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It was a fact. I'd never seen such cats, except in a few rare instances. Big, handsome silky things, friendly with everyone and devotedly attached to their special owners.

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It looked safe and civilized enough, and among those upturned, crowding faces, though some were terrified enough, there was great beauty--on that we all agreed.

"Exactly," answered Somel, nodding gravely. "Of course we know that among other animals it is not so, that there are fathers as well as mothers; and we see that you are fathers, that you come from a people who are of both kinds. We have been waiting, you see, for you to be able to speak freely with us, and teach us about your country and the rest of the world. You know so much, you see, and we know only our own land."

"Some have none at all," I put in mischievously.

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Then Terry, wholly in his element, made a polite speech, with explanatory gestures, and proceeded to introduce us, with pointing finger. "Mr. Jeff Margrave," he said clearly; Jeff bowed as gracefully as a man could in the fork of a great limb. "Mr. Vandyck Jennings"--I also tried to make an effective salute and nearly lost my balance.

Jeff laughed, eyeing Terry mischievously. As a matter of fact we began to feel Jeff something of a traitor--he so often flopped over and took their side of things; also his medical knowledge gave him a different point of view somehow.

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"Don't act like a bear with a sore head," I begged him. "We're getting on finely. Every day we can understand them better, and pretty soon we can make a reasonable plea to be let out--"

While we were discussing birds, Terry asked them if they used feathers for their hats, and they seemed amused at the idea. He made a few sketches of our women's hats, with plumes and quills and those various tickling things that stick out so far; and they were eagerly interested, as at everything about our women.

"Why yes. The children play about, and the mother has charge of it all. There are servants, of course."

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"Then why not sign 'em?" said Terry triumphantly.

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ַbogou netŮˣ5ǧܼޣ "That's the business risk we must take. I'm going--if I break my neck." There was no changing him. ϸ

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ַbogou netױ֪ŷЩŲ The most prominent sensation was of absolute physical comfort. I was lying in a perfect bed: long, broad, smooth; firmly soft and level; with the finest linen, some warm light quilt of blanket, and a counterpane that was a joy to the eye. The sheet turned down some fifteen inches, yet I could stretch my feet at the foot of the bed free but warmly covered. ϸ

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