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ӯʹַ:a g 9 559 v i p<"But I will know it!"Porthos was in bed, and was playing a game at LANSQUENET withMousqueton, to keep his hand in; while a spit loaded withpartridges was turning before the fire, and on each side of alarge chimneypiece, over two chafing dishes, were boiling twostewpans, from which exhaled a double odor of rabbit and fishstews, rejoicing to the smell. In addition to this he perceivedthat the top of a wardrobe and the marble of a commode werecovered with empty bottles.

"And was this lady young and handsome?" asked the cardinal,with a certain degree of anxiety.


"Do you know me, madame?" said he.

"That is because your fancies go too far," replied the triumphantBonacieux, "and I mistrust them."

Meanwhile, the young man had darted in to his chamber, and openedthe letter. It was from Mme. Bonacieux, and was expressed inthese terms:

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"And as since that which you have said is too clear to requireany explanation," replied D'Artagnan, in a low voice, "I beg youto follow me."<"Oh, my God!" murmured Felton.

D'Artagnan stopped before them, and they stopped before him."What do you want, monsieur?" demanded the Musketeer, recoiling astep, and with a foreign accent, which proved to D'Artagnan thathe was deceived in one of his conjectures.

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"I shall," replied D'Artagnan, "and instantly."

"Well," said Felton, "till tonight."

<"Well you--the cardinal would have given you letters ofnobility.""I must have," said the duke, "a proof of his connectionwith Buckingham."

As to D'Artagnan, being at bottom a prudent youth, instead ofreturning him he went and dined with the Gascon priest, who, atthe time of the distress of the four friends, had given them abreakfast of chocolate.


<"One of your friends?" interrupted Mme. Bonacieux."Without doubt; Aramis is one of my best friends.""Aramis! Who is he?"This advice was too reasonable, and moreover came from a man whoknew the king too well, to allow the four young men to disputeit. M. de Treville recommended everyone to return home and waitfor news.

"Oh, then, some pledge of your indulgence, some object which camefrom you, and may remind me that I have not been dreaming;something you have worn, and that I may wear in my turn--a ring,a necklace, a chain."





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ӯʹ¼Э-׿VSϸ D'Artagnan threw himself on his neck and embraced him tenderly.He then tried to draw him from his moist abode, but to hissurprise he perceived that Athos staggered. ϸ

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