhim through the darkness, and only quit him at thestaircase.
3.  "It is, nevertheless, the only one we can give."
4.  "He came, he said, on the part of his Eminence, who wished youwell, and to beg you to follow him to the Palais-Royal."**It was called the Palais-Cardinal before Richelieu gave it tothe King.
5.  "I would say that I know this great lady."
6.  "In the course of the day Madame de Lannoy, in her quality oftire-woman of the queen, looked for this casket, appeared uneasyat not finding it, and at length asked information of the queen.""And then the queen?"


1.  "Go, go, I implore you, and return hereafter! Come back asambassador, come back as minister, come back surrounded withguards who will defend you, with servants who will watch overyou, and then I shall no longer fear for your days, and I shallbe happy in seeing you."
2.  The procurator repeated several times, "Ah, MadameCoquenard! Accept my compliments; your dinner has been areal feast. Lord, how I have eaten!"
3.  "But not until two o'clock," said D'Artagnan, with the samecalmness.
4.  "Not even to Athos or Porthos?"
5.   "Monsieur Porthos, be generous!"
6.  To this letter was added an order, conceived in these terms:


1.  "Aramis?"
2.  She passed an hour without breathing, panting, with a cold sweatupon her brow, and her heart oppressed by frightful agony atevery movement she heard in the corridor.
3.  "She then arose, and with altered voice, 'Ladies,' said she,'wait for me ten minutes, I shall soon return.' She then openedthe door of her alcove, and went out."
4、  A half hour afterward, D'Artagnan returned with the twothousand livres, and without having met with any accident.It was thus Athos found at home resources which he did notexpect.
5、  "No, monsieur, he is as well as a man can be with four swordwounds in his body; for you, without question, inflictedfour upon the dear gentleman, and he is still very weak,having lost almost all his blood. As I said, monsieur,Lubin did not know me, and told me our adventure from oneend to the other."




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      "Besides," said she, "the sum you required me to borrow wasrather large."

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      And Louis XIII twisted his mustache proudly, placing his handupon his hip.

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       "Why not?" said Musketeer. "I feel myself quite in a humorfor it; and I would hold out before an army if we had takenthe precaution to bring a dozen more bottles of wine.""Upon my word, the drum draws near," said D'Artagnan."Let it come," said Athos. "It is a quarter of an hour'sjourney from here to the city, consequently a quarter of anhour's journey from the city to hither. That is more thantime enough for us to devise a plan. If we go from thisplace we shall never find another so suitable. Ah, stop! Ihave it, gentlemen; the right idea has just occurred to me.""Tell us."

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      "Oh, my God!" cried Anne of Austria, with an accent of terrorwhich proved how much greater an interest she took in the dukethan she ventured to tell.

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    {  Lord de Winter continued: "The officer who commands here in myabsence you have already seen, and therefore know him. He knowshow, as you must have observed, to obey an order--for you didnot, I am sure, come from Portsmouth hither without endeavoringto make him speak. What do you say of him? Could a statue ofmarble have been more impassive and more mute? You have alreadytried the power of your seductions upon many men, andunfortunately you have always succeeded; but I give you leave totry them upon this one. PARDIEU! if you succeed with him, Ipronounce you the demon himself."

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      As the Gascon had foreseen, they easily obtained threehundred pistoles on the ring. Still further, the Jew toldthem that if they would sell it to him, as it would make amagnificent pendant for earrings, he would give five hundredpistoles for it.}

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      "You do not understand?" asked Felton.

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      "Hum!" said the host, in a doubtful tone.

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       Mme. Coquenard therefore entered the office from the houseat the same moment her guest entered from the stairs, andthe appearance of the worthy lady relieved him from anawkward embarrassment. The clerks surveyed him with greatcuriosity, and he, not knowing well what to say to thisascending and descending scale, remained tongue-tied."It is my cousin!" cried the procurator's wife. "Come in,come in, Monsieur Porthos!"

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    {  The answer was terrible. Anne of Austria believed that LouisXIII knew all, and that the cardinal had persuaded him to employthis long dissimulation of seven or eight days, which, likewise,was characteristic. She became excessively pale, leaned herbeautiful hand upon a CONSOLE, which hand appeared then like oneof wax, and looking at the king with terror in her eyes, she wasunable to reply by a single syllable.

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      "And you say that one of your friends lives in that house?""I say so, and I repeat it for the third time; that house is oneinhabited by my friend, and that friend is Aramis.""All this will be cleared up at a later period," murmured theyoung woman; "no, monsieur, be silent."