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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  Then was heard a great noise of fagots being removed and of thegroaning of posts; these were the counterscarps and bastions ofAthos, which the besieged himself demolished.
2.  "From her Majesty, as I think."
3.  "'You?' repeated I. Oh, I declare to you, Felton, I thought himmad!
4.  "And not more than justice, either, you ass! Could you notperceive by our appearance that we were people of quality, andnot coiners-say?"
5.  "The devil!" said D'Artagnan.
6.  It was almost broad daylight.


1.  At the first word the cardinal spoke of Mme. de Chevreuse--who,though exiled to Tours and believed to be in that city, had cometo Paris, remained there five days, and outwitted the police--theking flew into a furious passion. Capricious and unfaithful, theking wished to be called Louis the Just and Louis the Chaste.Posterity will find a difficulty in understanding this character,which history explains only by facts and never by reason.But when the cardinal added that not only Mme. de Chevreuse hadbeen in Paris, but still further, that the queen had renewed withher one of those mysterious correspondences which at that timewas named a CABAL; when he affirmed that he, the cardinal, wasabout to unravel the most closely twisted thread of thisintrigue; that at the moment of arresting in the very act, withall the proofs about her, the queen's emissary to the exiledduchess, a Musketeer had dared to interrupt the course of justiceviolently, by falling sword in hand upon the honest men of thelaw, charged with investigating impartially the whole affair inorder to place it before the eyes of the king--Louis XIII couldnot contain himself, and he made a step toward the queen'sapartment with that pale and mute indignation which, when inbroke out, led this prince to the commission of the most pitilesscruelty. And yet, in all this, the cardinal had not yet said aword about the Duke of Buckingham.
2.  "Well, well," said the cardinal, "I don't wish you any ill;but you must be aware that it is quite trouble enough todefend and recompense our friends. We owe nothing to ourenemies; and let me give you a piece of advice; take care ofyourself, Monsieur d'Artagnan, for from the moment Iwithdraw my hand from behind you, I would not give an obolusfor your life."
3.  "It may be counterfeit," said Athos. "Between six and seveno'clock the road of Chaillot is quite deserted; you might aswell go and ride in the forest of Bondy."
4.  "Yes; a woman whom I love, whom I adore, has just been torn fromme by force. I do not know where she is or whither they haveconducted her. She is perhaps a prisoner; she is perhaps dead!""Yes, but you have at least this consolation, that you can say toyourself she has not quit you voluntarily, that if you learn nonews of her, it is because all communication with you ininterdicted; while I-"
5.  "You are right, monsieur, it is not with you that I have anythingto do; it is with Madame."
6.  "You are a man of brass," replied Aramis.


1.  Aramis smiled. "I will make verses," said he.
2.  Laporte made no further objection, and read:
3.  The couple, then, although they had not seen each other for eightdays, and during that time serious events had taken place inwhich both were concerned, accosted each other with a degree ofpreoccupation. Nevertheless, Bonacieux manifested real joy, andadvanced toward his wife with open arms. Madame Bonacieuxpresented her cheek to him.
4.  "He kept his word. All the day, all the next night passed awaywithout my seeing him again. But I also kept my word with him,and I neither ate nor drank. I was, as I told him, resolved todie of hunger.
5.   "Amuse yourself well!" replied Bonacieux, in a sepulchral tone.But D'Artagnan was too far off to hear him; and if he had heardhim in the disposition of mind he then enjoyed, he certainlywould not have remarked it.
6.  "No, Felton, no, my brother," said she; "the sacrifice is toogreat, and I feel what it must cost you. No, I am lost; do notbe lost with me. My death will be much more eloquent than mylife, and the silence of the corpse will convince you much betterthan the words of the prisoner."


1.  "The word is too mild."
2.  "Capital!" cried Athos; "you are the king of poets, my dearAramis. You speak like the Apocalypse, and you are as trueas the Gospel. There is nothing now to do but to put theaddress to this letter."
3.  "What did the cardinal say about me?"
4、  "In that case we are as well off as we wish."
5、  And he kissed the letter with passion, without evenvouchsafing a look at the gold which sparkled on the table.Bazin scratched at the door, and as Aramis had no longer anyreason to exclude him, he bade him come in.




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      She then had one of those sudden inspirations which only peopleof genius receive in great crises, in supreme moments which areto decide their fortunes or their lives.

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      Then she ventured to ask what had become of Felton.She was told that he had left the castle an hour before onhorseback. She inquired if the baron was still at the castle.The soldier replied that he was, and that he had given orders tobe informed if the prisoner wished to speak to him.Milady replied that she was too weak at present, and that heronly desire was to be left alone.

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       "The greatest, my dear Bonacieux; I don't conceal this from you.""Then the cardinal will be pleased with me?"

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      "It is of no use for you to know anything about it," said theyoung woman, whom an instinctive mistrust now impelled to drawback. "It was about one of those purchases that interest women--a purchase by which much might have been gained."But the more the young woman excused herself, the more importantBonacieux thought the secret which she declined to confide tohim. He resolved then to hasten immediately to the residence ofthe Comte de Rochefort, and tell him that the queen was seekingfor a messenger to send to London.

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    {  "This time, in spite of my terrors, in spite of my agony, I beganto feel a devouring hunger. It was forty-eight hours since I hadtaken any nourishment. I ate some bread and some fruit; then,remembering the narcotic mixed with the water I had drunk, Iwould not touch that which was placed on the table, but filled myglass at a marble fountain fixed in the wall over my dressingtable.

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      "I will not promise," said Milady, "for no one has more respectfor a promise or an oath than I have; and if I make a promise Imust keep it."}

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      But no one entered except two or three marines, who brought hertrunks and packages, deposited them in a corner, and retiredwithout speaking.

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      "And what is that?" asked Milady.

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       "And how do you know it?" asked Milady, seizing both hishands, and endeavoring to read with her eyes to the bottomof his heart.

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    {  Without doubt the chancellor, Seguier looked about at that momentfor the rope of the famous bell; but not finding it he summonedhis resolution, and stretched forth his hands toward the placewhere the queen had acknowledged the paper was to be found.Anne of Austria took one step backward, became so pale that itmight be said she was dying, and leaning with her left hand upona table behind her to keep herself from falling, she with herright hand drew the paper from her bosom and held it out to thekeeper of the seals.

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      "Oh, you are a just man!" cried Milady, throwing herself at hisfeet. "I can hold out no longer, for I fear I shall be wantingin strength at the moment when I shall be forced to undergo thestruggle, and confess my faith. Listen, then, to thesupplication of a despairing woman. You are abused, sir; butthat is not the question. I only ask you one favor; and if yougrant it me, I will bless you in this world and in the next.""Speak to the master, madame," said Felton; "happily I am neithercharged with the power of pardoning nor punishing. It is uponone higher placed than I am that God has laid thisresponsibility."