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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Well," said Franz to Albert, "do you know what is the bestthing we can do? It is to pass the Carnival at Venice; therewe are sure of obtaining gondolas if we cannot havecarriages."
2.  "No." said Albert, "the engagement is broken off."
3.  As the procureur had told Madame Danglars, Valentine was notyet recovered. Bowed down with fatigue, she was indeedconfined to her bed; and it was in her own room, and fromthe lips of Madame de Villefort, that she heard all thestrange events we have related, -- we mean the flight ofEugenie and the arrest of Andrea Cavalcanti, or ratherBenedetto, together with the accusation of murder pronouncedagainst him. But Valentine was so weak that this recitalscarcely produced the same effect it would have done had shebeen in her usual state of health. Indeed, her brain wasonly the seat of vague ideas, and confused forms, mingledwith strange fancies, alone presented themselves before hereyes.
4.  "I only wish to be alone. You will excuse me, will you not?A priest can understand a father's grief." And M. deVillefort, giving the key to d'Avrigny, again bade farewellto the strange doctor, and retired to his study, where hebegan to work. For some temperaments work is a remedy forall afflictions. As the doctors entered the street, they sawa man in a cassock standing on the threshold of the nextdoor. "This is the abbe of whom I spoke," said the doctor tod'Avrigny. D'Avrigny accosted the priest. "Sir," he said,"are you disposed to confer a great obligation on an unhappyfather who has just lost his daughter? I mean M. deVillefort, the king's attorney."
5.  "What is his folly?"
6.  "You have no sister -- no son -- no father?"


1.  The young woman hid her face in her hands. "Oh, sir," shestammered, "I beseech you, do not believe appearances."
2.  "Still, you have thought of it?"
3.  The guide carried away the torch. The count had spokencorrectly. Scarcely had a few seconds elapsed, ere he saweverything as distinctly as by daylight. Then he lookedaround him, and really recognized his dungeon.
4.  "It is the face of the Count of Monte Cristo!" exclaimed theprocureur, with a haggard expression.
5.  "It means that I have just returned from Yanina."
6.  Haidee dried her eyes, and continued: "By this time oureyes, habituated to the darkness, had recognized themessenger of the pasha, -- it was a friend. Selim had alsorecognized him, but the brave young man only acknowledgedone duty, which was to obey. `In whose name do you come?'said he to him. `I come in the name of our master, AliTepelini.' -- `If you come from Ali himself,' said Selim,`you know what you were charged to remit to me?' -- `Yes,'said the messenger, `and I bring you his ring.' At thesewords he raised his hand above his head, to show the token;but it was too far off, and there was not light enough toenable Selim, where he was standing, to distinguish andrecognize the object presented to his view. `I do not seewhat you have in your hand,' said Selim. `Approach then,'said the messenger, `or I will come nearer to you, if youprefer it.' -- `I will agree to neither one nor the other,'replied the young soldier; `place the object which I desireto see in the ray of light which shines there, and retirewhile I examine it.' -- `Be it so,' said the envoy; and heretired, after having first deposited the token agreed on inthe place pointed out to him by Selim.


1.  "Are we threatened with a fresh Reign of Terror?" askedanother.
2.  "Are you sure of it?"
3.  "I am, sir, a living guaranty," replied Monte Cristo,motionless, but with a threatening look; "we have both bloodin our veins which we wish to shed -- that is our mutualguaranty. Tell the viscount so, and that to-morrow, beforeten o'clock, I shall see what color his is."
4.  "True, I had forgotten that."
5.   "The fellow is not so drunk as he appears to be," saidDanglars. "Give him some more wine, Fernand." Fernand filledCaderousse's glass, who, like the confirmed toper he was,lifted his hand from the paper and seized the glass.
6.  "Oh, be easy! I have no design upon your count, and youshall have him all to yourself. But," said Caderousse, againsmiling with the disagreeable expression he had beforeassumed, "you must pay for it -- you understand?"


1.  "Grandpapa's bottle of lemonade was standing just by hisside; poor Barrois was very thirsty, and was thankful todrink anything he could find." Madame de Villefort started.Noirtier looked at her with a glance of the most profoundscrutiny. "He has such a short neck," said she. "Madame,"said Villefort, "I ask where is M. d'Avrigny? In God's nameanswer me!"
2.  "Four thousand nine hundred and ninety-eight louis," saidPeppino; "You have paid two louis in advance."
3.  "That is not a family name?"
4、  "Come up-stairs with me, and I will give it to you."
5、  "Judge for yourself, Signor Aladdin -- judge, but do notconfine yourself to one trial. Like everything else, we musthabituate the senses to a fresh impression, gentle orviolent, sad or joyous. There is a struggle in natureagainst this divine substance, -- in nature which is notmade for joy and clings to pain. Nature subdued must yieldin the combat, the dream must succeed to reality, and thenthe dream reigns supreme, then the dream becomes life, andlife becomes the dream. But what changes occur! It is onlyby comparing the pains of actual being with the joys of theassumed existence, that you would desire to live no longer,but to dream thus forever. When you return to this mundanesphere from your visionary world, you would seem to leave aNeapolitan spring for a Lapland winter -- to quit paradisefor earth -- heaven for hell! Taste the hashish, guest ofmine -- taste the hashish."




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      "Yes, yes; but tell the duke himself, who cannot findanything, what the report contains -- give him theparticulars of what the usurper is doing in his islet."

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      The two young men looked at each other with an air ofstupefaction.

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       "Ground arms," exclaimed the chief, with an imperative signof the hand, while with the other he took off his hatrespectfully; then, turning to the singular personage whohad caused this scene, he said, "Your pardon, yourexcellency, but I was so far from expecting the honor of avisit, that I did not really recognize you."

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      "Four o'clock." Monte Cristo gave his hat, cane, and glovesto the same French footman who had called his carriage atthe Count of Morcerf's, and then he passed into the smallsalon, preceded by Bertuccio, who showed him the way. "Theseare but indifferent marbles in this ante-chamber," saidMonte Cristo. "I trust all this will soon be taken away."Bertuccio bowed. As the steward had said, the notary awaitedhim in the small salon. He was a simple-looking lawyer'sclerk, elevated to the extraordinary dignity of a provincialscrivener. "You are the notary empowered to sell the countryhouse that I wish to purchase, monsieur?" asked MonteCristo.

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    {  "Certainly."

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      "The chief's mistress?"}

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      "Willingly," said Albert; "but let us walk. I think a littleexertion would do me good." The two friends walked out onthe fortress. When arrived at the Madeleine, -- "Since weare out," said Beauchamp, "let us call on M. de MonteCristo; he is admirably adapted to revive one's spirits,because he never interrogates, and in my opinion those whoask no questions are the best comforters."

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      "Capital -- nothing!" replied Mercedes with a mournfulsmile.

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       Madame Danglars gazed on Villefort, stupefied to find him soalmost insultingly calm. "Am I come to a friend?" she askedin a tone full of mournful dignity. "You know that you are,madame," said Villefort, whose pale cheeks became slightlyflushed as he gave her the assurance. And truly thisassurance carried him back to different events from thosenow occupying the baroness and him. "Well, then, be moreaffectionate, my dear Villefort," said the baroness. "Speakto me not as a magistrate, but as a friend; and when I am inbitter anguish of spirit, do not tell me that I ought to begay." Villefort bowed. "When I hear misfortunes named,madame," he said, "I have within the last few mouthscontracted the bad habit of thinking of my own, and then Icannot help drawing up an egotistical parallel in my mind.That is the reason that by the side of my misfortunes yoursappear to me mere mischances; that is why my dreadfulposition makes yours appear enviable. But this annoys you;let us change the subject. You were saying, madame" --

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    {  "Ah, sir," said the minister of police to Villefort, as theyleft the Tuileries, "you entered by luck's door -- yourfortune is made."

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      "The part of an honest man, full of courage and real regard.Twenty times he interceded for Edmond. When the emperorreturned, he wrote, implored, threatened, and soenergetically, that on the second restoration he waspersecuted as a Bonapartist. Ten times, as I told you, hecame to see Dantes' father, and offered to receive him inhis own house; and the night or two before his death, as Ihave already said, he left his purse on the mantelpiece,with which they paid the old man's debts, and buried himdecently; and so Edmond's father died, as he had lived,without doing harm to any one. I have the purse still by me-- a large one, made of red silk."