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pt平台送彩金【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】<  On German boards, you're well aware, The taste of each may have full sway;Therefore in bringing out your play, Nor scenes nor mechanism spare!Heaven's lamps employ, the greatest and the least, Be lavish of the stellarlights, Water, and fire, and rocky heights, Spare not at all, nor birds, norbeast, Thus let creation's ample sphere Forthwith in this our narrow boothappear, And with considerate speed, through fancy's spell, Journey fromheaven, thence through the world, to hell!   Such a reproof disturbs me not a whit! Who on efficient work is bent, Mustchoose the fittest instrument. Consider! 'tis soft wood you have to split; Thinktoo for whom you write, I pray! One comes to while an hour away; One fromthe festive board, a sated guest; Others, more dreaded than the rest, Fromjournal - reading hurry to the play. As to a masquerade, with absent minds,they press, Sheer curiosity their footsteps winging; Ladies display theirpersons and their dress, Actors unpaid their service bringing. What dreamsbeguile you on your poet's height? What puts a full house in a merry mood?More closely view your patrons of the night! The half are cold, the half arerude. One, the play over, craves a game of cards; Another a wild night inwanton joy would spend. Poor fools the muses' fair regards. Why court forsuch a paltry end? I tell you, give them more, still more 'tis all I ask, Thus youwill ne'er stray widely from the goal; Your audience seek to mystify cajole; Tosatisfy them - that's a harder task. What ails thee? art enraptured ordistressed?


  pt平台送彩金(插画)。李 晨绘

   What, sorry Devil, hast thou to bestow? Was ever mortal spirit, in its highendeavour, Fathom'd by Being such as thou? Yet food thou hast whichsatisfieth never, Hast ruddy gold, that still doth flow Like restless quicksilveraway, A game thou hast, at which none win who play, A girl who would, withamorous eyen, E'en from my breast, a neighbour snare, Lofty ambition's joydivine, That, meteor - like, dissolves in air. Show me the fruit that, ere 'tispluck'd, doth rot, And trees, whose verdure daily buds anew!Mephistopheles

    Mark, of those flames the motley glare! A merry club assembles there. In asmall circle one is not alone.

    The Other Half

 pt平台送彩金(漫画)。张 飞绘

   Mephistopheles<  Faust Soliloquy - Chorus Of Angels

    Come with us, come with us from Felsensee.

 pt平台送彩金(中国画)。叶 雄绘

   Promenaders of all sorts pass out.


<  A friend!   Mephistopheles

    What e'er therein is promised thou shalt reap, No tittle shall remain unpaid.But such arrangements time require; We'll speak of them when next we meet;Most earnestly I now entreat, This once permission to retire.Faust


<  The ignis fatuus they track out, And think they're near the treasure. Devilalliterates with doubt, Here I abide with pleasure.Leader of the Band   Frosch






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雍正最亲弟弟十三阿哥去世后,他的儿子都有怎样结局?| 汉语盘点2018|1033年,史上第二个武则天被扼杀了

pt平台送彩金汪小丹韩外长:除非日方改变态度,否则韩日军情协定按期终止   Margaret 【详细】

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