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ֵƽ̨վַ:a g 9 559 v i p<ŷ޹ѧԺЭ(Cems)˶ʿĿ30ѧԺṩĹĿھţ2015»Ŀһϰ2015ꡣChina's best performances by subject this year come from Tsinghua University, with three top-10 places, and Peking University, with two top-10 places. Tsinghua University finishes eighth in both Architecture/Built Environment and in Engineering (Civil and Structural). Tsinghua comes in 10th place in the world's Materials Science subject rankings.






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The environment is gaining increasing appreciation from policymakers, Alistair Hewitt, head of market intelligence at the World Gold Council, said. Gold mining has come under tighter regulations.<ںͳƹ˾ɳ׼±ʾҹҪ׼ȻԶδ⡣


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7. The legacy of a celebrated neuroscientist is contested


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China has become the country with the most film screens in the world.





ֵƽ̨վ¡¾Գܵܡ衱»ȫûʡ Its return to the throne came at a cost to London which, after occupying pole position for two years, is trading places with its Asian rival. ϸ

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ֵƽ̨վӱ2 ڶ봢Ҫ However, Baty said the stabilization of Chinese universities' rankings is no cause for alarm. "Continued investment built on decades of spending, and increased internationalization in Chinese higher education will no doubt ensure China's universities continue to strengthen," he said. ϸ

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