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γַ:a g 9 559 v i p<"It is quite frightful, but deeply interesting," said theyoung lady, motionless with attention. "I thought, I mustconfess, that these tales, were inventions of the MiddleAges."Thus the terrible secret, which Beauchamp had so generouslydestroyed, appeared again like an armed phantom; and anotherpaper, deriving its information from some malicious source,had published two days after Albert's departure for Normandythe few lines which had rendered the unfortunate young manalmost crazy.

"Have you had it sent where we are to go for it?"


"Perhaps he knows you, though you do not know him; M. deMonte Cristo knows everybody."

"I am ready to accompany you, sir," said Maximilian. "Adieu,my kind friends! Emmanuel -- Julie -- farewell!"

"And do you really flatter yourself that I shall yield toall your caprices, and quietly and humbly await the time ofagain being received into your good graces?"

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"Sir," said Villefort, "upon my word, you overcome me. Ireally never heard a person speak as you do."

"And you will protect us, who are your children, against thewill of my father?" -- Noirtier cast an intelligent glanceat Morrel, as if to say, "perhaps I may." Maximilianunderstood him.

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"Albert," she asked, "did you notice that?"

"With what?"

"It is true, sir," said Monte Cristo with his dreadfulcalmness; "a secondary cause, but not the principal."


<"I do not say that you ought not to fight, I only say that aduel is a serious thing, and ought not to be undertakenwithout due reflection.""It is likely."

"Let me ask you why you deceived me?"





γȫ֧ԮΪλȱ֣һִֵֻ人ж "Everybody, except the person who gave it to me." ϸ

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