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Ϸַ:a g 9 559 v i p<"How is that--what does your text say?"Carrie shook her head. Like all women, she was there to objectand be convinced. It was for him to brush the doubts away andclear the path if he could."Why are you going home?" he asked.

"Well, we may. Jessica doesn't want to stay until the end of theraces."


"It's rather hard to have your husband running about like that,isn't it?" said Hurstwood, addressing Carrie.

"Oh, I can't sing," returned Carrie.

"Oh, no," she said. "I'd rather you wouldn't. I'd rather youwouldn't be with me when I meet my sister."

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The first gleam of fairness shone in this proposition for Carrie.It seemed a plausible thing to do, much as she feared hisopposition if she tried to carry it out. Montreal and New York!Even now she was speeding toward those great, strange lands, andcould see them if she liked. She thought, but made no sign.

They were talking at the breakfast table, a morning or two later,when she brought up the dramatic subject by saying that she sawthat Sarah Bernhardt was coming to this country. Hurstwood hadseen it, too.

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"Can't you make him?" said Carrie.

"Why, nearly every day."

"Isn't that a pathetic strain?" he inquired, listening.


<"Well, I don't," he said, stubbornly, yet nervous and alert forwhat should come next. The finality of the woman's manner tookaway his feeling of superiority in battle.Some of the other players quit, but observant loungers took theirplaces. Time passed, and it came to twelve o'clock. Hurstwoodheld on, neither winning nor losing much. Then he grew weary,and on a last hand lost twenty more. He was sick at heart.

He looked at her quite tenderly for his kind. There were someloose bills in his vest pocket--greenbacks. They were soft andnoiseless, and he got his fingers about them and crumpled them upin his hand.





ϷԻص㣡飬ϰƽҪô "I don't want to go," said Carrie, annoyed that her fine visionsshould have thus been broken into and driven out of her mind."I've been to the matinee this afternoon." ϸ

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Ϸ¼³Բ鵱ˣ "Indeed it was. My wife enjoyed it very much." ϸ

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