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amעַ:a g 9 559 v i p<"Sire," continued M. de Blacas, "if it only be to reassure afaithful servant, will your majesty send into Languedoc,Provence, and Dauphine, trusty men, who will bring you backa faithful report as to the feeling in these threeprovinces?"It was really the Count of Monte Cristo who had just arrivedat Madame de Villefort's for the purpose of returning theprocureur's visit, and at his name, as may be easilyimagined, the whole house was in confusion. Madame deVillefort, who was alone in her drawing-room when the countwas announced, desired that her son might be brought thitherinstantly to renew his thanks to the count; and Edward, whoheard this great personage talked of for two whole days,made all possible haste to come to him, not from obedienceto his mother, or out of any feeling of gratitude to thecount, but from sheer curiosity, and that some chance remarkmight give him the opportunity for making one of theimpertinent speeches which made his mother say, -- "Oh, thatnaughty child! But I can't be severe with him, he is reallyso bright."

"No," replied Monte Cristo; "God grant I may not have donetoo much already."


"Madame," said Lucien, playing with a little dog, who,recognizing him as a friend of the house, expected to becaressed, "I am not the only one who makes similarcomplaints, I think I heard Morcerf say that he could notextract a word from his betrothed."

"It is very natural; this island is a mass of rocks, anddoes not contain an acre of land capable of cultivation."

"No, I did not know it."

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No one could deny that the rooms were splendidlyilluminated; the light streamed forth on the gilt mouldingsand the silk hangings; and all the bad taste of decorations,which had only their richness to boast of, shone in itssplendor. Mademoiselle Eugenie was dressed with elegantsimplicity in a figured white silk dress, and a white rosehalf concealed in her jet black hair was her only ornament,unaccompanied by a single jewel. Her eyes, however, betrayedthat perfect confidence which contradicted the girlishsimplicity of this modest attire. Madame Danglars waschatting at a short distance with Debray, Beauchamp, andChateau-Renaud.<"I fire first?"

Villefort fell, rather than seated himself The doctor stoodbefore him, with one hand placed on his shoulder. Morrel,horrified, supported his head with one hand, and with theother pressed his heart, lest its beatings should be heard."Dead, dead!" repeated he within himself; and he felt as ifhe were also dying.

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"I do not ask you of his origin but what he is."

"Why, you poor short-sighted simpleton, can you not guesswho this Noirtier was, whose very name he was so careful tokeep concealed? Noirtier was his father."

<"It is singular," said the doctor; "I was not aware thatMadame de Saint-Meran was subject to such hallucinations.""I am much obliged by your kind intentions towards me," saidMonte Cristo; "but this morning I purchased a very excellentpair of carriage-horses, and I do not think they were dear.There they are. Come, M. Debray, you are a connoisseur, Ibelieve, let me have your opinion upon them." As Debraywalked towards the window, Danglars approached his wife. "Icould not tell you before others," said he in a low tone,"the reason of my parting with the horses; but a mostenormous price was offered me this morning for them. Somemadman or fool, bent upon ruining himself as fast as he can,actually sent his steward to me to purchase them at anycost; and the fact is, I have gained 16,000 francs by thesale of them. Come, don't look so angry, and you shall have4,000 francs of the money to do what you like with, andEugenie shall have 2,000. There, what do you think now ofthe affair? Wasn't I right to part with the horses?" MadameDanglars surveyed her husband with a look of witheringcontempt.

"It was your granddaughter, then, was it not?"


<"How is it concealed?""Listen," said Gaetano, lowering his voice, "I do not knowif what they say is true" -- he stopped to see if any onewas near.

"What to do?"





amעԬҫֶۼԲɢڹɣίӦ "That is just what I find fault with. That gentleman appearsto be well dressed for the first time in his life." ϸ

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amעʤ繣ϰƽЩů "These narratives were frequently the theme of conversationbetween Luigi and Teresa. The young girl trembled very muchat hearing the stories; but Vampa reassured her with asmile, tapping the butt of his good fowling-piece, whichthrew its ball so well; and if that did not restore hercourage, he pointed to a crow, perched on some dead branch,took aim, touched the trigger, and the bird fell dead at thefoot of the tree. Time passed on, and the two young peoplehad agreed to be married when Vampa should be twenty andTeresa nineteen years of age. They were both orphans, andhad only their employers' leave to ask, which had beenalready sought and obtained. One day when they were talkingover their plans for the future, they heard two or threereports of firearms, and then suddenly a man came out of thewood, near which the two young persons used to graze theirflocks, and hurried towards them. When he came withinhearing, he exclaimed. `I am pursued; can you conceal me?'They knew full well that this fugitive must be a bandit; butthere is an innate sympathy between the Roman brigand andthe Roman peasant and the latter is always ready to aid theformer. Vampa, without saying a word, hastened to the stonethat closed up the entrance to their grotto, drew it away,made a sign to the fugitive to take refuge there, in aretreat unknown to every one, closed the stone upon him, andthen went and resumed his seat by Teresa. Instantlyafterwards four carbineers, on horseback, appeared on theedge of the wood; three of them appeared to be looking forthe fugitive, while the fourth dragged a brigand prisoner bythe neck. The three carbineers looked about carefully onevery side, saw the young peasants, and galloping up, beganto question them. They had seen no one. `That is veryannoying,' said the brigadier; for the man we are lookingfor is the chief.' -- `Cucumetto?' cried Luigi and Teresa atthe same moment. ϸ

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