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ַ:a g 9 559 v i p<"Oh!" cried Mme. Bonacieux, darting to the window, "can it be he?"Milady remained still in bed, petrified by surprise; so many unexpectedthings happened to her all at once that for the first time she was at aloss."Oh, I confess it is all the same to me."

Aramis made a bound, seized the letter, read it, or ratherdevoured it, his countenance radiant.


"Ah, to see me?" said De Winter, cunningly.

"Why, she is the old wife of a procurator* of the Chatelet,monsieur, named Madame Coquenard, who, although she is at leastfifty, still gives herself jealous airs. It struck me as veryodd that a princess should live in the Rue aux Ours."*Attorney

"Where are we going?" asked he, by a gesture.

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"But," continued M. de Treville, fixing upon his compatriot alook so piercing that it might be said he wished to read thethoughts of his heart, "on account of my old companion, yourfather, as I have said, I will do something for you, young man.Our recruits from Bearn are not generally very rich, and I haveno reason to think matters have much changed in this respectsince I left the province. I dare say you have not brought toolarge a stock of money with you?"<"I understand," said Athos; "but why not Porthos? I shouldhave thought that his duchess--"


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"Remember that I affirm nothing, Monsieur the Commissary, andthat I only suspect."

"That is best," said the king. "Send the case before the judges;it is their business to judge, and they shall judge.""Only," replied Treville, "it is a sad thing that in theunfortunate times in which we live, the purest life, the mostincontestable virtue, cannot exempt a man from infamy andpersecution. The army, I will answer for it, will be but littlepleased at being exposed to rigorous treatment on account ofpolice affairs."

D'Artagnan, in a state of fury, crossed the antechamber at threebounds, and was darting toward the stairs, which he reckoned upondescending four at a time, when, in his heedless course, he ranhead foremost against a Musketeer who was coming out of one of M.de Treville's private rooms, and striking his shoulder violently,made him utter a cry, or rather a howl.


<"Rather say that you have a new love.""You impose upon justice. Monsieur d'Artagnan made a compactwith you; and in virtue of that compact put to flight the policewho had arrested your wife, and has placed her beyond reach.""Fortunately, Monsieur d'Artagnan is in our hands, and you shallbe confronted with him."

It was, however, necessary to affect weakness and pain--not avery difficult task for so finished an actress as Milady. Thusthe poor woman was completely the dupe of the prisoner, whom,notwithstanding her hints, she persisted in watching all night.But the presence of this woman did not prevent Milady fromthinking.





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