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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "At one o'clock this morning she had not returned.""My God! What can have become of her, then?"
2.  "I--I return to Paris."
3.  As Athos had foreseen, the bastion was only occupied by adozen corpses, French and Rochellais.
4.  "You ask that?"
5.  Athos went down to pay the reckoning, while D'Artagnan andPlanchet stood at the street door. The host was in a lower andback room, to which Athos was requested to go.
6.  "He, my thief!" replied D'Artagnan. "Ah, the traitor!" and hedisappeared.


1.  "I say I am entirely of Porthos's opinion," replied Aramis."And I, too," said D'Artagnan.
2.  "Did he tell you so?"
3.  As to Porthos, except his real name (as was the case with thoseof his two comrades), his life was very easily known. Vain andindiscreet, it was as easy to see through him as through acrystal. The only thing to mislead the investigator would havebeen belief in all the good things he said of himself.With respect to Aramis, though having the air of having nothingsecret about him, he was a young fellow made up of mysteries,answering little to questions put to him about others, and havinglearned from him the report which prevailed concerning thesuccess of the Musketeer with a princess, wished to gain a littleinsight into the amorous adventures of his interlocutor. "Andyou, my dear companion," said he, "you speak of the baronesses,countesses, and princesses of others?"
4.  "Very sorry, monsieur; but I was here first, and will not sailsecond."
5.  "To be sure they may; and this very day we will write theletters," said Aramis. "Give the lackeys money, and theywill start."
6.  "There!" said Planchet. "We are going again, it appears, to haveour hides pierced in all sorts of ways."


1.  Grimaud immediately obeyed. On their part, the threefriends had reloaded their arms; a second discharge followedthe first. The brigadier and two pioneers fell dead; therest of the troop took to flight.
2.  "They are firing at the corpses," replied Athos.
3.  "And her husband found out that she had a fleur-de-lis onher shoulder?" cried Porthos.
4.  "You think, then, I have something to dread?" asked D'Artagnan."I mean to say, young man, that he who sleeps over a mine thematch of which is already lighted, may consider himself in safetyin comparison with you."
5.   "Then you don't know me, sir?"
6.  "Someone must be sent to the duke."


1.  "What else have you done."
2.  "There or elsewhere."
3.  "What?"
4、  "Except that which I ask of you, dear love."
5、  It was a quarter past midday. The sun was in its zenith, and thespot chosen for the scene of the duel was exposed to its fullardor.




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      As D'Artagnan was tolerably reassured with regard to Porthos, andas he was anxious to obtain news of his two other friends, heheld out his hand to the wounded man, and told him he was aboutto resume his route in order to continue his researches. For therest, as he reckoned upon returning by the same route in seven oreight days, if Porthos were still at the Great St. Martin, hewould call for him on his way.

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      "Shall you have the courage?" said Athos.

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       The Englishmen, convinced of these peaceful proceedings, sheathedtheir swords grumblingly. The history of Athos's imprisonmentwas then related to them; and as they were really gentlemen, theypronounced the host in the wrong.

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      "Well you--the cardinal would have given you letters ofnobility."

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    {  "But you, madame, prudent as you are, think, if you were to bearrested with that handkerchief, and that handkerchief were to beseized, would you not be compromised?"

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      "Infamous task! impious task!" cried Milady, with the exultationof a victim who provokes his judge.}

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      "We are discovered!"

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      "And now, my dear Athos," said he, "do me the kindness totell me where we are going?"

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       "At all events," said Milady, seriously, "he has deceivedme, and from the moment he deceived me, he merited death.""He shall die, then, since you condemn him!" saidD'Artagnan, in so firm a tone that it appeared to Milady anundoubted proof of devotion. This reassured her.We cannot say how long the night seemed to Milady, butD'Artagnan believed it to be hardly two hours before thedaylight peeped through the window blinds, and invaded thechamber with its paleness. Seeing D'Artagnan about to leaveher, Milady recalled his promise to avenge her on the Comtede Wardes.

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    {  Grimaud followed Athos.

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      "On the contrary, my dear friend, this diamond became our onlyresource; with it I might regain our horses and their harnesses,and even money to pay our expenses on the road."