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"Good heavens!" she cried, "he has followed me, then."


"No, I cannot."

"Anything else?"

"So far I could hardly have gone astray. But now your thoughtswent back to Beecher, and you looked hard across as if you werestudying the character in his features. Then your eyes ceased topucker, but you continued to look across, and your face wasthoughtful. You were recalling the incidents of Beecher's career. Iwas well aware that you could not do this without thinking of themission which he undertook on behalf of the North at the time of theCivil War, for I remember your expressing your passionateindignation at the way in which he was received by the moreturbulent of our people. You felt so strongly about it that I knew youcould not think of Beecher without thinking of that also. When amoment later I saw your eyes wander away from the picture, I suspectedthat your mind had now turned to the Civil War, and when I observedthat your lips set, your eyes sparkled, and your hands clenched Iwas positive that you were indeed thinking of the gallantry whichwas shown by both sides in that desperate struggle. But then, again,your face grew sadder; you shook your head. You were dwelling upon thesadness and horror and useless waste of life. Your hand stoletowards your own old wound and a smile quivered on your lips, whichshowed me that the ridiculous side of this method of settlinginternational questions had forced itself upon your mind. At thispoint I agreed with you that it was preposterous and was glad tofind that all my deductions had been correct."

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"I can't help it, Mr. Kent. Our hands have been forced. Can Mr.Godfrey see us?"<"You have come to me to tell your story, have you not?" said he."You are fatigued with your haste. Pray wait until you haverecovered yourself, and then I shall be most happy to look into anylittle problem which you may submit to me."

"Holmes!" I whispered, "what on earth are you doing in this den?""As low as you can," he answered; "I have excellent ears. If youwould have the great kindness to get rid of that sottish friend ofyours I should be exceedingly glad to have a little talk with you.""I have a cab outside."

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"Then I will take up no more of your time. I cannot blame you, Mr.Holmes, for having refused to speak more freely, and you on yourside will not, I am sure, think the worse of me because I desire, evenagainst his will, to share my husband's anxieties. Once more I begthat you will say nothing of my visit."

"I insist upon staying with you."

<"Excellent, Warner!" cried Holmes, springing to his feet. "Watson,the gaps are closing rapidly."Holmes glanced reproachfully at me. "So much for afternoon walks!"said he.

"Aldgate, where the body was found, is considerably past the stationfor London Bridge, which would be his route to Woolwich.""Many circumstances could be imagined under which he would passLondon Bridge. There was someone in the carriage, for example, withwhom he was having an absorbing interview. This interview led to aviolent scene in which he lost his life. Possibly he tried to leavethe carriage, fell out on the line, and so met his end. The otherclosed the door. There was a thick fog, and nothing could be seen.""No better explanation can be given with our present knowledge;and yet consider, Sherlock, how much you leave untouched. We willsuppose, for argument's sake, that young Cadogan West had determinedto convey these papers to London. He would naturally have made anappointment with the foreign agent and kept his evening clear. Insteadof that he took two tickets for the theatre, escorted his fiancehalfway there, and then suddenly disappeared."


"I am sure I couldn't say, sir."





粶ϷΪǰHRܲ:ΪȥҪ "Maybe the two things go together. Anyhow, I couldn't let her go.Besides, with this crowd about, it was well that she should havesomeone near to look after her. Then, when the cable came, I knew theywere bound to make a move." ϸ

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粶Ϸѧʾ˿ڡס˿ڳ˫˫½ The authority in Holmes's voice had its effect upon the bearers.Peters had suddenly vanished into the house, and they obeyed these neworders. "Quick, Watson, quick! Here is a screw-driver!" he shoutedas the coffin was replaced upon the table. "Here's one for you, myman! A sovereign if the lid comes off in a minute! Ask no questions-work away! That's good! Another! And another! Now pull all together!It's giving! It's giving! Ah, that does it at last." ϸ

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